Thursday Feel Good Post: Of Mixed Emoticons & 4AM Wakeup Calls

Suffice to say, it’s been one of the longest weeks of my life. And while I would usually be screaming to high heavens “Thank God It’s Thursday!”, this is one work week that seems to have no end in sight, and so all that screaming won’t help. That being said, I thought we could all use a feel-good post for the day – a mental health break so to speak. Here’s a couple of videos straight from the Black Iris Facebook Page (and then some) that are worth watching.

Rives is one of my favorite spoken word poets who is a master storyteller in my opinion. He’s also a frequent speaker at TED talks and here’s two videos that will take your head for a spin straight in to the weekend. Enjoy!

p.s. if you’re in search of more serious discussions, head on over to 7iber today.

A Story of Mixed Emoticons: tells a typographical fairy tale that’s short and bittersweet.

4am: Poet Rives does 8 minutes of lyrical origami, folding history into a series of coincidences surrounding that most surreal of hours, 4 o’clock in the morning.

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  • I love TED… I was pretty close to watching a speaker live except it was too long a process to even bother applying

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