UPDATED: Best Internet In Jordan 2010: Choosing Kulacom (was not the best choice)

UPDATE [Oct 10th]: After having tried Kulacom Jordan for the past 5-6 months, I can safely say that they are pretty much one of the worst ISPs in the country and therefore officially retract anything positive I may have mentioned below. I will admit that the initial response and interaction with Kulacom was quite positive. They found me a unit when they were all out, and even the connection was fairly good and stable. They even called every few weeks to make sure things were alright. And then, poof. Just like that, the service went deep south during the summer.

Since July, I have not had a proper connection. I define this as having a stable connection that has lasted more than 40 minutes. Instead, I get a maximum of 20 minutes bursts where the Internet actually works, followed by the modem disconnecting and trying to re-establish a connection for about 4-5 hours.

I’ve called several times and customer service is ludicrously bad. Half the time the tech support doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing and any conversation I have is littered with “umms”.

I even called the sales representative that signed my contract and asked for a refund. He said he’d try and get them to fix it, and that’s been about a week. I had to call again today to insist on the matter and he told that upon checking my status with customer service, the last time I called had been labeled with a “problem resolved” status. Charming.

After a lengthy search for the best Internet Service Provider, I decided to go with Kulacom. One of the reasons is that they have a pretty friendly customer service, which, if anyone has been following my saga with Orange Jordan will know, is an enormous advantage in this country. Moreover, you do get what you pay for. At 388JDs for an annual 2MB connection, you actually get just that: 2MB. Plus, what is perhaps Kulacom’s greatest advantage: the unlimited downloading.

Is this to say that I would recommend Kulacom. In my opinion, when it comes to Internet service in Jordan you really have to find what works best for you. This is just the nature of this country and many factors come in to play, such as geography. A Kulacom connection in an area where there are a lot of users on a single tower will likely slow things down. New companies tend to have a leg up in the market as the customer base is still limited so the speeds are often a bit faster. The same can be said of most wimax and wifi connections.

That said, Kulacom does seem to beat the competition at price, consistent speed of connection, customer service and the unlimited downloads. So that’s saying a lot.

Also, their logo is a turtle with a rocket tied to its back. You really can’t beat that.


  • Yes , the best company
    Coming soon (ان شاء الله) i will connect with this great company
    Thank U

    Butifull BLog !

  • Will definitely check them out. But like the rest, it is unlikely that they even have coverage where I live: Kamaliyya. We have been stuck with a 512 KB connection with Orange forever now.

  • how come its the best internet in 2010 and they dont even have modems to sell for the past week.who told kulakom that they are the best? any proof? Internet in town sucks. I borrowed from my friends their internet connection that includes zain, mada, umax, wi-tribe and kulakom to try them out and see which is the best one for my house. Zain and Umax did not work at all. Mada got me a good signal for the 2.4 speed but gave me 1.2 (half the speed they advertised), Kulakom had the same problem as Mada, didnt get speed advertised. wi-tribe also didnt get the speed they advertised as well but was the fastest between them.their 3Mbps reached 2.6Mbps which is fine. Why dont we get the correct speed as advertised. if its 2.4Mbps then i should get 2.4Mbps, if its 3 then i should get 3!!!! NOT MUCH less!!

  • @mohanned: thanks!

    @matrixboy: pings via orange tend to be much higher. but i’m not a gamer so…

    @Emi: maybe. give them a call.

    @sami: im not making a generalized declaration, this is just my opinion based on my own experiences as this is my own blog where i share my own perspectives. now regarding speed/signal, kulacom put up an antenna on your roof for free to get you a stronger signal, which is what i got. if you look at the speed test image above you’ll see that it went over the 2mb that i’m supposed to have. i’d say the average is about 1.8mbps, which is decent consider the alternatives. with my orange 2mb, i would barely get a 1mb on a good day.

  • Thank you Nas for your opinion and I respect it! I am not a Kulacom fan I had 2 bad experiences with them. Many of my friends had serious connection problems and their customer care… you call and see, they still need a LOOOT of training to do… I went with a friend of mine to the showroom in smart buy long time back when they first launched, they were very hesitant and tried to answer technical questions they are not sure of! we were very excited at first, then after trying the service, all what the sales person said was flushed down the toilet! but that’s just my opinion!

  • I have kulacom since one year and I am really satisfied with the company, their offer is amazing compared to the other isps here in jordan .. and their customer service is excellent.

