The Best Internet Service Provider In Jordan: 2009 Edition

My Internet subscription ended a few days ago (I wish they had grace periods or something) and I have been generally without a connection for the past weeks, which, along with work, explains my blogging absence. I am partly to blame due to the fact that I’ve been taking my time “shopping” for a “good” Internet Service Provider.

Each year it seems that lingering question of “who is the best Internet Service Provider in Jordan?” surfaces. Actually, if you Google that very question – as well as “Internet connections in Jordan” – the Black Iris ranks second. I mention this because the several posts I’ve written about the subject have contained ongoing discussions and debates since they were first published (2007 and 2008 respectively). In other words, the comments people have left have actually helped me draw some conclusions when it came to choosing my own ISP this year. The many discussions on Humeid’s blog also helped.

Well, since last year, speeds have increased from 2MB to 4MB and 8MB, WiTribe has entered the emerging competitive wimax service in full force, and telecom powerhouse Zain has also come about on wimax technology with it’s e-go.

At the Umniah shop, a clever Google map showcases all the areas covered by the company’s wimax service (dubbed Umax), however, the map is outdated and even if you live in the most predictably covered area (i.e. abdoun and dayer ighbar) you’re not gaurenteed to be covered. Luckily I got both Umax and WiTribe to come over to the house and do a test – both failed miserably to find a connection mostly because of “all the apartments around your house”.


Zain’s new wimax service, e-go (an ironic name because they really seem to take pride in it) can supposedly go up to 8MB. I got to play with it for a few days. Whether in Abdoun, Dayer Ighbar, or Swefieh, the connection (when it did connect) never got past 20%, so you can imagine what the download rate was like.


So, after looking at all the ISP deals around town, of which none seemed at all remotely attractive (prices are still high), I turned to Orange. The thing is, all these ISPs go through Orange anyway, and in most cases where you require some technical support, your ISP will tell you to talk to Orange because the problem is from them. Add to that the fact that for ADSL, I have to pay both my ISP (for a subscription) and Orange for the modem and the service.

It’s become a matter of convenience at this point. If you’re paying Orange anyway, and you have to go through them for technical support, then I might as well subscribe with the company and be done with it.

So I went with their 4MB connection and I’ve yet to really test it out, but, like everything in Jordan, it will be an experience.

Any new experiences out there?


  • I am with you if you prefer speed over download but now all ISPs limit the download capacities except JCS, they offer unlimited traffic but their highest speed is 2MB (according to

    I think ISPs in Jordan looks like this :
    orange – high speeds – low ping time – limited download
    other ISPs (like zain) – high speeds – normal ping time – limited download
    jcs – normal speeds – normal ping time – unlimited download

  • im also Orange 4mb(or rather 1mb unlimited…)..

    but in IRbid,

    after u reach limit…download speeds are 100-115kb on average(i download from rapidshare)..
    Ping times “were” great 60-80ms to euro servers, now however its ATLeast 145ms, so 4get online gaming.

    also download limit is bugged, it only works when u reach the limit AND disc :), thats good coz, in the first 4 dayz i downloaded over 120gb.. (thanks god for the new harddisk :D)

    net disc atleast once in 2 dayz(only disconnects for an instance, i think they do that, so that download limit is refreshed).

    that sums it i guess..

  • oh forgot to add,

    “who is the best Internet Service Provider in Jordan?” surfaces. Actually, if you Google that very question

    thats exactly how i found about the Black Iris 😛

  • Maybe you should consider TeData but they only got 2MB with 11GB cap, however your downloads from 12AM to 6AM is uncounted plus Friday day long.

    I usually end up consuming around 30GB a month without hitting the cap until the last two days. They also have a better customer care & a better ping, no shaping or throttling.

