At The Third Arab Bloggers Meeting In Tunisia

arab bloggers

I’m here in Tunisia for the next four days at the third Arab Bloggers meeting, which has brought together what I think are some of the most significant digital voices in the Arab world today. It’s quite interesting to be in Tunisia, the first Arab country to gain its freedom from a tyrannical power and set the whole region ablaze with mass political movements.

The first day of the meeting is an agenda filled with speakers and panelist from the Arabian digital sphere, discussing everything from the role of twitter in the Arab spring, to mobile security, digital design and much more. The rest of the week will be a barcamp style meeting, where the participants dictate the agenda.

You can follow the hashtag #AB11 for a massive stream of tweets over the next few days, and I’ll be using storify for the first time on my blog to chronicle the event – Internet connection permitting.

NOTE: this is my first time using storify so it’s a learning experience befitting this conference I suppose. That said, if you’re following the story, I would advise reading it from the bottom up.


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