Hajjaj On The Yahoo Maktoob Deal


Title reads: The global Yahoo company acquires the Arabian Maktoob

Logo reads: “And at last the world acknowledges that Arabs are good at talking!!”


  • Although this seems to be a great deal for Matkoob and its owners, I still fail to see why people talk about it as the ultimate success.

    The ultimate success means a company is now a rival and a competitor for Microsoft, Yahoo! or Google. Imagine a Jordanian company to be so large and so successful such that it rivals Microsoft? But now, whatever the success of Maktoob becomes, its the success of Yahoo!. If Maktoob created a new technology for example, people from now on will say “Yahoo! created this new technology”.

    Why not our own companies with our own names, labels and countries be successful? Maybe that is still a far away dream, but I think THIS is the ultimate success.

    Maktoob’s deal is one step in that direction anyway.

  • subzero i do not think that this is being touted as the “ultimate success” but rather just as you said “a step in that direction”. we don’t have anything to rival yahoo or google but this is as close as it gets right now. key: right now. it’s the first stepping stone.

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