  • jad, can u ping plz?
    also, i can google this but asking is faster :P==> wats the total price and wat happens after u reach cap?

    also, i heard that tedata download counter moniter aint that honest 😛

  • Who said that you still have to go through orange ? personally i think their service is horrible and the connection horrible.
    Currently comfortable with my jcs and zain connections … thinking about zeno *i forget their name but they are the new business provider that will give orange the carrier competition there are several Companies and isp’s connected through them as well as orange*
    Now that fiber connections made it to the country if you are one of the lucky people that has a fiber cable less than 100-200 meters away from your location you would be able to get a much more reliable and quicker connection for about the same price as a DSL .
    Compared to last year things are much much better in the market and the competition is more diversified especially after the lawsuit of zain against orange for road blocking their connections and it having a competitor on the market

  • I had Orange for a few years now and I am reasonably satisfied. it’s not the best service but I hear too many complaints from users of other providers.

  • I currently have ADSL 512kb (yeah i don’t need that much speed for home use). I’ve tried Link (zain)…their download limit sucks, they had a daily limit, a weekly limit and a monthly limit so most of the time it was like i had dial up, Orange was an ok experience but with a 5gb limit I would be back to 128KB after the first 10 days of the new month because I’d already used it all up. I only subscribed with them for a year, so after asking a few co workers I ended up going with Batalco, it’s been almost a year and so far I’m very happy with them. They have double the download limit that Orange does…10GB…and everyday from midnight to 7am your downloading is free and not counted from your 10GB limit as well as all day Friday which I spend downloading and watching YouTube. So I’m usually downloading almost 20GB during the month (sometimes so much more) and only about 5GB from those are from my 10GB limit.

    So in my opinion Batalco is the best so far!

    And now that internet prices are down by half I may subscribe to 1MB or more when my year is up!

  • I had Orange, but because of their HORRIBLE customer care, lack of experience and very bad service, I went to Umax, HORRIBLE Customer care and service, so I gave wi-tribe a shot, and to tell you the truth I am happy with their service. The customer care are amazing, at least they know what they are doing not like the rest. and if i ever had a problem they solve it on the spot. I also tried Zain USB, its not bad OUTDOORS, but you can never get a signal inside your house!

  • I’m not techy enough to participate with the rest of this discussion but I’m with Guss when it comes to the HORRIBLE customer service at Orange — you cann’t even get a live person on the phone anymore — it is all phone tree recordings and most extensions you might choose play the same recorded voice “Sorry we are unable to handle your comment at this time.”

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that my emailed complaint through their website got a rather fast response this week. They make you type the answer to a question at the bottom of the form, and they explain, “Your answer will prove you are human.” After I got over the existential moment, I wrote into the bottom of my message to them: “Your answer will prove that you are a service company.”

  • Salam 🙂

    I’ve been reading Black iris for a while! i never posted any comment but i think this is a start 🙂
    I have some good experience in internet connections myself! I am a Zain subscriber right now, and I regularly check about new stuff that they introduce! I have some notes about their services, i can’t really say anything about other ISPs since my last not zain connection was a 512 from batelco 3 years ago! it used to have a lot of disconnections back then, not sure if its any better now!
    anyway as for my experience with Zain:

    when i started my subscription they used to have an ugly quota scheme! daily, weekly and monthly limits! (aussieforgood comment) but i think form last year they stopped the daily and weekly! you have your monthly limit only! yet they give free download times from 11pm to 7am every day and all Friday! so considering the fact that i rarely get any disconnections i think their service is very good!

    as for Wimax, last year i got Umniah Umax, in their google earth coverage map the told me the connection in my home was excellent! and i can connect anywhere at home (they either tell you that or that you have to place the thing close to windows)… well it didn’t work at all at home! i had to take it to work… but my idea of high speed mobility vanished! and when wi-tribe came to the game and i realized they are using the same equipment as Umax,i didnt even bothered to give them a try! they might be good but i didn’t want to risk it!

    then came Zain Ego, a USB dream… it worked like a charm in mu house and almost everywhere i go to! but a friend of mine had some trouble in his house abdoan -American embassy area! that was disappointing! so when we asked they said they are working on those areas, and the reason that they don’t have a good service right now because they couldn’t find a location to place the antennas!

    so for me Zain:
    high speed! low latency! limited downloads (yet they have to improve that) and for the wimax high speed provided you have a coverage! they have to work on that as well!

