Photo Of The Moment: The Straw Man

AP Photo – A Palestinian man makes straw sweepers at his shop in Al Wehdat Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, viagra 100mg discount check Jordan, Sunday July 26, 2009.


  • You’re not really posting many posts anymore Nasim, i miss the days i would go on this site and find something amazing every day.

  • @anon: i’m working on that but life is keeping me busy these days

    @rachel: well first of all, i don’t think it’s fair to accuse people you don’t know of anything. i don’t think you have the right to pass judgments on me no more than i have any right to pass a judgement on you for believing anything that the Jerusalem Post writes – a publication that is known for publishing misleading articles.

  • Rachel, here is a man working to make a living. He is making sweepers using an old traditional method. He probably is very good at it. WHY is this turned into Jordanians suppressing Palestinians? WTF? Why don’t you see what jobs Palestinians are allowed in Lebanon (There are hundreds of jobs that they are banned from working at). NO ONE is preventing this man from doing anything else in Jordan. Why don’t you go see how Palestinians are treated in Lebanon (there are hundreds of occupations they are outright banned from working in). This is a poor country, and a large majority of people (“Real” Jordanians included) have shitty jobs. Who do you suggest makes these? Phillipinoes? Sri Lankans? You, my dear, are an idiot! How many Jordanians do you think work for Palestinian-Jordanian owned companies in Jordan? Very few. Too many idiots posting their stupid opinions here!

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