Twenty Seven

“I’m in the war of my life
At the door of my life
Out of time and there’s no where to run
I’m in the war of my life
I’m at the core of my life
Got no choice but to fight ’til it’s done
So Fight on…”

“War of My Life” – John Mayer

Twenty Six
Twenty Five
Twenty Four
Twenty Three


  • كل عام وأنت بخير،وعقبال االمائه سنه وأن شاء الله تكون السنوات القادمة مليئ بصحه والسلامه والأستمرار في التدوين والكتابه عن مواضيع تهم الأنسان والأنسانيه وما نواجهه من تحديات عصيبه ومعقدة، الى الأمام يا نسيم

  • belated gratitude but grateful nonetheless!

    thanks for all the birthday wishes folks!

    @mona…accomplishing something drastic! 😉

  • The John Meyer quote seems so random in between your insightful entries, I was wondering why you chose to do that? What does the quote mean to you?

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