  • I think they are all weak.

    I have had a nightmare with Orange. My internet was out for 2 weeks some time last year and no compsenation was paid ultimately I paid for a month and only used half the service. They need to learn what customer services means.

    There is a monopoly and I cant wait until some good competition anters and blows them away.

  • Thanks for the review Nas; it’s very informative! I must agree with Kathy and Guss that Orange is simply a public sector institution: Terminating my old home’s land line is a process that has been lingering on for around 5 months now, and finding a person that could actually provide help with the iPhone services is non-existent.

    The idiots should at least get a Jordanian iTunes shop if they want to properly market the iPhone! I have yet to find a single employee in Orange who has a brain on their shoulders, grasps customer service, and can utter a response that exceeds 6 words. (Which is usually along the lines of: Ma b3ref rouh 3la … ).

  • for all who talk about JCS, PLEASE DONT. that ISP only covers two areas.
    im tired of all this jcs hype, i once talked to them and they said they are going cover all jordan within next year (the call was last year). its all just talks and words without any action. so forget about jcs for gods sake?
    i heared theres something new in 2010 , but i bet it will be all crap and talks without actions. especially in this bad economic times.

  • I’m subscribed with Orange and to tell you the truth they suck big time, I’m really thinking about switching to BATELCO, I used to have a BATELCO internet connection when i was leaving in Jabal Amman but we switched when we moved to another area, BATELCO are very good and there download limit is amazing, Also you gotta love the free download time they give you, It really helps you not exceed your download limit, ORANGE suck and i don’t recommend it to anyone, The internet becomes so slow that i get bored and get off it right away!

    Interesting post dude, Love your blog.

  • im with batelco. its not any different than others in terms of speed.
    its all about the JTG exchange in your area, if your connection to the exchange is good then any isp is good to you.

  • i agree with tero, although i havent moved much in Jordan, but location was the main issue back then @ Egypt.. a couple of miles can make all the difference

  • @ Ali Abdulla, yeah thats how the dsl technology works. alot of people around here still dont know it.
    the dsl technology is getting old and other countries are deploying newer types of networks, other arab countries like egypt and saudi arabia are investing in upgrading the infrastructre.

    our problem in jordan is that we need a big company that can afford installing new types of technologies like Fiber To The Home and also have its own backbone to the internet.
    orange is very poor comparing to other arab telco companies, and their budget is a joke.

    if i was the head of the communications regulatory i would try to get huge companies that are able to deploy ftth, please dont tell me jcs, that company cant afford it. and after that i’ll cancel orange’s license next morning 😀

  • im no expert but there was a dude on mahjoob bitching abt orange recently .. apparently the consensus was that tedata and zain are the best??

  • @ mo, other than location, we can only compare ISP’s by numbers…

    the “secound” post in this thread contains data for 4mb line of Orange..

    Now if everyone else provides their own numbers, then we can really compare and find out.

    the Mahjoob dude was bitching about orange, i bitch about Cyberia, and i bet u there are tons who hate zain/tedata 😛

    i guess they all suck, and this is a fact for all ISP(all of services in general) in nearly all the arab world.

    please provide:

    1- your DSL line name( 128? 512? 1mb? 4mb?)
    2- your direct download speed
    3- your ping to
    4- download limit and policey
    5- how often does your net disconnect and for how long does it take to reconnect.

  • I used Zain e-Go and had an excellent coverage and download rates in various areas in Amman and near it, i move a lot in Swefieh, Abdoun, Dier Ghbar, 7th circle, and my home is in Marj Al-Hamam, and it is actually covered very well.

