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REUTERS PHOTO: A Jordanian demonstrator steps on a picture of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak during a protest near the Egyptian embassy in Amman January 6, 2010. The demonstrators were protesting against Wednesday’s clash at the port city of Arish, 40km (25 miles) from Egypt’s border with Gaza, between Egyptian security forces and members of a convoy trying to take relief supplies to Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

For more interesting, on-the-ground photos, check out the ones available on 7iber.

I really don’t know what to say about this whole fiasco. To see the Egyptian government stumbling to find a justifiable reason for building a wall to cut off Gazans and their denial of entry to the Viva Palestina convoy, is just, I don’t know. There are really no words to describe it. George Galloway’s appearance on Al Jazeera last night delivering a much-deserve arse whipping to the Egyptian government was chathartic but not relieving. I really don’t know anymore. Reading headlines like “Egypt’s steel wall sparks ‘fatwa war'”, is just, I really, really do not know.

I think my favorite word these days when it comes to describing the Arab malaise comes from a January 2008 interview with Norman Finklestein where he describes this status quo perfectly with two words: it’s disgusting!

This seems to be the beginning of the end.


  • Arab solidarity is a myth, it seems. Other countries only support Palestine when it suits their own vendetta against Israel. And when it doesn’t suit them, they don’t mind letting the Palestinians rot.

  • When George Galloway contacted the Egyptians, months ago. They’ve clearly stated the ports which he should take.
    The Islamic brotherhood and Iran from behind wanted to taunt the Egyptian government and raise public hatred towards Hosni’s regime. Of course Egypt will refuse to pass it not according to their standard procedures or what they have agreed with George.
    Israel gives Hamas petrol/Electricity/Medicine to support this Islamic state which has made Gaza the most peaceful front in Israel’s history for decades. Hamas violently attack any group firing rockets. Tunnels have become a threat to Egypt’s security, this is as Sina is becoming lawless.

    Gazans are not deprived food, don’t be fooled that the smuggling supplies the strip with daily food.

    Iran and its puppet have been driving a sabotage campaign against Egypt. If George and his Islamists freind compiled with the Egyptian’s instructuins and procedures as before non of this would happened, they just wanted to make all of this trouble, I hope you’ve seen how they broke the border gates and riot the port, then shot a policeman.

    I leave everyone with this video of Hamas shooting/bombing and killing Gazans inside a mosque!

    The fence is not to starve Gazans, is anyone stupid enough to think Egypt will do such a thing ? Just think deeper of what Hamas zealots are doing on Iran’s account

  • I agree with Kamal that Egypt has its own reasons to dislike Hamas, that Hamas is not perfect and does bad things, etc. etc. But I don’t think that these things justify denying a humanitarian/solidarity convoy, which has gone to Gaza before, access to Gaza.

    “Israel gives Hamas petrol/Electricity/Medicine to support this Islamic state which has made Gaza the most peaceful front in Israel’s history for decades.” – Are you serious? What was happening in Gaza last year at this date?

    As an American, I would be willing to bet there is an American part to play in this. Consider U.S. policy vis-a-vis Israel and Gaza and Egypt. Given how much money the U.S. gives Egypt each year, I bet that is as much of a reason for Egypt to deny Viva Palestina entry to Gaza as Egypt’s wariness towards Hamas, Iran and the Islamic Brotherhood.

    Of course I disagree with Mubarak’s holding up the convoy, but Americans who heap criticism on him are living in glass houses with this issue.

  • They didn’t block the convoy, and allowing the previous ones is just the proof they don’t block humanitarian aids

    What the Islamic brotherhood wanted to do is taunt the regime by insisting on going from Areesh where it was clearly mentioned to the convey months before they took off, what route they should take.

    I don’t like Husni’s regime, but the Isalmic Brotherhood plays the dirtiest games, using religion and human aids!Should we remind that the brotherhood in Egypt is having great internal disputes and resignations over financial issues?

    Come on! What with all the media circus created by the brotherhood’s propaganda machine (Al Jazeera)? Why would Egypt not allow this convoy? Or is it just these people wanted to smear Egypt’s nose in the ground using the humanitarian aid?

    If they followed the usual and previous route, non of this could have had happened and it would have arrived in much much shorter time. It was a stunt.

    Gazans live in poverty, but they are not starving , they still live in dignity. People look after each other too. Fireworks are shot every Thursday night at weddings!

    Closing off the smuggling tunnels meaning no taxes for Hamas government from the tunnel’s lords and no weapons/money and Iran gears to Hamas. Again, food/medicine/petrol is normally supplied to thee strip!

    Know the facts please, ask the nearest Gazan!

  • lol you know I think this same picture I’ve been seeing all over the net and printed out to be used in protests was the same picture I put together for Mubarak with the hexagon on his forehead and uploaded to flickr a few months ago. For some reason I feel that I’ve achieved something

  • Gazans live in poverty, but they are not starving , they still live in dignity.

    Let me guess, you don’t live in Gaza.

    Do you consider using animal feed to make bread, because wheat is no longer available, a dignified way of living? Try it once, go to the local bakery and ask them to make you a special batch of bread using animal feed, see how they will look at you.

  • Apparently, the Egyptian government has deported Galloway as soon as he returned from Gaza, and according to the same news report (on the BBC), they were planning to arrest other activists as soon as they returned from Gaza as well.

    What pisses me off the most about the way the Egyptian government and some people are addressing this topic, is how they seem to think that simply allowing aid is enough, as if that is the only thing that people in Gaza have a right to, let alone need. So they don’t see a problem in Egypt’s participation in blocking the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, which is a right that nobody should be given the permission to take away.

    Basically, if you’ve been watching some of the Egyptian TV shows like Amr Adeeb’s, and you’ve been listening to the “solutions” that some people are suggesting, the debate is turning not towards how Gazans should be freed from the prison they live in, but about how this prison should be built and operated by Israel and Egypt, with the assistance and full blessing and support of the international community.

    They are arguing about how to sustain the blockade and occupation. The discussion about how to give Gazans the freedoms they deserve is completely absent.

  • It’s not only difficult for the West to accept that Hamas was a democractically-elected government, it seems that it’s more difficult for Arab regimes and Arabs themselves to understand it. Mubarak is trying to punish Palestinians for the government they elected just because it has a different ideology.

    Nas… there has been many signs of “the beginning of the ends” in the past, but it looks like dictators know how to reign forever in an Arab country

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