An Open Letter To Orange Jordan & All Jordanian Service Providers

Dear Orange Telecom (and all Jordanian service providers),

It’s been a while since I’ve written. In fact, I’m simply terrible at keeping in touch, so let me get straight to the point. You have a problem and it’s starting to affect others around you. Just like that guy at the gym who refuses to wear deodorant, we’ve started to notice. Indeed, something stinks terribly about your level of service, which I was forewarned about but was prepared to forgo in order not to deal with the hassles of third-parties. I wanted to deal directly with the source. Instead, the source has given a daily blinking red “disconnected” light.

orange jordan telecomAll in all, I feel bamboozled. Swindled. Cheated. Robbed. And to a large extent, those adjectives are not far from the truth. For the 2MB connection that I receive from you, and which I pay a generous 50JDs a month for – has now, on average, gone down to around 0.60MB. It’s still the beginning of the month so I know I haven’t used up any of your very limited download capacity. I know that much.

I’m writing to you now about how your problem is affecting me, because you are someone who has been consistently communicating to me your own needs, and a good relationship always requires a two-way street when it comes to communication. You constantly send me your news in the form of an SMS. Something that states:

Dear Orange internet customer you have reached 70% of your download capacity, to extend your download capacity & avoid speed downgrade, please call our customer care at…


Dear Orange Customer, we would like to kindly remind you to settle the bills due on your internet service within 1 week. Thank you from Orange internet.

See? You’re always communicating your needs to me. And I would kindly oblige to your requests but see, our relationship has sort of become like that broke uncle who’s always asking to “borrow” some money, and you just know you won’t get it back. As far as I know, that’s not how our relationship should be. Our relationship is supposed to be based on give and take: I give you something, you take it, and I expect a little giving in return.

To put it bluntly, I expect to get what I paid for.

And please do not ask me to call your customer service because that’s like asking me to explore new levels of frustration and I’m just not in to masochism. The person on the other end of the phone never knows what they’re talking about and you end up wasting 15 minutes with them (which I suppose is good for Orange Telephone), and this is after waiting 30 minutes to get through to a representative. They end up arranging for a visit by one of the technical crew, and that is a visit that requires at least a week of being Internet-less.

No, it’s not just you. I have met few people who are genuinely happy with the level of service they receive from the telecom sector in general. It seems the only good thing these companies are excellent at is taking their customers’ money. And by the way, even that requires me to line up for 40 minutes while tellers are busy servicing other people who are shopping around for a phone; why counters dedicated to bill payments cannot be arranged, I don’t know.

So how can I help but feel cheated?

And I won’t even mention my dropped cell phone calls in this letter.

If there’s one conclusion to be drawn from experience in the Jordanian sphere, it’s that we are relatively good at providing a serivce but terrible at delivering a service. In other words, we’re great with coming up with the next great marketable idea and taking money for that idea, but exchange is never mutual. We never get what we paid for.

And I know. This post might fall on deaf ears as others have. After all, why should any company that makes a great deal of money every year bother listening to its customers?

But fellow blogger Jad may have been on to something when it comes to starting an online campaign. It might need a better name, but I’m betting that bloggers and their readers alone can force a change simply by blogging about a company such as yours, and simply by putting Orange Jordan in their post titles, a little bit of tagging, a little bit of twittering, digging, Facebooking and other nifty weapons at our disposal, we can probably have our posts reach Google’s top ten ranking. So every time someone searches for your company, some of the most pertinent results they’ll get involve unsatisfactory reviews from your customers. And if you think that’s never made a difference, well, Google around and see if it ever has (try Dell for starters).

How else is a customer supposed to react when their satisfaction is no longer guaranteed? When they can no longer communicate effectively with their service provider?