  • from my experience so far ,,Zain is the best I used Jordan Telecom 128kb (not orange) and it was good back in the day when you compare it to the dial-up internet,,then i switched to orange 512kb which was good but not that great,,i switched to Te-Data 512kb unlimited download promotional offer and it was great ,I did an upgrade to 1mb and it was great too very consistent download rate of ~110kb and low ping, the problem was with the download cap it was only 11gigs which is not something good for some who downloads on average 60gigs a month and uploads around 27-30gigs(the upload is not a problem in Jordan since its unlimited) another problem with Te-Data (that was before 11/2008 for the record only) was the speed the highest thing they had was 1mig while others were pushing the 2mig speed,also the download policy wasn’t that great you get unlimited download at your connection speed only when you finish your cap from 10pm-7am,anyway to make the a long story short I switched to zain dsl al fatora al mowahada or i3sar 2l sora3a were they introduced the 8mig speed along with 6 and 4, the nice thing you only pay one bill instead of two another nice thing is the download policy which makes up for the download cap 8 gigs 🙁 you get everyday unlimited download from 10pm-8am and Friday you get all day long ,,nice hehe,,but you know there is always a problem specially in Jordan,,I wanted the 8migs speed but the problem was that its not available in my area which is shmesani !!!! WTF Jordan ,,cant they spend the god damn money the rip off us in improving the infrastructure instead of making HOMO THAQAFA streets all over Amman,, as if the country needs more homos,anyway that was my experience with dsl in Jordan about wi-max ill keep it short ,,stay away from it ,,I currently have a 512kb wi-tribe with full signal but its useless you have to keep pressing refresh so the page can load ,,nice one wi-tribe,,if you got some cash try to head for satellite internet,,its amazing and dont lsn to fags it is allowed in jordan but the Jordanian ISP’s hate it. same double the speed and the cap. and to test the speed i recommend dslreports google it up,,hope you find the info helpull 🙂

  • I used orange for a number of years now, started as 512k line then upgraded to 1MB. now it’s anoying that I exceed the 10 GB limit durring the first week, and end up with a 128kb line for the rest of the month. I really want to switch from orange now that I heard some of the comments about other ISPs here that give you free download between 10PM to 8AM, and all of friday. that sounds interesting. currently I pay around 50 dinars per month for both the fixed and internet bills, they come in two invoices. I wonder if I switch to Zain or others what would be the cost for a comparable 1MB line. do I have to pay for another fixed line if I move to zain? maybe I could cancel my orange fixed and internet so that I can subscribe to zain, if someone has an idea about the cost for zain please let me know , thanks

  • The DOWNLOAD LIMITS ARE REDICULUOUS in all companies except for JCS which offers unlimited traffic sadly they only cover gardens street and are going towards khalda and om el somaq too bad for me as i live in tla al ali
    anyway 4 to 8 gigas download limits WTF this is a total scam most of my Internet use is about downloading i’ll reach my download limits within a week and then go back to the horrible 128 line so why should i pay 40 100 or 200 jds extra for a happy week !!!!!
    i just finished talking with orange about renewing my subscription it turns out its either u pay each month or yearly I’m on a yearly plan with 128 line and unlimited traffic and i want to transfer to a monthly one in hope jcs reaches my home sometime this year apparently i have to go with a new contract and this means i have to add the ridiculous 4 giga bandwidth limit which will end at my lightest months within 8 to 9 days !!!!!!!!
    till when this SCAM IS GOING TO CONTINUE they treat the customer as a milking cow!!!!!

    in sum if u are covered in the area of JCS connect with them if not the rest is all shitty and there is no difference between all the isps they scam you in different ways no matter what

