Verbatim | How To Beat A Mentally-Handicapped Palestinian (and get away with it)

“He was just shouting at soldiers but then one soldier decided to attack him, so they beat the hell out of him – riffle butt to the head”. – Israeli soldier, identified only as “A.”, on the beating of a mentally-handicapped Palestinian man by Israeli forces. “We were sent to look for firearms, but didn’t find any weapons,” the soldier said regarding an Israeli raid. “So we confiscated kitchen knives. But what I was most shocked about was the looting. One soldier took 20 shekels. Soldiers went into homes and looked for stuff to steal.” Soldier A. has been convicted of absenteeism for refusing to serve in the army.[source]


  • It aches my heart … I’ve never heard of sentences for israeli soldiers who murdered Palestinians .. yet all i hear is about sentences for ones who refused to participate. It just aches my heart that there’s so much injustice.

  • Be it smashing open the head of a retard, unleashing a monstrous dog to attack an unarmed lady, or breaking the bones of a weak boy with a bad leg, Israelis will remain the embodiment of evil on earth. The unjustified brutality they repeatedly exhibit to the world goes unpunished.

    Our only hope is that God Almighty’s justice will prevail in the end.

  • hind im sure your heart was in the right place but its not cool to call them retards

    as for the story .. cant say im surprised .. this is how i expect them to behave

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