I wanted this relationship to work out; I really did. But I feel like you haven’t given me any choices. It’s just been one bad thing after the other and I’m writing to let you know that I might be ready to move on. I know, I know. Our relationship didn’t last too long, but we all deserve a little happiness in our life. You once wrote to me that “Internet = Life”. I saw your message all over town in fact. It was sweet. But if that equation is true then I’m afraid, it seems, I can’t have that kind of happiness with you. So I want you to know, just so this is all out in the open, that I am starting to look for other people.

But whatever happens, I promise to stay in better touch with you (depending on the stability of my connection).

Yours Sincerely,

Naseem Tarawnah

p.s. I know I’m not alone. Watch this video left by Moski on my Facebook Page. Their suggestion is definitely worthy of attention.


I’ve decided to turn this letter in to a bit of a campaign to see if we can have an impact on the Internet Service Provider industry; starting with Orange Jordan. Anyone reading this right now can play a role.

To find you what you can do, please read this post.

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  • ORANGE internet services are going downhill, I’m have a 2mb connection as well, But honestly my speed is 100.0Mbps, In the past few days i suffered disconnections more then the whole past month, This have to be fixed.

    I wrote about the internet limitation problem as well, Which is one of the issues that will make me move from ORANGE to another provider, Check it out when you have some time,

  • I must say that from your description the service is just crap, unbelievable! and for 50 JD’s! what a ripoff, AFAIK Jordan is quite advanced on the telecom market, but then maybe not.
    Just to compare to a service in the UK, a customer is getting 10Meg speed, with no limit what so ever on download, with a full free setup, and a wireless router, and the works, that ended up paying 24 pounds a year! which is equivalent to 28 JD, yes, per Year, thus 2.3 JD/month.

  • Way to go Nas your article already appears as the 4th link when you Google “orange jordan” let the bad press commence !! I am so sick of Jordanian companies taking their customers for a ride, i just wish someone from their head quarters in France takes notice.

  • I wish you the best of luck, Nas, but I have to say, we’re not having any better luck with our Wi-Tribe connection! I was just telling my rooommate that I’m afraid the problem is systemic….

  • @Ali: Will do

    @Revelation: the western hemisphere is far advanced in terms of speed, download cap, price, and above all, service…that it’s not even funny.

    @Martian: cool. and i hope someone takes notice too!

    @Maryah: i agree, it is something that is industry-wide, but i think few have beaten Orange when it comes to bad service, and the reason it takes the bulk of flak is because it controls the bulk of the industry infrastructure wise.

  • they dont care if they are the best, as long as they are the “least worst”, thats how isp think in Jordan(Arab world generally)

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  • I’m a freakin’ 2mb connection as well and STRUGGLE not to download a SINGLE FILE just to maintain the internet speed until the end of the month. IT NEVER LASTED UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH. It simply expires at the 17th, maybe 18th. It’s impossible, you know it and yet get taunted by your parents ’cause the company’s a rip off. Now my internet is a damn 1-year contract. Hooray to that! -.-

  • I think we should start a web site to monitor Jordanian companies performance and to register our complains about them. You know, something to check-out before deciding which company to chose when getting a certain service.

  • Nas… way to go… the service is just crap…

    It is a disaster that a company like orange is the biggest service provider in Jordan…. this (bad communication) and bad transportation will keep Jordan among the underdeveloped countries on the map of the world.

  • I always hated the slow-connection-for-premium-dinar internet service in Jordan. In the States, I pay $30/month and get 7MB/s with absolutely no cap and no downtime. I couldn’t say that for service in Jordan…not at all. Perhaps Orange just needs some stiff competition…someone with great prices, great service, great reliability, and fast lines (or in the case of WiMax, no lines at all).

  • try communicating service cancellation with orange!!! they actually punish you by sending you with the modem to Abdali branch; the detention room; and you cannot unsubscribe through any other branch!!
    also they come up with additional payments that they NEED.
    Ive tried almost all ISP providers in Jordan but Orange is the worst for sure. I will not do any marketing for another ISP but I was shocked last week to receive a follow up call from my current provider offering me real solutions to my problem! and they did!!! also guess what, their package costs much less 🙂

  • The problem is with the recipients of the service not the service providers themselves, especially when you have competition in the market place!

    we’re lax, we kick-back and relax with preconceptions of what works and what doesn’t and what’s good and what is not.

