7iber Gets A Makover: New Look, New Stories

Yes, it took a while. But after many sleepless nights the new 7iber is finally up. There’s still a lot to do, but we’ve moved in without rattling the neighbors. Suffice to say, Jordanian bloggers and techies were there to help out in the past few weeks. Wael Attili designed the new logo, the good guys from Ikbis helped us with some video integration and the rennovated channel and Jad Madi’s technical skills helped save us. So my gratitude goes out to all of them. All in all, interesting things are yet to come. This is just the part where you move to a new apartment and everything is still in boxes. Make sure to check it out and spread it around.

And of course, do remember that what’s on 7iber is produced by the people for the people – so keep on sending your submissions!


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