Photo Of The Moment: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Reuters Photo – Travellers sit in front of a photograph depicting the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (R) and Jordan’s late King Hussein, at the Allenby Bridge Crossing July 9, 2009. Israel said on Wednesday it would allow the crossing between the occupied West Bank and Jordan to remain open 24 hours a day to help the Palestinian economy.


  • first, I agree that the photo is awful, but I also thought the whole scene looks quite posh! i’ve never seen plants or (shock!) framed pictures anywhere in the crossing before. are you sure that’s part of the crossing itself? it gives the impression that the journey is comfortable & even glamorous when it certainly isn’t … well according to my experience at least 🙂

  • re: those asking where is this room

    according to the caption it’s at the allenby bridge crossing .. but i wouldn’t know i’ve never been to palestine 🙁

  • @ Mona: that is the crossing for the foreigners. That crossing also allows the people who have Jerusalem identity passports in (Haweyye zar2a which means the Blue passport). So yes for sure it is way more posh than the crossing for Palestinian holding the green identity passports which is a totaly different environment.

    You wouldnt want to see the chaos at that place!

  • ohoud, thanks for the clarification.
    makes sense as there are fewer people traveling through that part.
    Oh i’ve seen the chaos many times before, so 3 years ago i vowed not to travel during the summer holiday (with 4 kids!!)
    crossing the border during winter month is different experience (although the Israelis always seem to find a way to make it uncomfortable)

  • I was asking because I am a foreigner and have been to Palestine twice yet never been to “the waiting room” at the Allenby Bridge Crossing.

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