  • The DOWNLOAD LIMITS ARE REDICULUOUS!! in all companies except for JCS which offers unlimited traffic. sadly they only cover gardens street and are going towards khalda and om el somaq. too bad for me as i live in tla al ali.
    anyway 4 to 8 gigas download limits WTF this is a total scam. most of my Internet use is about downloading i’ll reach my download limits within a week and then go back to the horrible 128 line so why should i pay 40, 100, or 200 jds extra for a happy week !!!!!
    i just finished talking with orange about renewing my subscription. it turns out its either u pay each month or yearly. I’m on a yearly plan with 128 line and unlimited traffic and i want to transfer to the monthly one in hope jcs will reache my home sometime this year. apparently i have to go with a new contract which means i have to add the ridiculous 4 giga bandwidth limit which will end at my lightest months within 8 to 9 days !!!!!!!!
    till when this SCAM IS GOING TO CONTINUE they treat the customer as a MILKING COW !!!!!

    to sum up if u are covered in the area of JCS connect with them. if not, the rest is shitty and there is no difference between them. all the isps scam you in different ways no matter what. its a matter of how you want to be scammed !!!

  • 1- Orange 1 MB one bill plan
    2- Speed almost full , but when it hits limit , speed doesn’t reach 25 kb/s.
    3- Ping to google 125 ms
    4- Download limit and policey : 10 GB limit
    5- No major disconnects and they rarely happen

    and how the #@$% do you check your limit on orange website , i have been a subcriber since they made “Orange” and always get “Please Enter a correct username and password” and Yes i don’t add @orange-adsl part

    morning test to a server in Paris

  • @Astaroh to check the usage on orange website, provide the username without the @orange-adsl part with the same adsl password password. for exampe if your adsl user is “astaroth@orange-adsl” just type “astaroth” and put in your adsl password and it should work. hope this helps.

    btw I spoke to SAMA a new ISP in jordan, they seem cheap, like 140 JD for 6 months 1MB line with the usual 10GB Limit, so I asked if we have to pay orange for the ADSL they said no, but I don’t trust them, I think Orange has an ADSL monopoly in jordan and maybe they didn’t understand my question. anyway the good thing with SAMA is that after you have reached your limit the download speed will only go down durring the day, so from 10 PM to 7 AM it be back at the full speed, just thought you should know this.

    another interesting ISP I found durring my searches that offers WMAX Unlimited internet options is kulkum. they seem to have a internet connection to italy and do not go though orange, which is good. when I talked to them a few weeks ago they said there is a special offer if you subscribe to the standard 1MB line with an anual contract, you will get unlimited download and will be upgraded to 2MB, this is all for 300JD excluding tax, deposits and modem fees. ( it may add up to 400 JDs per year ) it is a very good offer but as they are new I don’t want to commit with them for a year, waiting for better offers or when JCS will cover 7th circle, if they are going to cover khalda soon them maybe 7th circle is not far away in their plans, as we are just on the other side of makkah street from khalda. JCS for the win! I talked to them but nobody has an idea when 7th circle will be covered, Guess I’m stuck with Orange for now… btw Orange Guys are stupid, now it’s 16th august and I tried to be carefull with downloading, but I have uploaded over 20GBs already. so they may have limited my download but they have not limited my upload. I love sharing files 🙂

  • Went to Orange today to ask why my speed dropped to 7 Kb/s instead of 25 Kb/s on a 1 Mb plan , they said now when you finish your limit the speed drops to 128k even for 8 Mb plan… so much for “contracts”. Guess they have “We can change whatever we want” thing on the contract agreement.

    I thought i’ll just get an ADSL prepaid card but i was told that i can’t use cards on onebill/bitstream/IPstream plans and anyways not sure how people use these cards , i thought we had port restriction in Jordan regardless of onebill plan or not

    On Umniah’s website
    “Use Umniah’s prepaid cards when your monthly subscription ends from any internet service provider.”

    Now i can’t change my Orange connection , unless i renew the year plan with another of their *$#%@& plans , i’m left with WiFi or JCS……

    anyways Happy Ramadan!!

  • Hi to everyone,Iam based in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and became interested in Jordan and its isp,s when a forum member happened to say that he was getting very poor ping times when he tried to contact me on my own ip here in the KKTC.It got me to investigate why there should be poor pings when from Ramallah in Palestine it was over 2 1/2 times faster.
    This was my response to him,printed here for you to pick up on and if possible eliminate any of my comments.