    The only problem i encountered with kulacom is the bit high ping of 160-210 and that the router hangs from time to time, and you have to restart it.
    Also sometimes i get during the day only 1.5 mbit instead of two but in the night its almost as fast as 3 mbit 😀

    Anyway compared to orange, zain and all that crap Kulacom with its unlimited download is still the best!

  • “The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul.”Sir Thomas Buxton
    Congratulation for Kulacom: for its great team, great services and great mascot.
    Good luck!

  • LOL you guys seem like you work at kulacom! thats why you are saying such stuff! I’m ok with that, but still I think kulacom has a lot of catching up to do!

  • Question for all of you who know Amman far better than I do… I am an American living in West Amman, and I’m stuck with the Orange connection that my landlord provides me. I am subscribed to a 512kbps plan, but I only get around 10% of that… speedtest consistently registers around 50kbps. Is a connection this bad normal for Orange, or do you think there is a problem somewhere? My landlord is offering to upgrade the Orange plan, but if I’m only going to get 10% of what the plan advertises, I’d rather just pay out of pocket for someone like Kulacom.

  • As far as I know you can test Kulacom for a week for free and if you dont like it you can simply undo the contract.
    So it would be definitely worth a try!

  • Well i also have kullacom for the past 4 months and recomend it (as I did when you were looking for a new net provider) and im very happy, while it was cutting alot they did a wireless firmware updtae to my router and presto!! things work fine now
    Happy your happy

  • I think JCS still the best ISP but kullacom covers more area

    they have the best ping time coz of fiber optics.

    they give you the speed they advertised which reach up to 10mbps upload and download.

    I hope that some day we will have very fast internet connections in our homes like the internet speed at universities … the following pic show JU internet tested by me

  • Quote:

    I was just informed theres a new firmware available where customers can set up their security by themselves, you just need to contact customer service and they will upload the firmware to your KULACOM CPE.

    Also the networks are being updated so as to reduce freezes like the one people are experiencing.

    Hope this is helpful to you ;D

  • Can someone using Kulacom check the connection using “pingtest.net” and makes sure the connection is stable.A screen shot would be nice lol
    i would really appreciate couple of tests btw from different servers (Uk,France and jordan) 😀

  • Been with Kulacom for 6 months now and I have another land connection from Burtgan. Kulacom consistently outperformed them. I believe they bypass the POTS grid altogether and use a microwave link for their backbone. That’s why they can control the quality of their service and they told me they’ll compensate me for a drop in speed if prolonged. Agree also that their service people are higher quality.

  • You must be out of your mind! For the price you pay Kulacom sucks. They don’t give you what you payed for, and their follow up is horrible. I am so disappointed with Kulacom, and I would not recommend their service to anyone for the price. 388JD is still a lot of money, lets not forget the VALUE here. Get real. I am wondering if someone payed you. Like another poster indicated, you didn’t reference who’s study you reference above, was it independent? Where sophisticated measurement tools used? c’mon.

  • @Mike: Did you ever use Orange or Zain?
    I think you dont even know what you’re talking about??

    Yearly the Orange 2 mb shit with download cap costs 399 per year, zain offers for 300 JDs 2 mbit line with 3GB download cap!
    And these prices are still not including VAT and all that crap!
    Not even to mention their service…

    Better do some research before you write weird stuff -.-

  • Went to Koulacom yesterday, but they won’t have their modem in stock (whatever you call that) until July 1st. That’s a bummer since my contract with orange ended a week ago. I’m still using orange and will pay a prorate when I cancel. I’m hoping for better speed than 200kb for 2MB, and not reaching a 15GB download limit. Coming from the States, the bandwidth limit was a surprise when I realized it as my speed was throttled down to 14KB.

  • all we need to stop dealing with Kulacom Jordan
    since they are dealing with Israeli Companies. please take a quick action and stop dealing with Kulacom

  • hey..
    to all Kulacom subscribers ,especially the one who chose it as the best ISP in Jordan,can you please tell me how much in kbps your download speed is ?
    like from Orange ADSL ,I get about 128 kbps download speed with the 1 MB
    so what is your download speed range for both 1 MB and 2 MB,and how does that relate to the place in which your are located
    since I am really thinking about going with Kulacom

    thanks in advance..

  • The router hangs a couple of times a day. And for the unlimited download, I warn the P2P users that they can’t use it as freely as they expect cause Kulacom obfuscates the IP protocols

  • Can someone using Kulacom check the connection using “pingtest.net”.A screen shot would be nice lol
    i would really appreciate couple of tests btw from different servers (Uk,France and jordan)

  • Here you go guys:
    To UK Server in Milton Keynes:
    To Frankfurt,Germany:

    couldnt do to jordan but speedtest shows 150ms:

    Some other pc was doing some light browsing while conducting these tests.
    Today the CPE for the first time since Feb 2010 ive been getting full signal without an outdoor antenna 🙂
    And not to P2P users you have to open ports on the router to get better speeds , also change the port number every week or so , to avoid throttling , or just download late at night 😛
    Also from today i think kulacom have redesigned their website , also noticed that they offer adsl from 1mb to 8mb , unlimited of course , No prices though.

  • Can anyone please tell me what the download speed range actually is ? with respect to the time in which the download is being made

  • Can anyone please tell me how much the download speed range for the 1M actually is ? with respect to the time in which the download is being made

  • I’ve been with Kulacom for two weeks now and to tell ya the truth I’m quite frustrated…. I am getting way less than what am payin’ for… I’ve subscribed to a 2MB WiMax bundle and I’m only getting a quarter of that… yup all my download averages are around 16KBps… Contacted them many times to no avail… they came twice now to my home to check the connections and everything but still no one seems to know whats going on and I’ve scheduled a 3rd visit with them which will probably happen someday later this week.

    All in all I can’t say that I’m satisfied with their service… yes their tech support are great comapred to Zain, Orange, Cyberia, Batelco and WiTribe (yup, I’ve tried em all 🙁 …).

    Guess I’ll have to wait and see if they live up to all this hype.. oh and when I mentioned the download I wasn’t talking about P2P….

  • and finally Kulacom is provide a ADSL Connection with UNLIMITED download capacity with great price for whom can’t get WiMAX connection well!
    the only problem I had now is just “ORANGE” ADSL, I should go to CENTRAL CENTER in Abdali and say please take your modem. and re-waiting for “RE-ESTABLISH” the modem from “ORANGE”.

  • @ALL some of you said Kulacom is the best and other is said it’s the worst don’t forget Kulacom WiMAX is a 3G wireless connection like (Mada, Zain, u-max and wi-tribe), Mada is the strong WiMAX provider with big area coverage but the problem is download capacity, and Kulacom is the strong WiMAX provider too with ultimate download capacity but the problem is the area coverage. and I hate WiMAX for that.
    I use ADSL and now I found unlimited download ADSL provider and it’s Kulacom 🙂

  • Thank you Nas for your opinion and I respect it! I am not a Kulacom fan I had 2 bad experiences with them. Many of my friends had serious connection problems and their customer care… you call and see, they still need a LOOOT of training to do… I went with a friend of mine to the showroom in smart buy long time back when they first launched, they were very hesitant and tried to answer technical questions they are not sure of!

  • Kulacom is the best ISP in Jordan without a doubt, but it is far from perfect.

    The pros:
    1 – Friendly 24/7 Call Center
    2 – Good follow up: they actually call you back in a couple of days and schedule a visit shortly after
    3 – They do their best to accommodate customers
    4 – Unlimited download
    5 – They manage P2P traffic and allow you full speed during the night, but in the same time throttle it down during the day to protect the rest of their customers from aggressive P2P users. I am a heavy P2P user and I think that there policy is both smart and fair.
    6 – There policy is posted clearly on their website; not like SAMA who changes their policy during your subscription and never bother to notify you of the change… Then later, blacklist you for not complying with unpublished policy!!

    The Cons:
    1 – Their delay times are very high (for gamers this is known as ping time or LAG). So, not for online gaming.
    2 – Their WiMax technology is limiting the sessions to less than 500kbps a session. In other words you cannot download a file at full speed without using a 3rd party download accelerator, but some sites will not support that.
    3 – They seem to have oversold their capacity, so at many times in the day you get a very slow internet while at other times like Friday mornings you get a perfect speed. Hopefully they will upgrade or die
    3 – Youtube is way to slow… I am not sure yet if they do throttle it like they do to P2P, or if this an effect of their WiMax technology or the high demand on their limited bandwidth. The fact is it is very slow to be watchable.

    The point is, they have a chance to be a great ISP and they seem to have the mentality to do it. Maybe, we should give the chance to try especially that the alternatives are much worse.

  • You should hand out refunds as well :p Anyway, I suspect that we will never get anything good here. People are not saying no to bad services. Government does not care as well. Even though I prefer for the government to sit aside in pretty much everything in the private sector since competition should sort out stuff, you need some regulatory board for ISPs. The ICT ministry regulating maybe quality and price for an example.

    But after all Jordan means many things, one of those is “you have to live with it”.

  • I tried Kulacom 3 weeks ago..They are the WORST. I cancelled my subscription right away..for a 1Mbps I was getting 140kbps. they came to my home twice, and did not find the cause of this.

    No I am subscribed to Zain, they are the pretty good. But I have to mention that I am using use ADSL now, not WiMax.

    I have tried 3 providers, so far, I will list them according to my experience from best to worst:

    1- Orange ( 1year), because I always got full 1 Mbps
    2- Zain (1 day – so far so good), not sure yet, but it seems fast

    100- Kulacom (1 week), they are the worst for so many reasons, and mainly because the speed and support.

  • One of the worst ISPs of all time, my download speed is never higher than 24kb/s even though i’m signed up for 2mb, my dialup speed 10 years ago was faster!!!

    did you ever get the feeling that webpages load quickly but your download speed is still at snail pace?

    well guess what, it’s because they use a local caching server. but even that broke down. lol
    here’s some of the info that it gave back when it broke down

    1.netfilter.server.kulacom.jo (Lusca)
    the cache administrator is noc@kulacom.jo

    this company is a sham

  • I have tried kulacom for a year so far, here is the bottom line in each subject:

    1. Subscribing:
    you should try speed test before you pay them a piaster, you might see 4 to 5 bar signal but the connection could be lousy, signal indicator is bull****. you will have disconnections and ping time a lot if the CPE unit is indoor (my case at least) getting it outdoor at location one was not good enough, location two was better but was silly that it was now eye to eye with tower and I still have issues, I had a lot of arguing before I managed to achieve that average result. sometimes for strange reasons the outdooe unit connects to remote towers that have steady signal but also crowded ! so you need to check the tower being used, I suggest getting a degree in engineering and working for them, that could help alot.

    My router disconnected every 1/2 – 1 hour from Jan-2010 to Jul-2010 and reboot was long and it needed turn off of the CPE router most of the time, imagine the pain…. currently the router seem to be disconnecting the wireless signal only as I see from time to time the “found new connection signal”

    3. Support:
    I called them many times, they used to answer immediately, now you have to wait on hold for 5 min if you are lucky to get to someone, you will initially get to speak to someone who knows nearly nothing more than he was tought in the support crash course and will ask you to repeat “the usual steps” and he might be able to get rid of you but if you call again you will be transferred to tech, sometimes they call soon (one day) but will not be able to solve your problem from first try (depends on the problem) and if you try again for the same problem their reply will get slower, a week at times or until you call again or again and again… They did call to check about results but that was it (they did their job, they called) and if you still have problems you need to call support and register your problem again, will usually be considered as solved even if not.

    4. Download speed:
    If everything else is perfect and at the current time, you will not feel as if you have 2 Mbits, don’t know why, at some hours of the day you know that other subscribers are limiting you, but when it’s not peak hours, most websites are at average speed. YouTube is slow, video streaming is slow, most file downloads are at 50-100.I had a problem with them where download was good and surfing was dead slow, not anymore, now downloading/streaming is not very good and browsing is acceptable. uTorrent *was* always at full speed, now it’s like 80 in most cases, using the most seeded torrent with seeders to leechers ratio of 2 to 1 at worst, I tried today a torrent of 400 seeders to 30 leechers and I got speeds at 70/80 only, I tried other torrents and waited and it was no use, it was 6am in the morning ??!!

    5. Ping:
    Will be horrible if you have less than perfect signal ( you will likely have that). It’s was between 200-300 most my subscription period, now I see its 160-200 but didn’t try a lot of observing.

    6. The router:
    A. Disconnected for a period of 6 months and needed a reboot, still has issues.
    B. I never was able to connect any mobile to it (even with windows mobile OS).
    C. Never was able to connect wifi using non-windows software like dell wireless tool.
    D. XP is the only system that connects easily (didn’t try much).
    E. Very light so it’s hard to make it set still on the table with all the heavy wires connected to it, could fall and get broken if no other measures are taken to prevent that (it bugged me).

    7. Download limit:
    Have exceeded what other companies offer but never abused it to see what will happen.

    My subscription is about to end, unlimited download had me at ease of mind all year but I never utilized it like I thought I would, the technical problem I had with this router and the stupid responses of “we don’t see where your problem is” made me lose my respect for Kulcaom and understand that if I ever have problems again, I will be literally screwed, the only reason why I might consider them (specially that I already have an outdoor unit) is the unlimited download, as you all now for a Jordanian its a lot of money to pay 42 USD a month for unlimited download (not sure how unlimited it is) for a 2 Mbits speed that is at practically half the speed at best most of the time, I suspect that most websites and international services limit their bandwidth to our region (some even block our connections) and the non existence of local companies is making a 2 Mbits for this amount in this place at this time a real joke, so why do you think they are still offering unlimited download after their first year?

  • Kulacom is terrible; don’t bother. Their salesguy will sell you a 2MB connection, “guarantees” you’ll never get worse than 1MB, but refuses to put this guarantee into the contract for obvious reasons. Sometimes the connection is so slow it takes 5 minutes just to load the Google webpage–which has almost nothing on it! Kulacom has drastically oversold their bandwidth on their few towers and so you typically get far, far slower than old US dial-up speeds. Their bandwidth may have been better way back then, but not anymore.

  • PS–and they also do throttling for any type of downloads…at best, you’ll never see more than about 24kbps (and typically much lower).

  • Kulacom P2P throttle policy !

    Throttle 87.5% of your speed (you get 12.5% of your speed at best !!) from 9am – 6pm
    Throttle 75% of your speed (you get 25% speed at best !!) from 6pm – 12am (this one sucks)
    No throttle 12am – 8am

    So P2P is litrally dead all day with Kulacom …
    That is if you are lucky with the “Connection ratio” thing which they mention right after the throttle policy but as they say “don’t worry your download capacity is still unlimited” ya right !

  • KULACOM breaking news .. Internet outage from 01:50am – 7:10am (so far) on 8 NOV 2010 (last updated 7:10am) I will check later when I am back home.

  • Guys ..are the news about JCS true ? speeds going down cuz of ratios ? can anybody update us on JCS current situation P2P , Ping, throttles in the middle of the day ? problems ?

    KULACOM said trouble ahead all the week, upgrades ! I heared that before !

  • See: http://www.kulacom.jo/faqs/

    “We don’t control how much you download, we just shape the bandwidth of the service”

    (Nice way of saying they defacto limit your downloading.)

    Updated Traffic Management Policy

    Traffic Management (Across all Packages)

    When does it apply?
    When does it apply?

    9am-6pm 6pm-12am 12am-8am
    What services are affected? P2P P2P P2P
    % Throttled 87.50 % 75% 0%

  • Hey guys ,
    Well i was going through this post and the replies , and as i suspected this KULACOM deal was bad after all ( note i was with stream and was away for a while ) so i come home 2 weeks ago and as usually come to sit and start surfing my internet and BOOM its like almost dead :O so i call my friend and he informs me that Stream merged/got sold to KULACOM .

    All i have to say this is bad connection its nothing even close of what i had when it was still Stream , i play World Of Warcraft and i really do care for ping and now its impossible to play at all ( even tho my connection is 1/mbps).

    Last but not least i would like to ask you gamers out there what would you suggest me to get for my self , since this KULACOM connection is going to end (thank god) by the end of this month ? im looking for Un-Limited bandwidth or at least a good amount of download Gig’s.

    Thanks in advance.
    Qais Al-Shishani

  • Guys I heard JCS is a pretty good company (my 2 friend are subscribed to it),the only problem is the coverage area is too small ,anyone if they are going to expand in the near future.

  • I have Kulacom now for more than a Year and I am pretty happy with it. However in the past months, especially in November there were many timeouts and frequent disconnections, but starting in Mid-december the situation got better, the connection is stable now 24/24h.

    The whole story was because Kulacom were upgrading their network system: http://en.ammonnews.net/article.aspx?articleNO=11070

    The download rate usually fluctuates a lot, but it never drops below 100-150 kb/s. During the night and when there are not a lot users I get downloadrates 200-270 kb/s ..

    P2P & Torrents are throttled, but it does not affect me as I only use http and rmtp or steaming.

  • on June 2010 I started searching for an ADSL provider and during my search I noticed this article which says that KulaCom is the best provider. So, I contacted the company to get an ADSL. @ first the sales gave me some sweet talk that showed that they are professionals and they know what they are doing.
    Later on, during the installation they had some serious problems in installing the service. First they lost the contract, the receipt and the payment and then they lost the order and finally they just stopped answering me till I escalated to almost everyone in the company.
    After I got the ADSL installed and started using it, at first it was perfectly OK with the speed and everything except for some disconnections that I could live with but after about a month (I guess it was July 2010) the service was not working whenever I needed it and to make things worse the what so called “support” is nothing but a bunch of juniors who does not know how to answer a call not to mention fixing a problem.

    Anyway, I’ve disconnected my internet connection and I’m currently searching for another provider.

  • You’d be insane to go with Kulacom; terrible service, terrible wimax signal, incredibly terrible speeds….that’s all there is to it. Once they take your money, expect no more service, and horribly limited bandwidth.

  • Im with Orange.
    Orange is bad. actually all isp’s are bad.

    The world reached 80mb download and we’re fighting for 8mb.

    Not to mention the PING! If you play online then ur screwed. Im raging atm because my ping is 600 now! usually 120 and above, best ping is on uk servers.

    In my opinion with a nice well built Fibre optic infrastucture, our internet will become much more Faster and Smoother.

    We’re always late in this country. HOPEFULLY all theses isp’s will move their asses and update these shitty lines.

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  • Just to put things into perspective and with no preference to any provider in Jordan.

    Over 70% on providers go through Orange for internet and DSL connection, the rest go through microwave through other providers.

    Now DSL and Wimax (wireless) basically use the same broadband technology (PPPoE), wither it’s a tower (Wimax) or a collection router/DSLAM or ISAM (DSL) they all have a link connecting them to the main router in which passes their collective traffic to the provider (or the internet), this link might suffer from congestion if it reaches the maximum link capacity (regardless of technology).
    Also distance is high affecting factor for all services, for instance for a DSL a diameter of around 4.5 kilometers is acceptable for 2M connection (but that also depends on the copper quality), as for Wimax (wireless), distance and obstacles also affect the connection’s maximum speed achieved.

    Weather conditions: don’t kid yourself, rainy weather affects both Wimax and copper lines (humidity is a killer),also degrades the service quality and speed.

    As for price ranges (and this comes from experience), let’s do the math:

    Providers who buy their internet from Orange pay over 100JDs a month per 1MB (wow)
    And for each ADSL line around 10 – 15 JDs a month (around 140 – 180 JDs yearly).

    Doing the math an ISP would pay Orange around 1300 JDs a year if they wanted to give true and honest 1M ADSL with unlimited CAP !!!!!!

    And you want to pay only around 300JDs for that (doesn’t make any sense).
    That’s why providers CAP (to get some profit to pay for running costs).
    Don’t get me wrong an average of 60% of a providers total customers will connect at the same time, but even with that the price won’t drop below 600JDs per 1M ADSL.

    Now in order for the Providers and the customers to be happy, I would say this is needed:
    – Drop the prices of the BW from orange to at least 50% (and they will still be making a 400% profit)
    – Drop down the ADSL port price (or cancel it all together, since it pays for itself from the installation fees)

    That way Providers can give very high CAPs that might feel link unlimited download plans Orange can increase their customer base (both DSL and landlines), it’s a win-win situation for all (but that’s only my opinion).

  • I’ve been begging for proper connectivity since 2005, but Orange wouldn’t listen, I switched to Zain WiMAX, was awesome for the first 6 months, then my area got congested was getting less than 10% of what I initially got. Of course Zain (or Mada for that matter) didn’t bother upgrading the network and were always telling me that my account was “Up to 2.4Mbps” so getting the speed for a 128Kbps connection was ok.

    I had 2 connections, WiMAX from Zain and 1Mbps DSL from Orange, the Orange line was only working at about 512Kbps with very high ping times.

    I called the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) on Orange, and the Orange people were here in less than 3 days and connected me to a digital cabinet. The same digital cabinet they told me doesn’t cover my area and they won’t connect me to. The difference in performance was staggering, I’m getting constant .85Mbps with it. Just so you would know, actual speed will be about 14-15% less than advertised speed because of protocol overheads, which is totally acceptable. I gave my Zain CPE to a friend and now waiting for Orange to connect me with 8Mbps.