    We enjoy being treated like an old mule on the verge of being shot and still being kicked in the billy for merely being an old mule…

    We have a regulatory commission (that will be the TRC) that is suppose to be independent and empowering of the industry as whole (not a specific psychedelically themed operator) to the “make benefit” of us consumers at the end of the day, but they’re not, and we couldn’t be bothered, the big fish make their top dollars (200 million JDs in net profit last year) while spitting out bad service.

    Get rid of your ADSL modem through the hassle described by number 13 ((Suzan) above, because you know; the other 13 or so branches of consolidated JTG group can’t handle canceling your subscription and collecting their ADSL modem.

    Get a wireless connection from either Wi-Tribe or Kulacom (or Mada aka Zain e-go), not endorsing either or saying they offer a better service, but they are at least an ALTERNATIVE that by-passes the incumbent (Orange) altogether (almost).

    Because beside the nice gesture of a certain executive sending a complementary iPhone to a fellow blogger who happen to blog about wanting one as a birthday, that’s about how serious execs sees the blogsphere… consensus speaks louder, people disconnecting their ADSL in masses will be a true calling to board room folks…

  • no comment since i dont live in jordan .. just one small comment if i may .. its forewarned not for-warned .. u can delete this after editing 😀

  • Try Kulacom. I have a bunch of friends using their WIMAX service qnd they all seem very happy with the download speeds and customer service. If it is available in your area, you should check it out!

  • you should hear my story with ZANE.(already told you part of it) .. you can not even compare them to Orange, they are just
    H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E ! hopefully to write something soon

  • My 2mb wi-tribe service has been very inconsistent and maddening at times as you try to watch an online video; however, it seems there is no-where else to run! The worst part about it is we are getting robbed blind of our money…

  • all internet in Jordan and generally in MENA region is very poor. What makes it worse is that they charge ridiculous prices and declare that they have first class customer services, when they probably dont even know the meaning of the word.

  • We can talk about a million things in Jordan that have the same affect on us FRUSTRATION….But as Basem quite trully put forward, is that we are a society who still has to learn to complain to get our rights as consumers heard.

    We accept anything that is thrown in our face this is true on all levels…I go to buy bread if it’s not fresh “either take it or leave it” is the reply i get….If my solar comes late “walahi azameh” is the excuse i get from the rogue trader, who is probably cheating me anyway buy adding water or other liquids to the solar….they take 1JD per year from every mobile phone user, and we never ask where is that money going!…there are always excuses or reasons for shitty services in Jordan, on the governmental level it’s the same there are over 120 laws still waiting to be passed that are for the good of the general public but still we have to wait, Jordanians are eating s*** everyday and still we sit and praise certain people, dance to songs about them and go crazy….

    The fact is that in order to move forward we must first look within accept that we live in a very very obscure and dishonest country that does nothing for its people….we are not meant to dream or have ambitions, we are not meant to want to buy a house at a young age, we are meant to eat, sleep and try not to die! nothing else matters.

    Whether we like the internet or not if the ISP is giving good service or not make no difference to the powers of this country “khalas they have internet they should be happy” this is the mentality we are dealing with folks.

    And at the begining of the fourth quarter of 2009 Jordan will be receiving 300Million JD loan from the world bank!!!!! where will that go, will go to taking other celebrities site seeing pay for their helicopters and security or will it go on improving medical care, improving living conditions for the less well off, improving education instead of using it as a financial and political tool (arab bank/madrasiti BS), improving media especially Jordanian media on the international level….

    I dont know crazy thoughts all of a sudden entered my mind I may have gone on a tangent please excuse me!!!

    BTW where is Ward the little boy from Irbid?

  • I am so glad that I am not the only one with the problems!

