Thursday Feel Good Post | Driving In Jordan, Hilariously

It’s been a while since I’ve published a Thursday Feel Good Post, and with so many negative vibes these days, perhaps it’s timely. Driving in Jordan is usually not the best topic for anyone looking for positivity. Few driving experiences in Jordan, and specifically Amman, are positive, especially if you’ve experienced rush hour during Ramadan these past few days. But like many of the harsh and frustrating realities that exist in Jordan, these experiences are often sources of humor – in retrospect.

I loved watching this video, and I think I was crying with laughter by the end of it. Just like it’s arabic title suggest, this guy is a true Jordanian:

I actually found this video on Facebook via our very own Amin Matalqa, who, back in the day, did an equally hilarious short on parking in Jordan called (all together now) – Suffi Suffi! Probably my favorite moment is when she turns around to find them in her car looking for a lighter. But, the whole dialog of how each new male approaching the car introduces himself and there’s that brief pause – is a very, very Jordanian scene.

It’s also worth watching Liffi Liffi by Matalqa as well, about a girl trying to find an address and a similar experience ensues.

Watching Suffi Suffi and Liffi Liffi again after all these years reminded of a video I posted up on YouTube in 2006 (actually it was a few months after YouTube went online). The clip was from a sketch by Jordanian comedic actor Musa Hijazeen playing the role of his famous character, Sum3a. I completely forgot about publishing the skit but apparently it’s received well over half a million views and, more interestingly, around 438 comments. Somewhere in there is a long debate about women’s rights and domestic abuse, which, upon looking at it again, is kind of visible.


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