The Black Iris Awarded 2009 Brass Crescent Award: Thanks To All The Readers!

For the second year in a row The Black Iris was nominated and managed to win the Brass Crescent award in the Middle East category. I actually had to look up last year’s post to make sure that I don’t repeat myself, but then I discovered that last year’s post really said everything I wanted to say. But it is worth repeating again. The fact that readers do play a big role in forming the identity of a blog deserves to be repeated, and everyone who voted for this blog deserves my thanks and gratitude once again. Also, congratulations to all those who were nominated and all those that won.

Especially to Umm Zaid of Sunnisisters who won the best retired blog. Although she no longer blogs, her voice is one of three that, unknowingly, helped inspire me to create this blog. And in case you’re wondering about the other two, they are Natasha of Mental Mayhem (whose voice has also fallen silent) and Haitham Sabbah who continues to inspire.


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