    As an American, it is impossible for me to accept that fact that the largest ISP in this country will simply have a “service outage.” I’m not talking major catastrophic, but the service just goes down. No warning, just down. This is unheard of in the West, again, short of a catastrophic failure. It’s time for Jordanians to fight back against this kind of treatment. You pay for a service, and therefore you should demand that you get the best for your money.

    What’s worse, the firm that I manage had a recent problem where our ISP’s were BLACKLISTED as spam. We brought in a team of IT geeks to sort the problem out, but it turned out that an entire BLOCK of ISP’s within Orange got hit… and the fault was through Orange. Orange, however, refused to respond. It took our firm a full 2 days to get our email functioning semi-properly again and over 2 weeks to restore our IP addresses to a “neutral” rating.

    Orange, as with so many companies I’ve dealt with here, have no concept of what customer service is. Hell, they don’t even know about service, period.

  • I have faced such issues with Umax of Umniah.

    Not only does it disconnect twice a month for a couple of days each,

    Until I reach them, I spend an extra two to three days waiting for them to repair it, and everytime i do, i spend 30 mins just calling them, and they make me go through a very dull unnecessary process.

    I am fed up of repairing their damages, they dont deserve the money we pay for them,

    Change is in our hands as costumers, as our satisfaction should be their main goal.


  • You can file an official complaint with the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) via:
    24-hour hotline toll free: 080022313
    Fax number: 5863641
    or at:
    [Press Release May,2009:

    Also the TRC just issued a call for tenders for a quality control system that would monitor the quality of internet services.

  • Musa –

    These people do nothing they are just as bad, you are dealing with a global company that the jordan market doesn’t really mean much too. TRC cannot do anything apart from monitor tenders!! and even that is being investigated alongside the department of corruption.

    imagine the anti-corruption burea is being investigated for corruption or should be investigated.

  • @Basem: I agree, we need collective action!

    @mo: lol thanks, i meant it as a play-on-words, but i guess it didn’t work out.

    @ramsey: classic movie scene! (hmm embeddable content in a comment…)

    @yazan: amen

    @khalil: let’s hope not! as slow as it goes…i still need it!

    @omar: your last line says it all

    @musa: thanks for the link! very useful! (although like yaza i am doubtful of the TRC’s capacity to do anything)

  • here is how it is, i know we are talking about ORANGE here which is without a doubt one of the worst ISPs i have ever seen! but at the same time its not only ORANGE, see, i’m one of lots and lots of people who suffered deeply from ORANGE bull shit, i stayed a very long time (almost 5 years) with ORANGE complaining and getting frustrated over and over again from this company until 2 weeks ago that i decided to just stop the bull shit and stupid customer service orientation they have and just go with ZAIN and not any ZAIN service but i went for the highest service they have (WiMAX 5MBPS) only to realize that its somehow better than orange, at least you get someone to answer your calls and try to help but still a BS service which includes lots of other frustrations like being near to the antenna and so on! and also that your modem only can get 80% reception which as they say is the maximum and the best anyone can get! and ofcourse sharing the bandwidth with so many other subscribers so your internet connection speed always varies from slow to fair to no browsing and still you dont really get the 5MBPS announced which normally should mean that you would get a transfer rate of 600kb/s but there is a no way in getting this speed at all, by the way, since i started with ZAIN the maximum transfer rate i got was 450kb/s and that was like a very HAPPY DAY to me and that was a rare chance!!! not mentioning the custoer service representative who start speaking to you as if they know it all when you just realize that they dont know SHIT and you just get to waste like 30 minutes of your time for no good reason what so ever!

    so what i think, that the best thing to do is to write and blog and complain about all those stupid services, not only ORANGE!

    what we are getting in Jordan from internet access and technologies should be a very easy thing to do and apply comparing it to the technologies and the speeds and the customer care they have all over the world now which sadly our jordanian ISPs dont know how to do it but the very hard, inefficient and Unprofessional way just to keep their customers FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY all the time!

