Jordanian Parliament Goes From Embarrassing To Tragic

There are no words I can conjure to appropriately describe my lack of enthusiasm for our parliament and its members. A chamber that is filled with people who have bribed their way in, bought their way in, that out number any minority of half decent political representation. In the past few months, we’ve seen time and again why our parliament is growing increasingly irrelevant – from the endless tirades of the state security stooge Yahya Saud, to this lovely gem who took out his gun during a live broadcast and single handedly elevated parliament from the status of “embarrassing” to, simply put, “tragic”. Top this with a legislative record that borders on the moronic and here is a body of people who are deciding and “discussing” on some of the most important pieces of legislation in this country’s history.

This process is beyond broken; beyond repair. This is not a group that is worthy of representing the people, and this is not a group that is mentally fit to discuss our electoral fate. It needs to be dissolved and a referendum process should allow people to have a direct say in their elections law, and then vote for new (and more competent) representation.

Unless there is a vested interest by the state in having this parliament continue to suck oxygen at the tax payer’s expense then it should go. No scape goat is worth the cost we’re being forced to pay.



  • Travesties such as this one have long since crossed the line of amusement and are now contributing to making our country a laughing stock. This video has been shared everywhere.

  • 3ady!

    A government for the people by the people! 😀

    This is not the first nor the last, this is the parliament that represents us… We’ll it seems people voted for them…
    Also it is not only that which makes us a laughing stock here are a few others:

    1) The constant changing revolving door governments.
    2) The Taxation with no actual complaining.
    3) Shoe throwing and fist fights in parliament with no punishment.
    4) The lack of any actual indictments in corruption cases.
    5) Shaheen escaping to England on medical grounds then spotted shopping in Harrods.
    6) Cutting the pensions while giving themselves a raise.
    7) Shoe throwing followed by gun waving.
    8) Privatisation of all available things and the Jordanian coffers seeing not a single penny.
    9) Having so much sunshine and yet alternative renewable energy is being ignored and shelved.
    10) Trying to go nuclear while being on one of the largest faultlines with a prediction of a major earthquake to hit soon.

    Go figure, it isn’t just shoe throwing that makes us the laughing stock it is our inability to get ourselves organised to speak up, and those who do are silenced with threats of “attacking the security of the nation” Ou halla 3ami!

  • Naseem, I wholeheartedly agree with you. This disgrace has to stop at some point if Jordan is ever to be able to hold its head up. This guy should be selling newspapers on street corners (at the very most). An MP? Ma bit khush mukhi!

  • this was a great representation of our government/rulers and owners by that gun man, the authority is with gangsters and mukhabart mentality holders like that dude.
    I was amazed to see this video by chance on a Spanish news channel, the news reporter didn’t even know how to pronounce Jordan because she apparently never heard of it. finally Jordan is becoming famous 😀

  • @mmm: unfortunately, it’s not the kind of PR we need right now! (or ever)

    @soup nazi: thanks for pointing it out.

    @walid: i agree completely.

  • Tragic, but you gotta admit it was a bit funny. I mean our mps are useless, but they’re entertaining. Hehe

  • A real Beduin will never pull his weapon unless he uses it. A brave man will pull his gun only in CIRCUMSTANCES THAT REQUIRES such an act. Needless to say, this MP is a coward person. P.s., I hope my fellow readers will not misunderstand this statement.

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