How To Support Amman’s First Community Built Skatepark

Over the years, the skateboarding culture in Amman has grown bit by bit. Seeing young Jordanians careening through Thaqafa st., in Shmisani on a midday afternoon has become a common sight, and a reminder that there are emerging subcultures battling their way past the mainstream. The people behind the country’s first skateboarding company, Philadelphia Skateboards and the German non-profit, MakeLifeSkateLife, are hoping to set up the city’s first skatepark in downtown Amman. This community-funded initiative is being done in collaboration with the Greater Amman Municipality, which, with the help of city councilman Hussein Alharasis, has contributed 300M2 of public land for something the community can actually interact with (as opposed to another skyscraper).

How You Can Help:

7Hills has been fundraising online at indigogo, and you can contribute as little as $15 and upwards, and receive a few cool perks in the process. They’re close to reaching their goal of $18,500 and just need that final push to bring this thing to life. There’s also a fundraising event this Friday, November 7th at Canvas that will be worth attending. So if you’re reading this, take 5 minutes of your day to contribute to something in the city that can become home to a growing community; something you can physically see with your eyes everyday.

(And if you’re broke, you can always spread the word about this project with the click of a mouse)

Kids in Copenhagen are stoked to donate to the 7Hills Skatepark campaign at Alis. source: facebook


Your Two Piasters: