Dear Jordanian Bloggers & Tweeps: Let’s Mobilize For March 12th

Dear Jordanian Bloggers and Tweeps. March 12th is the World Day Against Cyber Censorship, which has been organized by the French-based organization, Reporters Without Borders (RWB) for a few years now. RWB will also be releasing their annual “Internet Enemies” list, which compiles the names of governments that have unfriendly cyber policies – and most of those governments are of course Arab. The list also includes “under surveillance”
countries and we can expect Jordan to possibly make an appearance this year – and of course we all know why.

Over the past year, pieces on the board game seem to have been shifting adversely – from the parliament’s lawsuit against Khaled Mahadein’s online article to the very recent case that was brought to the country’s Supreme Court, which resulted in a very unfavorable ruling – to revealed designs that the government may be planning to implement a “Cyber Law” to regulate the online world.

All of these moves, and more, are implications that we, as members of this online world, are under threat. What we say and what we do online is under threat. The guarantees once made are slowly disappearing in the face of increasing government intervention.

In other words, there has never been a more important time to fight back, to take a stand, to speak up, to mobilize, to say something.

As a Jordanian blogger I can only call on those who are fellow bloggers to take this upcoming day as a chance to voice your support for a free Internet in Jordan.

For my fellow tweeps, I can only ask that you come together to tweet those posts produced by the blogosphere, or tweet your own messages in support of a free internet. Perhaps we can use the single hashtag of #FreeNetJo to unite our tweets.

Put up a badge found on RWB, or wear a twibbon. For those participating in Blog About Jordan Day, feel free to make this topic the subject of your post. You can also join the Facebook event and pass it on to friends just as a way to spread the word locally.

Let’s simply come together on this day (and yes, I know it’s a Friday) to do something that says to the world and to our government that we are present, that we stand for something, that what we think and say matters, and that it matters enough to stay free and uncensored.

Blog, Tweet, Retweet, Comment, Spread Posts, Wear a Twibbon, Join the Facebook Group, Invite your Friends!


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