Live At The World Economic Forum!

It’s a hot and dusty day here at the dead sea but in case anyone’s interested, around eighteen 7iber-trained, young, citizen journalists from all over the Arab world, are right here at the World Economic Forum covering the three-day event and its sessions. We’ve got bloggers, live bloggers, flip cameramen, interviews, watweting and more. Check it out for a more personal, youth perspective that has been web-empowered for this event specifically.

And feel free to engage by leaving a comment with the live bloggers!


  • Oh no, not again, what the hell are we going to accomplish from this silly meeting of mostly fealty rich countries that accumulated richness from the poor countries ,are they going to “advise” us why should we adopt failed and bankrupt economic policies that did even succeed in the so called “the developed world”.

  • This meeting is completely useless and it accomplishes absoloutely nothing, like all meetings that took place during the previous years. i believe that its timing was arranged this way so that most of the local media’s attention is focused on the WEF instead of the nakba anniversary. thousands have been in protests in london over the nakba, while we are sitting here RECEVING those men behind it, placing out our red carpets. we are sitting here receving those responsible for the brutal murder of thousands in the latest gaza genocide, while foreginers in europe care more about our cause than we do.


  • Good for Jordan to have such events to promote economic initiatives and investment opportunities. wish it could reflect more start up, enterpreneurial, maverircks or self made people and some new faces.

    Sadly for the poor farmers of Ghor Al Safi and Ghor Kinzeereh , if any body nows, and a few Aqabawis heading to Amman, had to go around “Ras Al Raja Al Saleh” I mean Al Karak road and to the Sahrwai to reach Amman since the Dead Sea road was closed.

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