    ZAIN is much better than ORANGE, thats for sure, but still there is a long way to go just to get the easiest tasks done properly and effectively.

    thanks for reading 🙂

  • Once I was getting heated at the Orange office at Mecca Mall and I told the manager, “This is a French company and I expect better than the Jordanian level of service.” They truly stink and I hope something happens to improve this situation.

  • I have seen the letter posted ref Orange and I believe it is about time to put the case through ref the ISP giant in Jordan on the net. I have seen the comments on the services provided and some of the examples in the Western World. A friend of mine recently came from Italy and shared his experience ref a 7 MB for around 16 $ a year with no limitation on download. I have moved around in the Middle East and I can tell you generally Jordan Telecom Services are way ahead of some of the nearby countries. I always see comparisons in most of the Economic articles I read locally comparing our situation locally in Jordan with Dubai (not recently though after the Economic Global recession and Dubai being affected heavily).

    I work as a Manager in one of the Int Companies operating in Jordan and every time I meet a Senior official from the government in customs, free zone ..etc I beg them when I’m having my coffee not to compare us to Dubai but to be realistic and compare us to some of the neighbouring countries – in the Telecom Ind I can tell you personally you will all feel better about it. The picture may be different though when it comes to Tourism for instance if you know what I mean.

    On the TRC role to be honest I am not in the full picture of what can they do apart from may be entertain customer complaints on trends of service disruption and low service provided by some of the huge players who are supposedly providing value for money as key ISP. I’m not sure to be honest on the TRC role though; they may be active in their follow up.

    Recently our IT Mgr in our company along with myself and the board decided to quit Orange and go for a new ISP. I can tell you our bill with Orange monthly was a considerable one, purely we felt as a Management board we are not getting value for money (disruption on the service, poor customer service..etc). It was a tough decision to make but our IT came under heavy pressure from the board given that he is an x-Orange himself !

  • mazen im not convinced. i dont care what the internet in syria is like? or in any other shit place for that matter.

    orange is a company whose products stink big time. we pay a lot of money for a shit service. apparently it’s a company which is run by a bunch of douchebags who dont know what the hell they are doing. in an age when companies are trying hard to provide the best customer service there is, the company barely has customer service.

    for those readers who are naive enough to think that we are trying to change orange: we are not really trying to make orange provide a better service. we are merely trying to encourage those who are current subscribers to cancel their subscriptions and those who are contemplating to subscribe not to. this will eventually make orange change its ways. however, that’s not our main objective.

  • Maybe I missed it but no one mentioned that if you have the ORANGE Voice over Internet line (Surf and Talk or whatever they call it) which is supposed to give you free calls in Jordan and better rates on intl calls – is usually not working. How many times have I punched in the well-known number of a friend or relative and gotten a nasal recorded women’s voice saying: “Sorry, the number you dialled does not exist.” Or, especially when trying to use it for intl calls, it simply won’t connect…I have given up complaining about this .

    I think the most frustrating thing about ORANGE is they will almost never admit when they are having a technical problem on their end – you are always left frantically tightening up all the plugs and wires at home when they coudl just tell you “We have a problem and it’s going to take us about three hours (or two days!) to solve it.”

  • orange is pool s***

    they disconnected the internet to me cause i did not pay the bill ! and they did not pass the bill men aslooo!

    i will change to umnia soon

  • To Amjad 37 – I could not agree with you more. Orange ‘s services as an ISP coupled with their poor customer service needs to change hence the comments from yourself and the rest of the crowds. I’m not at all implying that we need to live with it cause simply nearby countries, Syria for all that matter, are way behind on the telecom sector.

    I have been in Jordan for 5 years and during which I have seen the emerge of 3 major ISP in the Telecom sector namely Express, Umnaih & the increase in Orange’s market share. For a country the size of Jordan with its population that is what I call moving in the right direction; we have to keep in mind the size of our market as this will play a big role in attracting more players and hence create more competition which will mean more options and eventually better value for money for all of us in Jordan. With respect to all views of others I see that we need to benchmark our progress locally and rightly get value for money for the services that we demand as consumers.

