Photo Of The Moment | Cold Fire

AP Photo – Jordanian boys warm themselves at a workshop during their break in Amman.

Keep warm today, cheap and remember that some people have it worse than you.

On another note, whatever happened to our child labor laws?

Never mind.


  • WOW :(… Really sad

    Child labor laws? Sadly never ever heard of these being discussed in Jordan…. I have a feeling that a good percentage of the people who send out their children to work on streets think they actually OWN the kids, meaning that they can do whatever they want with them. Authorities evidently have it this way too as nothing is being done. Or maybe we just don’t have the financial capabilities to do justice to these kids?

    If the government was to take every child who is subjected to child labor into their custody(of course after many attempts to convince their parents to enroll them into school), and also be responsible for their tuition and foster care, it would cost a lot. No doubt about that.

    More posts about these problems Nas please. Great blog btw as I always say :).

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