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GETTY | Israeli right-wing member of parliament Arieh Eldad stands in front of the Jordanian Embassy in Tel Aviv on May 24, 2011 with a petition he says was signed by more than 6,000 people supporting the ‘Jordan is Palestine’ solution to the Israel-Arab conflict.

So they managed to garner 6,000 idiots from 69 countries around the world to sign this petition calling Jordan as the alternative homeland for Palestinians? Makes me wonder how many signatures one could get for a petition calling Israel the actual homeland for Palestinians.

I’m glad the Jordanian embassy in Israel refused to let them in but this seems to highlight the fact that there seems to be no purpose for us to have an embassy in that country to begin with, and vice versa. I have never really cared about arguments regarding the existence of either embassy in either country, but had a petition been presented to the Israeli embassy in Amman calling Israel Palestine, would Israel not consider it an act of aggression? Would it not consider it as deligitmizing its existence? Indeed, do these right wing nutters not get that presenting such a ludicrous petition to the Jordanian embassy, in essence, delegitimizes the very existence of the Kingdom?

All that aside, this petition presents a much bigger problem for Jordan. While it is non-representative and in itself does not pose any real danger to the Kingdom, it will likely be used by our country as a pretext for whatever measures it wishes to take in the name of “stability” and “security”. It will be capitalized on like a straw man, and embolden the fears of those believe that there is a vast conspiracy afoot to overthrow the Jordanian state and establish a Palestinian state.

In other words, those who are likely to be hurt the most by such a petition are actually the Jordanian people, and not the state. It is the population that will suffer the backlash. It is the population that will have to endure, even subconsciously, the continued scarring that comes with the national identity question. And it will only serve to pull at the strings of loyalty and mistrust we have of certain demographics within our population.

Whether this petition was an attempt by a group of idiots who truly believe what they believe, or an attempt to push discord amongst Jordanians, is uknown, but worth a moment of consideration.


  • Does anyone notice that the shape of Israel in the flyer is incorrect and actually takes Aqaba from Jordan, Golan Heights for Syria, not to mention the whole Gaza and West Bank?

  • Ahmad, I agree that it seems to have put the golan heights and gaza and the west bank as part of Israel. But Aqaba isn’t there. I think its just the angle the photo is taken. If you look at the small map in the hands of the guy you’ll see Aqaba isn’t put as part of Israel.

    A moot point anyway, since this isn’t the issue. The point is that since the Israeli government hasn’t done anything to stop this it’s in clear violation of the peace treaty with Jordan:

    Article 11: Mutual understanding and tolerance
    Abstain from propaganda against each other, prevent the dissemination of such propaganda in their own countries.

  • While I know that this is not the point, but many of the so called 6,000 are actually against it. Many just signed using “crazy names” to post insults at the concept. Check out their website and go through the names. there are may such examples. Here are FEW of them:
    Sahayina Awlad Sharamit – Jordan
    Ajokeitis Bastards – Jordan
    I Want My People To Return To Jordan Yasser Arafat – Jordan
    Hassan Nassrala – Lebanon
    FcukIsreal MothrFkr – USA
    Ossama Bin Laden – Afghanistan
    Porky Pig – Burkina Faso
    End Israeli Occupation Free Palestine San Jose California
    Tellthezioniststogobacktorussia Youdontbelongingreaterpalestine Beverly Hills California
    Israel IS In Palestine Israel Is Scum And An Occupier Hesperia California
    Israel Is Palestine There Is No Israel Arvada Colorado
    File This Petition Astoiletpaper – Djibouti
    Go To The HELL PALESTINE IN PALESTINE Saint Petersburg Florida

    There are many many more examples !!! 🙂

  • مهو هاد الواقع والفلسطيزيه مبسوطين على الفكرة والعقل اليهودي العبقري بعرف انه اللي هرب من بلاده ما برجعلها اذا لقي عيشة كويسة بمكان تاني والحقيقة انه الفلسطيزيه باغلبيتهم شعب هامل بده حياة الراحه وبس بحكي انه بده يرجع على فلسطين وبالواقع الاغلبية ما بتعرف شي عن فلسطين ولا بدها ترجعلها

  • The state will manipulate the population as long as they are easy to manipulate, Israel too is benefeting from the ignorance of Arab people and the way they turn against each other; former Israeli defence mnister M. Dayan once said he does not and will not fear the Arabs, unless they start reading books and stand in a cue at the bus station!

  • ان شاء الشيطان سنرى اسرائيل وقد امتدت من نهر قارون الى نهر ابي رقراق

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