Give To Haiti

This is just a quick note to readers of The Black Iris or anyone else who may stumble on this blog, to take some time (about 5 minutes) to give to Haiti if they haven’t done so already. If you’ve noticed, I’ve put up a link to the International Medical Corps, which is a great organization.

Thank you.


  • If for some reason you would like to donate to a different charity, or you are just curious to browse and learn more about some charities, is a great website with plenty of information, reviews and ratings of a wide range of charities and NGOs.

  • okey, lets put it in other words:
    what about promoting to give to Gaza instead of Haiti ? which is in light of the fact that Gaza “being an Arab city” deserves Arab donations more than non-arab countries.
    and highlighting that Haiti is receiving worldwide attention and donations.
    thx for the permission anyway

  • @wondering: let me get this right, your argument is essentially that people shouldn’t help out haitians because gazans need help as well and arabs take priorities over other human beings?

    if so, it is interesting how much we demand of the world to help us our in our times of need (and for the most part they do), but we are unwilling to extend our own humanity.

    and by “we” i mean people with that argument and not arabs in general, as not everyone (fortunately) thinks that way.

  • Exactly, my argument is about the “priority” going to whom in the point of view of an Arab AND another point of view of “the other world you are talking about WHICH IS HELPING US IN OUR TIME OF NEED”. And this is despite of the fact that as human beings we all extend our humanity by feeling sorry for innocents dying in disasters/wars or whatever, considering that taking any further step to help is mainly based on the priorities of people from all over the world and not on paying favors back “if any”. So yes IT IS all about priorities.

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