Verbatim | King Abdullah On Israel

“I think my best way to describe my view toward Israel is my increasing frustration because they’re sticking their head in the sand and pretending that there’s not a problem.”HM King Abdullah in a Wall Street Journal interview. September 21st, 2011.



  • الزيف والنفاق السياسي الذي يتحلى به “الزعماء العرب ” ليس له مثيل،

  • I think what “free Jordanian” means, and I totally agree, it’s the Arab leaders who stuck their heads in the sand, the zionists are easily getting what they want, the cities and villages of the west bank including Jerusalem are now surrounded by settlements, C-zones and the apartheid wall in a way which makes a solution for the Palestinians nealry impossible, the Israelis are doing a good job in erasing the Palestinian land and identity, and everyone is just watching (or have their heads in the sand) and helping; if the Us use their veto, I think that we need to send a clear message to the US politicians, we should ignore or boykot usaid and american agencies – too extreme???, well sorry, but it’s better than sticking my head in the sand, or somewhere else.

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