“False” Security Threat Shuts Down Half Of Amman!

8:45pm: If you’ve been driving around Amman tonight you’ve probably notice traffic is everywhere, and so are the Jordanian police. Most of the traffic circles have been highly controlled since around 4pm, specifically the 4th to the 7th circles. Police are diverting traffic and their police vans are blaring sirens and speeding through most of western Amman – up until the airport road.

A little mall opened in Swefieh and people were swarming there at around 6pm, and right now Khaberni is reporting that police shut down the area due to a security threat that was reported earlier in which someone claimed the building was going to collapse. The report turned out to be false according to the news site.

But something smells fishy about that report, specifically since there were really few police in that exact area around the building – only 1 or 2 traffic cops directing traffic as expected at a mall opening in Amman. In contrast, police were swarming around the 4th and other circles, cutting off a lot of traffic from move towards the circles, forcing them to go around instead.

If someone hears something, let me know.

8:56pm: A friend who just contacted a security officials was told that children’s TV channel was offering free goodies of some sort at the mall and this is what caused the eventual half-a-city shutdown. You can see their poster in the picture above.


  • I was about to kill my sister ! she said there is a party for kids; games and gifts I was like ok lets take the kids and go …. all what we did was driving around the circles for more than 2 hours !! It was awful !! so many police officers !! there is always traffic in Swaifieh without anything imagine with all this what happened !!

    but i don’t think there was a security threat … the only threat was all these people from all Jordanian cities invading sweifieh that time, it was Missy 😀

  • It’s really hilarious that a channel offering free prizes on launch day can shut down three main circles in Amman. LOL.

    Just as the famous Jordanian phrase says “kolshi be balash katter menno” 😉 .

  • closing down opposite lanes so u dont have to queue behind other cars causes gridlocks. not abiding by any traffic laws causes gridlocks, driving as an ignorant idiot causes gridlocks

    when drivers do whatever the hell they want, it causes problems.

    yesterday was a very clear indication on how ignorant, selfish and utterly disrespectful jordanian drivers can be… and it reflects clearly on other areas in our society…

    thanks for the venting opportunity, black iris.


  • It seems they have learned a good lesson from the American..fears will keep the lid down on the people , and as long as the population is fearful ,they are easly manipulated and led without any interption ..

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