Thursday Feel Good Post: Stop. Motion. Go.

I haven’t published a feel-good post in a while and it feels like it’s due. It’s been a hectic week, which I’m sure is true for at least 90% of those of you who are reading this. So that being said, here’s an end-of-the-week pick-me-upper. Or at least, my attempt at one.

Lately, I’ve been fascinated with stop-motion videos. I think there’s something innocently nostalgic about this kind of film making that it reminds me of the third grade, when someone teaches you how to draw a stick man on the edge of a pad of paper, and then a bunch of other stick men on all the other pages, before flipping through them to make him walk. But I especially like the use of photos to create stop motion films. Here’s the two that I’ve found incredibly inspiring simply because they are alternative way to telling a story. Photographs are documented memories, and there’s something inspiring, if not poetic, about seeing thousands of photos memories rendered in stop-motion, where they are all pieces coming together – single frames that are continuous and hang on a timeline. Much like life.

First up is the PEN story created by Olympus cameras. 60,000 pictures, 9,000 developed prints and over 1,800 pictures shot again with no post production. [via 7iber]

Then there’s the “Breathe Me” video by Sia, which in itself is a haunting song, but a video made up of some 2,000 Polaroids makes it even more interesting.

You can see other stop-motion videos here.

This Thursday’s Feel Good post is brought to you by Sunny 105.1 Feel Good music.

Nah, I’m just kidding.

(but it is a great radio station).


  • LOL (at bambam). Funny that you describe it as haunting. Watch the Six Feet Under finale (after watching the entire series; don’t skip!), then you’ll find out why your choice of words is ironic…

    Thanks for sharing, check out Her Morning Elegance, excellent stop-motion music vid. I remember experimenting with stop-motion on my back from Distant Heat a few years back while listening to Sia (totally crazy shit!).

  • I’ve seen the pen story before, it is truly fascinating..
    You guys should check out this:

    its called Architectural Projection Mapping.. all i can say is OUT OF THIS WORLD
    which kinda makes you wonder what crazier ideas are in store for the future!

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