Jordan’s Wikileaks Now Available In Arabic

For those interested, 7iber and AmmanNet have joined forces to translate all the Wikileaks Cables related to Jordan, in to Arabic. It is an attempt to release this valuable information, which has obviously garnered global attention recently, unto the Jordanian public and audience at large. The translations focus on cables that are either about Jordan specifically or mention Jordan by name. With the US embassy in Amman being the fifth biggest source/origin of the cables worldwide, it goes without saying that Jordan will likely play a significant role in this ongoing information saga.

The project aims to provide translation (based on voluntary efforts of the online community) in to Arabic, in an unbiased and neutral manner. How that information is then used by various entities, is really up to them. It will be interesting to watch and see if something evolves organically from this project, but at the end of the day – information is power.

If you’ve got some translation skills and would like to contribute them to this project, go ahead and contact 7iber.


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