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A main headline today, as most of you might know already, is the opening of a trial for two Jordanian men who are accused of plotting to kill an Israeli business man who runs a QIZ factory in Irbid. The two men were not able to go through with it, but not before security forces noticed their movements and swooped in for the capture last January.

I’m wondering if this Israeli factory owner is the same factory owner, Sergio Domovisky, who fled the Kingdom in January, abandoning 168 employees without two months of their pay.

I understand the failing economics of QIZs as well as our faulty free trade agreements and the various go-through-Israel stipulations that the majority of our population find offensive, let alone disagree with. I even understand the debatable political philosophy of globalization that state countries which trade with one another are less likely to go to war with one another.

However, all that aside, allowing for Israeli business men to run factories and businesses on Jordanian soil and not expecting anyone to eventually react, is like putting a chicken in a cage with a pack of hungry wolves and expecting they’ll show some restraint.

It’s just not happening.


  • I definitely understand your point and agree with it to some extent, but don’t you think it’s getting somewhat close to the equivalent of “Well, if she wears a skirt that short, she was really asking for it…”

  • Black Iris,

    Interesting post, however, I think the metaphor in the last paragraph doesn’t accurately represent the case of the QIZ’s! It’s a pretty complex “cage” and There are many many other things in it than just the chicken and the wolves.

  • matt: i think what im trying to point out the rather inevitable expectations. Im no sure the mini-skirt wearing girl metaphor works in this context.

    Fawzi: i agree its a complex cage, but moreso to the economist and politician, not so much the average layman

  • I agree those who are surprised apparently live in a differnet Jordan… It is a predictable reaction especially given the current climate after Israel’s indefensible actions in Gaza.

  • QIZ in Irbid has been proven to be a failure to the economy. Most of the employed there are non jordanians (Indians, Banghaldish) and the rest of the Jordanians are paid an average of 120jds monthly salary to support their families. I was there 2 years ago and it wasbt good. Many employees complained their miserbale situations.

    As for Israel, oh that’s another story that I don’t need to bitch about. After all the labels on these products are not “Made in Jordan” but “Made in Israel”. Shame on us

  • “is like putting a chicken in a cage with a pack of hungry wolves ”

    poor analogy. i know you did not mean it but that is that. a better analogy is like injecting a harmful virus into a health body and not expecting antibodies to destroy it 🙂

  • Why were they trying to kill the Israeli businessman? Because he was Israeli? Because he had ripped them off? Were these two guys part of any broader organization?

  • Didn’t they tell us that those companies are going to provide “jobs”or shall call them slaves laborers? what happened ? Did magic turned on the magician? be aware people ,off course this is not the first time companies cheat their employees and would not be the last,ENRON which supposedly was an energy companies in the US was dissolved and liquidated over night and as a result, thousands of people left stranded on the sidewalk and eventually became homeless . I am absolutely against doing any business with Zionist racist entity ,but then again, we have “our” government doing all the ideals behind our back,granting all kind of concession and side deals to get some kickbacks..
    Enjoy the fruits of shameful surrender treaty!

  • “I am absolutely against doing any business with Zionist racist entity ”
    Hmm, so you are ok with acting racist towards Israel, and then call them racist. LOL

    Two cousins fighting over what to do with Uncle Abraham’s farm.

  • Austin: You are conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Jew bigotry.

    Zionism is a racist ideology which justifies the ongoing occupation and genocide of the Palestinian people. It is the ideology of the State of Israel, and by extension any group which supports the State of Israel and their illegal activities.

    Being anti-Zionist has actually nothing to do with being anti-Jew. Many prominent supporters of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions campaign (in the US, at least) happen to be Jewish. Likewise, being pro-Zionist also doesn’t necessary mean you are religiously or ethnically Jewish. Many prominent supporters of the Zionist occupation are non-Jews.

    As for the article: I have to agree with Matt, I don’t think murder of this man was justified. Let him go to prison for his crimes, and in the meantime encourage support for the boycott amongst the people.

  • “It would be acceptable to expel—in the words of advocates, transfer—its citizens to either an as-yet-unformed state”

    Wow, that is creepy, they are stealing HAMAS’ policies.

  • Nas,
    I see the Israeli propaganda has reached your blog!

    It is a complicated situation here… those guys acts are not justified… but they probably thought that beside the fact that this Israeli guy is Israeli, and we are forced to work with for the 120 JDs to feed our hungry children… (yes in this case these children are starving)… he takes our money and runs away…

    Ya3ni it like putting their hands in the devil’s to feed their children and the devil tricks them and runs away… I hate to admit it, but this brought it upon himself… he is an idiot!

    I am one of those people who worked with the QIZs, and yes… they are horrible… beside the fact that people have almost no rights… they are very comparable to sweat shops…people there are treated like slaves. …

    And yes labels say made in Israel! Which is truly disgraceful…( by the way, this is why they never allow cameras in)

  • allowing israelis to own and operate their own factories on arabian soil should be a crime .. id like to see someone go to trial for that

  • Wow, so let me get this straight: you think they are justified in plotting to kill this man because he was israeli?
    and even if they hated him for being a slave laborer, do you think they are justified in plotting to kill him?
    regardless of whether he is israeli, if he mistreated his workers he should go to jail, not be murdered by anyone, civilians or otherwise.

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