Blood Moon Rises Over Jordan

Late last night (or, earlier this morning) a rare global event in the sky was perfectly visible in Jordan. The moon’s orbit was at its closest to Earth, which is something that’s known as a “Super Moon” since it appears 8% bigger. But the event also coincided with a total lunar eclipse, creating what’s called a “blood moon” as the celestial body turns scarlet red. How rare is it? Well, according to NASA, this event has only happened five times in the 1900s – in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964 and 1982. The next one will be in 2033. So we will all be a little bit older, hopefully a little bit wiser, and armed with better technology to capture the scene.

Despite the cold temperatures last night, plenty of Jordanians were awake to witness the event and, of course, tweet, facebook, and instagram it. Jordanian blogger and avid photographer, Rula Zein-Iddin, managed to grab some great shots of the moon as it turned red in the early hours of dawn earlier today, from a rooftop in Amman.

Here’s what the view looked like from her lens. (click to enlarge)

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