Photo Of The Moment: President Cheney’s Departure

Vice President Dick Cheney on his last day in Washington is wheeled back to the cryogenic lab from whence he came.

Photo Credit: Leslie E. Kossoff-Pool/Getty Images

ht: FP


  • It’s too bad the ramp did not lead straight to bottom of the earth where he belongs! I’m just being nice ya’ know. . .

  • The picture and the comments are depressing to me, with respect to all those who commented. It reminded me of Ariel Sharon when he got a stroke. I wish Dick Cheney stood in front of a court and was questionned about his decision to start a war that have killed more than a 100,000 Iraqis knowing already the consequences this war will have on Iraqi people. It saddens me to see him getting older and older just like anyone else and the only chance he’ll be “punished” is with him falling off a chair or having an aneurysm rupture in his brain.

  • No doubt that Cheney and his ilk should be held to account, however, it just does not sit right to gloat over human frailty no matter who it is that is afflicted. We should do everything in our power to speak up against the atrocities, and those who have committed them. Taking pleasure in their afflications and mocking them does not in any way further a case against them, but rather leaves a bad aftertaste.

    Just my two piasters worth.

  • “it just does not sit right to gloat over human frailty ”

    FRAILTY MY ARS!!! are you out of your mind? do you see human frailty in this photo? to me he is looking upset because he has not killed more arabs and muslims. because he left without wiping out more women and children in gaza and lebanon and iraq and Afghanistan and somalia and pakistan.


  • Frailty shmailty. Come on now. This guy is the Brain to Bush’s Pinky. Seeing him in a wheelchair was the highlight of the inauguration. One idiot left with a shoe over his head, and the bigger criminal left in a wheelchair. How fitting.

    The only other thing that comes to mind when I see this pic is Gargamel (sharshabeel). All he’s missing is a big fluffy cat on his lap. He looks so villainous its almost comical. Heehee 🙂

  • Also, its pretty funny seeing the afflictions of every corrupt leader in the past 20 years or so. I distinctly remember all my old school Palestinian aunts and neighbors swearing at them when they saw them on the news. But they wouldn’t say “Allah yakhdo”, they’d say “InshAllah yesht-hi il mot”. Not the most civilized comment, but I can’t remember one of those leaders dying or living out their final days/years in any dignified manner. Allah kbeer.

  • While I have a smile of joy on my face that this man’s reign is over… I would not wish ill upon him. After all, what you put out into the world seems to have a habit of coming back to visit you. Regardless, I take comfort in knowing that he will be called to account for his actions by the only court that matters. And that judgment lasts forever…

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