    Made me want to test out problem.Last night it was a little slow here in KKTC,but your ping was high at 440mS,checked this morning still the same ping time,from here to UK(longest distance getting pings around 120mS with best below 100. So why is Jordan difficult,had no addresses to ping in Jordan so used speednet to check ping,same as you got 440mS,did a tracert on the isp( in Amman) and It showed a long route to get there with several nodes timing out.checked a few more and eventually got to who I believe are a isp in Jordan,doing a tracert to themselves I got a ping well down on the previous ones.with jcs using ping test on the url of I got a ping time near 190 mS which although still poor did give a big improvement on your pings.
    Hope you find this info helpful,I have been in telecoms all my life,previously I was a technical manager with British Telecom and so was of interest in me to try to find a solution,Hoping that we can still at some time exchange lines,thanks, cyprusdunc.

    Thanks, cyprusdunc.

  • Hello everyone!

    I’m really surprised I found a blog about our jordanian ISP’s. First of all, I’m a Batelco subscriber with a (yearly plan). And I swear to god I’m cursing our jordanian ISP’s 10 times a day!
    1-Batelco 1 MB (yearly plan) <<< more info: I paid 260JD for a yearly offer with additional 3 months for free (15 months).
    2- Speed : Only at full speed when it’s midnight -from 12pm to 10 am- with a full speed of 108/kb.
    3- Ping to google : 239MS << o_o (FYI: to check your ping type CMD in RUN and type ping
    4- Download limit and policey : 12 GB limit (free download limit from 12pm to 7am, Friday free).
    5- I get disconnections from both batelco and orange (Not too many though).
    6- Customer service intelligence and knowledgment: If I want to rate out of 10, then I give it 1 😐 (I really wish not to hear the three solutions they always give 1-turn off your anti-virus 2-turn off your firewall 3- restart your modem.

    I buy internet prepaid cards (cards that includes usename-and passward_) every month in 20th-21th each month (they cost like 6JD’s for 2GB download limit, and 12JD’s for 5 GB). Even though I only download on schedule, When calling them to know what have I used so far, they say something like 45GB (btw, Batelco are updating their user limitations -I don’t really know_ but they can’t give you your right usage of your download limit, it’s been 3 months, and this simple update is still not finished )

    anyway, I play online games a lot ( CS:S, maple, Wow) I suffer a really high ping! (it used to be way much better 7 months ago (For example: When playing CS:S, 7 moths ago, I could play on servers (my ping was 90, but now, the lowest ping a server has that I can play on is 223~ while.

    In the end, WHY??? WHY only jordanians has to suffer from this? you can get a good internet speed , but you have a high ping with download limitations! I can’t really compare our ISP’s to other countries because the gab is waaaayyy FKING BIG!


  • I agree with you no.36 “Pissed off jordanian internet user” !
    I’m a Wi-Tribe user, and i got a very high ping since a month back…And cant be solved
    I play online games so much, like call of duty..Usually my ping is 130-150..But now its 250ms !
    I use tracert to find out what’s wrong, it seems the ping gets higher as soon it connects with Europe main links. I’ve contacted the Amazing service that wi-tribe have (/sarcasm) and they keep repeating “Turn off moden, Stick it outside window and clear internet history and such ! (School leavers)…
    They will never let you talk to the Technician, coz they are not allowed 2.

    So ,welcome to 3rd world country.
    All what we have to do is pray for some creative miracle thinking comes to one of ISP workers and solve things out.

  • Fair Usage Will Kill Jordanian Internet Soon !
    and Unkown-Wi-triber ,….isn’t Egypt 3rd world country ! …unlimited download … 24 Mb Speed ! … and Monthly you pay 30 JD ….
    What we need is another rich competitor
    Thanks …Cheers 😀

  • my ISP is kulakom. it’s a new wimax provider. I got a great offer (300 jds for 1 year of unlimited 1 mb connection). till now i have not experienced any problems even though i live in daheyat alrasheed. the download rate is amazing and im connected 24/7. but they’re still a new company so their coverage isn’t that extensive.

