Photo Of The Day: Our Newly Unemployed Members Of Parliament

AP Photo – A Jordanian driver removes the Parliament plates of the car of one of the Jordanian lawmakers at the Jordanian Parliament offices in Amman, Jordan, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009.

AP Photo – Jordanian Parliament employees pack the belongings of one of the lawmakers at the Jordanian Parliament offices in Amman.

AP Photo – A Jordanian Parliament employee shows ordinary passports to be delivered to lawmakers after the lifting of legislative immunity on them and withdrawal of their special Parliament passports.

Getty – Jordanian parliament employees pack the belongings of one of the lawmakers after parliament was dissolved at the Jordanian Parliament offices

…it’s interesting to see the perks taken away.


  • مع الف قلعة

    but, as long as the same incompetent bunch keeps running for seats in the following elections, the status quo continues its presence.

    I propose a ban on all former members of parliament and ministers for the sake of allowing the younger, tribally sickened, generation to have a say in how things are run.

  • لو دامت لغيرك ما وصلت اليك
    Hope they will rememer that quote everytime they think of the parliment, i hope people would start to choose in a better way instead of he is from my tribe way.

  • it doesn’t really matter, Jordanian Parliament is corrupted because the core(el sha3eb is corrupted) … enshallah it7eloh 1000 marah u will get the same results …. there is no immediate fix, we need to prepare a better generation, raise them better … the current generation salamtak …

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  • Talk about efficiency. Either the Parliament building does not have dollies or because everyone is moving out they settled with misusing of expensive wheeled chairs to move stuff.

  • As if they are telling them” you were killing your selves and killing people for these chairs….ok go and take the chairs with you ”

    Hope people learned from their mistake in chosen a non qualified people to represent them, and try to fix it next time

  • I swear I saw his majesty in my dreams in the night before the historic decision he was very angry and said he is fed up with everything, he left the hall angry .

    No the ball is in our court, the people of Jordan will decide either to build a political and modern parliament or to plunge in corruption again.

    hope this decision would make a change

    Thank you Abu Hussien

  • It amazes me that everyone is overlooking the most important and static element of this whole sorry saga! its not the lower house or the cabinet at fault!

  • يا فرحة بياعين الكنافة Ùˆ اصحاب المطاعم Ùˆ مؤجري الخيم Ùˆ الكراسي Ùˆ المطابع

    يالله مصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد

    انا شخصيا

    مش رح انتخب اي حدا ابدا


  • يعني جلالة الملك الله يطول بعمرة فدى خاروف العيد ب مجلس النواب وضحى بهم. الاجر مضاعف ان شاء الله.

  • quick fixes…like said before so typical to our culture i suppose,just like anything that annoys is banned yet not fixed from the inside!motorcycles presence not good..ban motorcycles
    next thing you know people’s presence not good..ban people

    nas it feels even better reading your blog while bel (3.orbe) hehe cheers buddy

  • I read not too long ago that there may be a new requirement of having a Bachelor’s degree to be able to run. I think that is a genius idea. None of the tribally driven un-educated bums will be able to run next time.

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