Rockets Hit Aqaba In Another Terrorist Attack On Jordanian Soil

As most have heard by now, the city of Aqaba experienced a bit of terrorism earlier this morning, at 7:45am, when a Grad-type Katyushas landed in a hotel area, killing one (thus far) and injuring several others. My good friend and 7iber comrade, Mohammad Al-Qaq happened to be staying at the InterContinental hotel nearby and documented it from his perspective. There seems to be some confusion over the origin of the rockets, with early reports claiming the source to be Egypt’s Sinai, while Egypt is claiming such reports to be inaccurate. However, it should be noted that the last time such an event occurred and a rocket hit a warehouse in Aqaba, it was indeed fired from Egypt’s Sinai.

Apparently there were 5 rockets in total, with only one landing in Israel’s Eilat, 2 in Aqaba and 2 landing in the sea. Two Jordanian taxi drivers are of the injured and you can see their cars in Qaq’s post noted above.

Subhi Al-Alawna died of injuries sustained at the rocket site and the names of those injured are published on Ammon. My condolences to Alawna’s family and my prayers are with the injured today.

An interesting headline in the Israeli press read: “Israel, Jordan take on terror together”

Playing politics already?


  • Condolonces to the Alawnah family, and hopefully all the injured people will be just fine.

    What a filthy political stunt is this? If such a thing happened
    while we mantain good ties with both Egypt and Israel; imagine if we did’nt!

    This is a wake up call, and perhaps a cow to milk in terms of politics and media for now; Israel will tackle this issue as a threat we (Jordan and Israel) need to encounter TOGETHER.

    It totally seems like a tangled web we weaved when everyone practised to decieve just like Sir Walter Scott has put it,but hey its politics.

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  • Soso,
    are you effin stupid? a person was killed and many injured and terrorized and you are asking about A/Cs?WTF is wrong with you?

  • First of all: My condolonces to the Dead Man family
    Second: Israel is playing the sheep again, oh there are people who don’t want peace or whatever and as far as we know these rockets might not have anything with our conflic with the Israeli Invaders, it will be sad if our forces worked with their on this subject, it’s one thing we have a peace treaty with them and another whole deal when working with them.

    Third: Hey Susu, are u on something or are from the Ammani types of we don’t give a damn what is happeining around us as long as their life is going on or you have an IQ lower than a kid???

  • bom bom bom bom bom

    ^^ the sound of طبول الحرب و هي تقرع

    rip subhi alawneh

  • Just imagine if there was no state such as Israel living in our neighborhood ?, will we experience such violence and terror in this magnitude ? Since day one , Israel manufactured, created, directed and implemented the greatest and most gruesome terror campaign one could imagine , Israel is the greatest purveyor of all terror campaign period..And the rest is really a lie..

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