  • i lost my contract with orange, the “hard paper” i mean…
    just wondering, does it say in the contract that “orange can change its download limit policy without any prior notice”? … i was “forced” to subscribe for a whole year in advance, and with the new 128kb speed after limit thingi, …… dunno wat to say…

    just wondering, if not, they are sue-able, … right?

    the government didnt force them into it(like what happened in Jordan a month ago.. :S, or so they say)..
    even with that, ppl with older contracts in egypt, kept their unlimited download plan till this day(like me).

    even IF it DID say in the contract, they should still be sue-able, they cant just force ppl to chose unfair service..

    pff but thats not gonna happen i guess, i wonder how do companies manage(i know they get diff deals), but still should be limited, hope one of them does the talk…

  • @39 Mohammad

    Can u or any other kulakum or te-data subscriber tell us what ping u got to

    btw I noticed that anyone of us can work as a customer care manager for the biggest ISP in Jordan, and thats the only thing that we own them for 😉

  • salam every one,

    I am pretty much satisfied with zain WiMax, it’s good, it’s even better for a person who is always on the go regarding internet connection, i don’t internet usually outdoors!

    Every thing is cool, the CS is not bad, but if you call after 20:00, then most likely you will be stuck with the Holod Music, which I really enjoy 😉

    Any way, they never disconnect, except for last month, where i’ve trespassed my quota, and my speed went down to 30 kb/s, although when i first subscribed, the dealer told me, it would go down to 128, but when i called later, they told me down to 64.

    The thing is, in the contract it says: the minimum speed the provider should provide is 128. There is nothing in the contract such as 64. Do you think i should sue them if my speed goes slower than 128?

    Thanx all 😀

  • I’ve been very disappointed with all the services here in Jordan to be honest.

    The biggest problem i’m finding is the extremely STINGY traffic caps. I’ve got a 5 mbps connection with Zain and i’m capped at 30 GB a month. Paid nearly JD 1,000 for it earlier this year before they dropped their prices.

    My home uses a LOT of traffic as i run an online business. This means for about the first 2 weeks i got blazing good internet speed and then for the second two weeks of the month i’m crawling at 64kbps. Rubbish.

    I was with Orange last year. Same problem, but worse. When internet cap was reached, you literally were crippled and couldnt even view a webpage. They also had horrible support.

    I’m generally happy with Zain for the two weeks i’m running at full speed. after that, i hate their guts. Recently i heard they introduced a scheme to allow you to buy more traffic when you run out. Never used it and have no idea how. Prices are stupid tho.

    anyway, i live a bit out of “coverage area” for most of the other retarded internet providers. and if they dont cover my area they must suck ass. so bottom line is the stupid ISPs here need to straighten up their act or i’m leaving and going somewhere else…thinking Switzerland it’s nice there lol.

    oh…if anyone knows a good ISP that has no cap and good speeds and covers my area Shafa Badran, hola at me i’ll be real pleased.


  • Hi Gents,
    Give Stream a try, I believe they offer un-metered Internet access for speeds of up to 8Mbps and are the cheapest in the kingdom, and possibly the best. Cool, huh 🙂


  • Iam going to jordan and will have 3 offices that will need at least 1mb download speed each. and i CANNOT have a download limit that is capped. Is there any isp that provides no download limit because the amount of traffic ill be running i will run out in hours. i need anyone out there to email me a isp that will be
    2.extremely fast

    money is not a problem i will pay what i have to i just cant have any of the problems that all of these past customers have.

  • I am a JCS subscribes and they offer the best internet service in Jordan, they really are. I have tried orange, zain and umniah and they are all the same, with ADSL in jordan you will never reach the max download speed and your upload is very slow, your IP is dynamic. but with JCS your download and upload speed is the same and always at max, super ultra fast intranet (which include about 2TB of movies, serieses, games and softwares), 100% static IP so services like FTP Server is very easy to setup and the best thing is that you can set multiple internet gateways to get 100% always on internet connection and get internet load balancing so you can download and play games online simultaneously.