    On a personal level I’m upgrading my speed and hocking up with Zain this week – on a company level Orange lost us last week as I mentioned in my note. And if other subscribers leave Orange due to poor customer service surely it will have to come up and fast to its customers’ minimum expectations or risk losing a portion of its market share.


  • Its interesting when they say that “more providers = more competition = more satisfied consumer”, however, i must admit that this is not the case in Jordan. it appears that with more companies on the market, the less worried about customers the companies become.

    This is true of most of our tellecome/ISP providers, its quite unfortunate that the trend has become that all of them offer the same services at somewhat competitive prices (in comparison to each other that is), yet the only difference is the degree to which each of these companies is willing to push its clients to the brink of madness.

    In the case of Orange, i too am a subscriber with a 2mb connection that seems faster than most but nowhere close to the speed of what it should be!!! keeping myself as most others on the boarder of being diagnosed as clinically dead. Just as my frustrated friend Naseem, i am bogged down with drawn-out telephone calls to Customer Care, endless visits by technicians that seem to have no cure for the problems except those that blame your internal connection, the location that you live in or the unquestionable acts of God!!!!!

    My only concern is that we as a culture have become so medicated and/or have given up hope, as even switching your provider brings no satisfaction and cures no problem, in fact if anything it builds even greater frustration by having to relive the ordeal with your “NEW AND IMPROVED” provider.

    So the question is, how can we solve this issue, and will blogging, facebook, twitter …etc have an effect on an ever growing sector that seems to be infested with a lack of responsibility, accountability and a blatant lack of respect?

    I would only hope…

  • Last week I switched to Zain on a Wimax – 2.4 MB. It took me 10 min really at their rep shop at Mecca Mall; it is working fine at my home and the configuration was easy.

    Real test is now the speed that I’m getting; I can feel a difference as I was on a 512 speed earlier. Still I’m having doubts that I should have gone for the 5 MB..after all may be eventually I will.

    On the back of the comments I read on the Jordanian mentality of service providers. I can also tell you from 1st hand experience that many of the Jordanian clients are over demanding; if they pay a penny they at times think they own the company or the service provider; I’m afraid it does not work this way. The known slogan in the service industry ‘Customer is always right’ is in many occasions abused. The balance needs to be there – while I’m a subscriber and I pay say 1 JOD for a service – I expect to get quick and to what degree of perfection could be a perception by the client at times that companies need to work on in myview is educate not only the client but their own internal customer service staff.

    Having said that in the case of an ISP that is our subject here the parameters are quite simple – you want a decent service of internet (less disruptions)with a decent speed and at a reasonable rate not to forget a good quality of customer service. What is the definition of a decent speed ?? – should the page open in 1/2 seconds of placing the website address on the browser – may be this needs a definition. Imagine an ISP branch shop having 3 laptops on the side of its main counter for clients to test a 1,2 & 5 MB speed on the internet – the client gets to choose the one that they feel is a decent speed.

    Prices on the other hand I do agree need to be more realistic. Rates in JO for internet are way too high compared to other markets in Europe or the US. I’m not aware though what the rates are in the Middle East countries – guess it would be more competitive.

    If we take a broader perspective I can not think of an area – including telecom – were we in JO are competitive in service rates. That is a major challenge facing companies operating in Jordan where the operational costs are at times considerably high compared to other markets – still Jordan offers in my view unique opprotunities of business in certain areas; key to Jordanians (in business)is to be able to attract key players (from a business sense) and be able to sell Jordan and offer competitive edges – this in my view is a continued challenge.

    Sorry if I was a bit too broad in my view..

  • Thanks for the lovely article, i share ALL your feelings towards feeling cheated.

    We pay an extremely high amount of money and get shit in return. When i pay a premium payment of 50JODs a month for a 2MB connection, i expect it to be a 2MB connection, and i expect it to have a reasonable download limit.

