Quickie Post: About That Websites Law Thingie…

This is just a quickie post, as a lot of people have been asking my opinion about the recent court decision to include websites under the Jordanian Press & Publication Law. There’s plenty to say about the topic and I want to write an extensive post about the issue (in the making) but I would rather wait until I have the proper information. Some are jumping to conclusions and some are launching various campaigns, and I just feel we don’t have the right information at this point, which in itself is a problem the Jordanian government has created – but that’s nothing new.

In the meantime…

I will point you to this well written article published on 7iber where a conversation is beginning to emerge. Please leave your comments and thoughts there, and participate in the discussion. Right now, a conversation is needed as the first step. Right now, interested parties need to come together. Right now, people need to get off the bench and be an active player in the conversation instead of passive observers.

A conversation needs to start somewhere.

So check it out.


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