    I just want to say that if you’re having problems with your Internet connectivity you call the TRC and they’ll almost always solve your problem, Orange didn’t solve my Internet issues for 5 years, but when the TRC got involved they fixed it in 3 days

    About connectivity, if your land line supports 8Mbps then you’re on Orange’s fiber network which is in my opinion the best network in Jordan, I hate Orange as a policy but I have to say from personal experience they are the strongest technically. Just make sure they bill you properly, I’ve had bad experiences with that. Or you could get DSL from Umniah or TE-Data.

    If your land line doesn’t support 8Mbps or you don’t have or don’t want to get a land line, I recommend Umniah’s WiMAX, it should suite most people and it’s stable as far as I’ve heard from people who use it.

    Whatever you do though, stay away from Zain as a data provider.

    Hope my post helps someone 🙂

  • The ADSL line of Kulacom used to be ok but suddenly became very bad and there download very slow , I’ve called several times and customer service is really bad . first of all you have to pay to call there customer service line and if ever they answer they can not solve any problem so you need to go to there office hoping they will solve the problem just to be faced with the same result . i have a 1M connection from kulakom but the torrent download speed at .6 only but i complained i was told its there company policy to band utorrent from there service and when i asked why i was not told about it before i signed the contract , the answer was why i did not ask ????????
    Just i hope others will not fall to same trap with kulacom

  • What about JCS (Jordan Cable Service) heard from lots of friend its the best internet provider in Jordan with Unlimited download,other than that i was using witrbie was k for the first 3month than its terrible changed to Mada its k never faced problem with them but the problem is 25jd per month for 15gb thats alot + if u wana add gb 2gb for 5jd and 5gb for 10jd :/

  • I switched from Wi-Tribe to Kulacom and it was a bad move. Firstly, they installed the modem which worked for a day (but not very well) before stopping altogether, after which they promised to send out a technical team to install an outdoor antenna. After a few weeks and multiple phone calls, they finally sent someone but made it sound like they were doing a massive favor. When it came time to actually installing the antenna, there was only one spot they could get a signal but they had no way of mounting it, so they took from me a broomstick (I kid you not) and shoved it into the back of someone’s satellite dish and secured it by wrapping coax and duck tape around it, and the other person’s dish! I said to them, this is temporary right? To which he smiled and said “khalas”. Calling technical support is a nightmare, they promise to get a technician to call you back but they never do. I’m on a 1MB plan but never get anywhere near it. Stay away at all cost.

  • Sounds like they are all the same. The worst though, I will have to share here, is BLUEZONE. Worst serives, worst downloadability, and most importantly worst reliability.

  • Guys download limit in Jordan is a scam !

    What they call fair use is a joke, 35-40 GB /month for 2-3 Mbps subscriptions !!!

    we should demand more, I do, everytime Orange call me I tell them to raise the download limit or I wont subscribe, of course I will never do this mistake 🙂

  • Hello, can someone explain to me what it means when Jordanian ISPs promise unlimited download cap but then later say “fair use applies”? Orange offers this with this highest aDSL plan. A wireless provider is offering 3G+ with unlimited downloads, then says fair use 3gb applies.

  • I posted this in the 2009 page, not knowing there was a 2010 one.

    Reposting here:

    Summary of Internet in Jordan so far:


    Orange are thieves. This is since way before they became Orange. Their history:
    Global One > Wanadoo > MobileCom > Orange + Merger with JTC = still the same thieves they were 10 years ago.
    Watch your contract. They’ll try to clip money from any point they can get a hold of.

    Wi-Tribe: never tried, but am afraid to.

    Kulacom: three years ago, they were this brilliant, 24-hour, efficient service.
    Now I am going, today, to withdraw my contract and ask for my money back because I have had no decent connection with them since OCTOBER 2011, and their imperial majesties did not deign to show up at my house to check what is wrong.

    They used to work on Saturdays. Now I have to step outside my working schedule to get to them, and even then it is not that easy.

    I called again today, and the lady who answered said to bring the modem to them. REALLY, now.

