Overheard In Amman | The View From The West

Elderly man on Kharfan Street, click just off Rainbow Street:
“Do you know why they painted all those houses in east Amman? So the people that come here will have a better view.”


  • The mayor himself said that at the Corporate Social Responsibility forum two years ago. He said he was looking at the view of Amman from his window and it looked so colorless and depressing, so he figured they should have an initiative to paint it.

  • nice of them to paint it but since they were going thru all that trouble, perhaps they could’ve tried to make amman unique, stand out from other cities and do some thing creative like paint different colors. not necessarily random colors but different shades of blue? brown? how about picking two colors like blue and white? orange and beige? anything but that bland sand color.

    would’ve thought fixing the streets, sidewalks, street lights, cleaning up garbage, building community centers and creating more safe parks for kids to play at would’ve been more important and money well spent but oh well. who cares right? cuz everyone has money to go vacation in europe or take a cruise! we’ll find these pleasures and luxuries elsewhere!

  • Maybe just to make it look better from books@cafe and wild jordan! But I should say it makes it a little more colorful, but maybe not for the house owners…

  • Have you ever hared of colors therapy? it has the power to put you in the right mood
    big companies use it to influence your buying decisions, they even used it in jails in some states in the USA and they noticed the improvement in the prisoners mood
    if the colors can’t change that old man sanatic mood i don’t know what it can!

  • There’s a hot pink building in our neighborhood.
    I heard once that King Hussein like all the houses being the same tone of sand.

  • We drove down to Aqaba yesterday afternoon but as there are road works on the Desert Highway, my husband decided to take a meandering route that took us past the outskirts of Karak, through Tafileh, Shobak and Wadi Musa and onwards. I was fascinated to see the occasional very colourful house en route : sherbet pink, watermelon, pistachio and lime greens, mustard yellow and so on. It is some years since we were in those parts, and certainly this was something new for us.

  • hrmm. no mater is thee any colours or what, but garbage matters more. i’m a foreign student in Irbid and i love natures damn much. jordan is pretty cool in fact but rubbish and trash covering all over the places which is a trash view! damn! even plastic bags and cans are covering wheat field (fact that it is quite windy). and people in here dont even bother to throw things to the right place which is called dustbin. i’m not generalizing all of Jordanian which I know this view arent available in uptown Amman, but uptown Amman made up just small percentage of Jordan. And, if I’m somebody in Jordanian government, the first thing i would do is to teach, train and educate this people about “Cleanliness”. “Cleanliness is part of Iman”, most of Jordanian which I’m sure know the quote, but they dont practice it. And western people who dont know the quote, practicing the quote. Oh, how ironi is this. And yes, i haven’t been to dirtier-and-ignorant-on-cleanliness country which i know i can list some, but, because i love and i care about Jordan, my so-called second home, i’m always been hoping to see a new Jordan. That is cleaner Jordan. Better Jordan. Hoping that my dream will be true before I’m finish with my business over here.

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