    10GB can be downloaded in 1 night! I pay 50JDs a month to have a 2MB connection for 1 day? My work at home requires continuous internet traffic and with such poor service and high theft, its impossible to work or be creative or beneficial for self or this country.

    Not to mention, for the past 4 months i’ve been facing extreme slow internet, but was very busy prepairing for my wedding and so on, now since i have a some time, i checked the connection to know that its am not limited yet and the connection is a 512 connection!!! You bastards, you take from me for a 2MB connection and wait for ME to check it and discover ur giving me 512?

    No other name can be given to these shmucks, and that’s THIEVES, ON A LARGE SCALE.

    If you like, i would suggest filing a law-suite, from everyone here against them! What do you say guys. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time towards any progress about that. Check my website for contact details.


    Adel Ammari ~ AMNYA

  • You are all right. I have an Orange 2Mb connection that at its best reachs to 1.6 Mb. When I bought the service almost one year ago, I choosed the offer with 10 GB download limit and a 512 minimum speed, in case you exceed your limit. I have discovered almost 3 weeks ago that my minimum speed has been reduced to 128. When I complained they told me that it was an administrative decision. So as you can see they can change the contract conditions whenever they like. They only care about money.
    I am changing to Zain next week, I just hope they are a little bit better.

  • Orange, the sorriest service provider in the world and you are highway robbers under the cover of rules and regulation of your making, how could you possibly explain the reasoning behind stealing the credit from my prepaid account upon switching to corporate offer??? Without informing me about it!!!!! It’s so not right when I’m with the same company in the same country and with the same phone number, you tell me if this no robbing people under the cover of laws, rules and regulations you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Adnan Haddad

  • Oh, I’m so glad I found this blog. I’m just in the process of cancelling my account with Orange as I have faced many frustrations with this company with loss of connectivity on a regular basis. The straw that broke the camels back was last Friday when I spent most of the day trying to connect, getting a cocktail of error messages, and trying to get through to the customer services…’sorry, all lines are busy at the moment…’ I don’t believe that for one minute! They were all probably sitting around drinking coffee with the phones off the hook!
    Orange has lost yet another customer!

  • the delay tactics they use with other ISP’s when you first get a line are something else.. they pretend you have not paid your subscription fees internally.. while when you call 1214 they say its paid.. its like they do not want to work.. now either they are not paid enough….or they do it on purpose to give the customers of other companies a hassle… i guess the only way to get any real service is to……

  • Orange is worse than burnt beef steaks. I have exceeded the download limit they leashed me in, and whoops: It is 128kpbs and I’m struggling my butt to open Google without waiting a lifetime! They also ‘never’ supply the expected 1Mbps speed expected: 90-104kb/sec, but a disappointing 53.3kb/sec average.
    This letter really is what I was thinking of, Mr. Naseem. I’ll try having this translated and published on a news site.

  • Guys,
    this is a great way to show the true nature of services provided by Orange and other providers, who are ripping us off.
    but also try to send an email to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC)
    they are the true regulatory for the communication services in jordan, if bumbarderd with enough emails from all of us, i’m sure it well make a difference (at least it won’t hurt)
    here’s their email (you can right in arabic or in english):

  • Hello Everybody
    to tell u the truth am happy that someone is talking about this subject
    and stupid me… i thought it was my own problem
    i am doing a board exam which needs connection to the internet to download questions and explanation.. and my problem was that i need to be connected all time while studying
    Believe me that for a moment i was going to stop applying for the exam
    Disconnection for 7 continous hours
    and when you call them to ask them what happened…. they start making u crazy with there continous repititive stupid questions
    how many lights on the modem… try to connect directly… disconnect the land phone line
    where are u living…. how many brothers u have is the only left question to ask!!!!!!!!
    and at last u reach the point where they are going to leave a note for the cable guy to fix it for u
    he comes to ur house a week later
    and surprise ….. the internet is connected
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaay fast as if i have 8MB ,,,, and when he is gone like in 2 hours
    the problem starts again
    all that isnt a problem….. the problem is when u go to pay for the bill
    u find it 300 or 400 jd every 3-4 months
    and when u want to top the internet u find that u are signed to a 1 year contract
    and,,,and,,,and,,,, WHAT IS THIS???????? THIS IS …….B U L L S H I T……
    I hope that we can find a soloution.
    thanks all for the hard work