  • i think you all should try TeData . it’s one of the best egyptian isp companys , but it has limited download here in Jordan (except every day from 12AM-7AM and Friday the downloading is free ) and the prices the same as other companys here .
    i tried it once in egypt and it was very good & i’m thinking to be with them here too.
    and about JSC it sounds really good , but i don’t have and info. about them (offers, prices,…..) if any one can help with this !!!
    and can i ask what is the best isp for online gaming here in Jordan ?? for now i think it’s TeData or JSC ?!

  • The problem with JCS is that it only covers two or three streets in Amman (no reaching even to the end of the street).
    so basicaly even if they offer the highest quality (which i doupt) or even if they are giving it for free.
    what good is it if your not covered???

    it took them 4 years to cover half of the Gardenz Street.
    an average of 8 years per street sound rediculus.

  • i tested 5 isp’s , ive been using the internet since the very beginning , and here is my thoughts ,
    te data was my first to test their adsl , their service is awsome , the best for every thing , but thats a few years ago ,when downloads was unlimited ,i dont know what is their situation now ,i left them when the started to put a limit on the bandwidth.
    then switched to cyberia , they was the first to sell 1 month cards in the market , the price was good and the service was almost perfect ,the was a limit but its a good choice for those wanting to pay monthly , i used the yearly subscription which had an advantage that you can get to download freely from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am and full day on friday not included in the limit , after a year , there was some thing going on in the comapny that i dont like what it turned to be , the service got very bad very slow , ping time is the worst , you cant play online games with that , 1 MB line is like a 256 in other isp’s . so i left them after threatening to sew them ,i used orange 2MB for a month and i was going to sew them right away if i didnt get my money back , the are the worst (at that time) 2mb and 128kb is the same at orange , then i heard about zain adsl , actually from what i experienced , they are the most professional isp , ping time is very fast ,server uptime is 99.98% customer service is acurate but not 24hours as they say , virtually unlimited downloads , downloads in the day till 12:00am is limited to 10GB but in the night its free till 7:00am and friday ,online gaming is perfectly fast and torrents get the full bandwidth , later they started to limit the torrents , but all the other things like browsing and video streaming is realtime , my last time to use their service was 8 months ago jan2010 , i dont know what happened later , now i share a 4MB from kullacom with a friend and belive me , ITS THE WORST ISP EVER IN HISTORY , dont you even think of paying money to them , the only thing they give is unlimited download , but nothing works literally , 4MB bandwith you cant play any streaming video from any site , thats their case since they started 2 years ago till now 21/8/2010 , torrents doent work , downloads with no resume like rapidshra NEVER works , online gaming 90% of the time dosnt even connect to server and after a few fights with their manager they did a quick hack to connect for gaming but its still disconnecting most of the time , tested on PS3, XBOX360, PC the same result , ping time varies a lot , and never good , webpages doesnt open all the time , and the worst is their modem that they provide , they changed the model 2 times since they started and they are all rubbish , you need to switch it of and on almost once every day so that it dosnt keep slowing down til its unusable ,

    once again Kullacom is rubbish , be aware
    i decided now that ill go back to tedata , since they are very stable and cheap

  • internet in Jordan is hopeless for now. I have 8 MB orange subscription but I have higher pings than any1 of my friends . I’ve called several times complaining about ping then I realized they just don’t care about 1 customer when they own the market so to do something right , you have to go outside.

    PS add the electricity cut offs every other day xD and we are officially in the mid-evil era

    sorry about the out burst but I’ve only spoken of 10% of whats going on

  • im verry diappointedn from orange, since i came from switzerland about one year im orange dsl customer and fix net ,it is horrible, i cant stream videos always disconnected they send rubish unqualified pepole to make miss around and dont offe4r solution im looking for better internet provider,any clue

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