    I asked them to come and check, bringing two other modems with them. This is, without exaggaration, at least the fifth time I made such a request. It is silly having to test the modem in my house, and zigzag between my home and their office for THEIR mistake.
    I am no techie.

    She said it was not possible, since this was a case with all users of their network.
    I said it was my case for the last three months.

    I then asked her to PLEASE give me a date within the next coming month.
    Who gives anyone so much leeway?
    She returned to me a few minutes later, saying that it was impossible.
    That is when I told her I am coming to withdraw my account.

    Oh, and when I called again, and asked for the accounting department, I was given the number of 06-250 0000 instead of the customer service line 06- 250 2222.

    NOBODY answered. Just machine recordings.

    Die, Kulacom.

    I have been using Mada Biscuit all this time, with no hitches.

    I am going to buy their WiFi as well.

    WiTribe I am afraid of, anyone I haven’t tried I am afraid of.

    Zain is classically expensive, reliable, at least its USB service is. However, being prepaid, it hitches and gets stuck every once in a while, and the ONLY way to solve this is to get your nether anatomy over to their office.

    The only way to solve anything in Jordan.

    I put on warpaint, carry my stone axe,

    Along with their uselesss modem and my pointless contract,

    I go to Kulacom.

  • On a rating from 1- 10, 10 being best, and 1 being worst, my personal experience with internet in Jordan:


    Batelco (Umniah now): 8
    Global One (Orange now): 0
    Nets.Jo: 2

    Kulacom: When connected, 10. Now: 0
    Mada: 10
    WiTribe: No experience
    Zain: No experience

    Zain: Connection: 10, depending on coverage.

    Umniah: 10 (looong ago)
    Zain: 7 (responsive, but nothing can be done till you show up)
    Mada: 10
    Orange: THIEVES
    Kulacom: 0 All talk and no action, that is, IF they respond.
    Wi-Tribe: no experience

    Hint: Whenever you want someone to respond quickly, call sales.
    They’re always quick about money coming in than about money going out 🙂

  • The above post is also a re-post from the post I made in the 2009 page.
    Please delete the posts on the 2009 page.

    Also, they are kidding us with the prices they charge at the speeds they provide.

    Go see Virgin Telecom/Broadband prices, and British Telecom prices in the UK.

    I found that German Telecom did not deploy WiMax, but give American Intel-based technology the one-finger salute and went for European technologies better suited to German mountains.

    We are, as far as I could find, on par with other countries in the region, but no more.

    Doing slightly better than The Philippines and Indonesia, but no better than our neighbours.

    Not much better than Kenya, though:

    At least we are not in the Emirates, where speed is the same, and prices are 700+ AED.

  • Mada’s been glitching today.
    Like, 5 times?
    And their phone gave “Network busy” beeps, then irrelevant recordings.
    Just quickly put up any sort of recording saying you are sorry, and that you are working on it, and that is it.
    Weather-proof, electricity cutoff-proof internet that does not cost an arm and a leg.
    O, where are you?

  • Kulacom, no connection at all for weeks, no one answers the phone EVER, the company is closing or at least bankrupt, stay away from Kulacom !!!

    Orange, exactly as have been said before… thieves with bad quality.

    Zain, thieves compared to what they offer, quality is not as good as before, stay away from 3G, their offer is complicated to rip you.

    For the users asking about “fair use” and unlimited offers, most companies lie when they say unlimited download, look for the small print, it will say 35 GB as maximum (depends on the company) so basically there is no “unlimited” thing, at least not in Jordan, unlimited offers in other countries have 300 GB limit a month. I think the only company with unlimited offers is Blue zone although I didn’t test it, they have 512K & 256K with unlimited download, download if you can 🙂 , Kulacom before they die had unlimited offers, they don’t exist anymore or should be considered so !

    If you want internet connection in Jordan, just … ummm … immigrate !!!

  • Hi Guys,

    I’m a member of NEXT ISP.
    i have been checking this site to view comments and needs, and i kept seeing that everyone want’s no CAP.

    we have new offers with no download limit at all (NO CAP)

    pleaes check them on our website : http://www.next.jo
    or call our helpdesk for info.

  • It is sadly funny reading all these frustrating comments. I have been working abroad for more than 10 years during which I had ZERO problems with my internet connection. The only times I face mysterious unsolvable problems in the connection is when I visit my family in Amman, only then I remember in EVERY visit TWICE a year how archaic Jordan is when it comes to technology!

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