  • Good Job Black-Iris and everyone, this article is now number 2 on google search for “Orange Jordan”, I’ve only knew about this movement recently and I’m really happy for the impact it’s making. If we stand together our voice will be heard. it’s time they give some value for what’s called “Customer Satisfaction”!!!

  • Hi, my problem started with orange mobile, and I found this a good place to express my feelings
    I once changed my line type and they said it’s going to take one or two days to be changed, so i said tayeb ok, so i stayed for few days without credit, waiting for them to change the line, but after few days have passed (more than 3 or 4) i was still waiting, and i couldn’t call them because they used to take money for calling the call center, so i had to buy credit to be able to call them, and for my surprise they took all credit and free msgs i had and changed the line, and when i went to understand what happened, it turned out that the employee was new there, and when the manager talked to me he said, ok we will refund you, hadak yom o had yom
    and secondly, i once sent a msg from internet and I was 100% sure it only takes 1 msg, and sent it to a large number of people, and again for my surprise, it cost the double, what a surprise

    I know it has nothing to do with internet, but in both cases when I went to their offices and talked calmly, politely, loudly, noisy it didn’t matter, they JUST SAY “You have a problem, you did something wrong”, they never admit doing a mistake or even take responsibility of their acts

    is it something wrong with the workers their, I don’t think so, when zain had problems with wireless internet they instantly stopped it (they admitted they have something wrong)

  • Hi all ,

    First of all thank you for coming up and talking about this issue.

    Everyone uses the internet for their own purposes, to me im a dediacated online gamer, im involved in online 1st person shooter tournamets, which offcourse i pay money to sign in and win money when i win, with the help of my team from different parts of europe.

    For the last 2 months, i’ve been getting high pings with lags, usual ping is 100-120 and now my minimum ping is 200 which is very very bad, i haven’t been able to compete and not to mention i lost money and got kicked for my bad ping by server admins.

    Thank you Orange for your BAD service!

    I hope this issue would be solved soon.

  • Organized theft: Orange charged me 100 JD for what they call “Exceeding Limit” on using internet on iPhone. The first time I ever heard about this terminology. And it is the first time; I have ever seen a company fining a customer 100 JD (US$ 140+). Then they charge me for extra usage (Double dip). When I complained, no one at any of their stores could help. Staff just write emails and no one in HQ responds to those emails. Hello: What do you think yourself Orange?

  • this original subject has been written in 2009, i am writing this post in 2011 to update how orange is doing.
    they stink even worst if you could imagine!!!!
    I almost wanted to leave Jordan because of their service!!
    to summarize a long story they have been stealing from me and charging a monthly amount for a non existing service for over 4 years! this is one crime which one could perhaps in a crazy universe forgive but what you can’t forgive that when you go to sort out your issue they try everything they can to keep charging you!!!
    its like a thief who is robbing you in daylight and expecting you to hand out your money to him with a smile.
    orange is an incompetent company with pretty much useless employees who would do anything to rob people for their hard owned money.

    shame on you orange!!!!

  • You’re preaching to the choir!

    I am so relieved to have found other people in the same situation as I am. The only difference between your case and mine is that I’m subscribed with Zain.

    I have lived in both Canada and Japan, and after coming to Jordan, I hate to say it but – it’s absolutely garbage here when it comes to telecom services.

    I keep tweeting on every incident of bad service I receive from Zain. They may fall on deaf ears now, but when more and more people like us gather, we’re bound for a telecommunications revolution.

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