Twenty Six

So scared of getting older
I’m only good at being young
So I play the numbers game
To find a way to say
That life has just begun/

Stop this train
I wanna get off
And go home again
I can’t take the speed it’s moving in
I know I can’t
But honestly
Won’t someone stop this train?

“Stop This Train”John Mayer

Twenty Five
Twenty Four
Twenty Three


  • Happy birthday! Do NOT listen to John Mayer today, NOT going to help. Crank up the “Make Me Smile” cover by Erasure or “Bounce That” by Girl Talk or if you really want to cross a certain threshold, look no further than “Legs” by ZZ Top. Listening to anything emotionally intense is just not going to work. If you ever want me to burn you a CD of inspirationally whacked-out music, you know where to find me.

    And have a great day.


  • Happy B-Day! what on earth are you complaining about? has it ever crossed your 26 year old mind how much older you would be if you had ben the eldest child in this family? you wanna trade? 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Nas!

    .. btw .. my thoughts exactly on getting older … i am not good at this .. i am only good at being young 😀

  • it’s great to have u blogging again!
    also i thought a poet’s age is calculated differently anyway?
    i remember when they asked nizar qabbani how old he was, he said:
    سالني ضابط الحدود :
    كم عمرك ؟
    قلت : خمس وستون قصيدة…..
    قال : يا الله …. كم انت طاعن في السن …
    قلت تقصد … كم انا طاعنُ في الحرية

    keep writing – keep inspiring… happy birthday!

  • Naseem!
    I’m a big silent fan of Black Iris, but today I chose to write you to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and to tell you that a person like you should be proud of his active role and positive contributions for his country and more importantly for the freedom, well being and dignity of his people.
    You’ve achieved as much if not more as a man in 62, so look forward becoming 62 to enjoy the continuity of your brilliant achievements by then!
    Happy Birthday and many many happy returns.

  • Take it from me, your thirties will be better than twenties, so you should look forward to the big 3 O (since you’re on the wrong side of 25 now)
    Anyway, Geminis are optimistic by nature & always look younger than they are 🙂
    Happy Birthday

  • Posted too soon.

    What I meant to say is that after 23 every year gets better and better. I’m actually looking forward to 26.

    Mab3oos, 23, the year after college, is the low point year for many. Things can only go up from there man.

    Happy Birthday Nas!!!!

  • Well, as the train goes by try n enjoy the views..
    after all thats all we can do, as well as changing compartments as mentioned above 😀

  • This marks the beginning of the rest of your life!!
    its not so bad getting old…with age comes wisdome and many other things that you might like and enjoy…oh, and many other things that you will hate about getting older too but i assure you, you will adjust to it!
    Enjoy the next 26 years plus much more 🙂

  • Happy (belated) Birthday Nas! I must agree with Hareega though! But I do identify with Mayer’s words…

  • @ Kinzi, that would be early 70s, The Carpenters, before anorexia was in fashion. Their songs also became great and trendy MUZAK songs. I may be a decade behind you but I cross those decades what with my older siblings and all. 🙂

    And to Mr. Naseem, inspired writer, gift-giver, humanitarian, fledgling poet, news-source for many, leader-not-follower, young man of limitless talent, I wish you a very happy birthday. Please keep your torch lit and keep running and lighting paths all around you. Keep those words a-flowing. Wishing you many more years of achievement and bold, bold words.

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