Social Networking Workshop: Live Blogging On 7iber

Dear Readers,

This morning, the 7iber crew will be hosting a little workshop on social networking in Jordan. Some of the topics that will be introduced and debated include privacy and ethics, the use of Facebook in social movements, the business community, and the political sphere, as well as its impact on Jordanian youth and the emergence of parallel lives. Some interesting guests will be there to talk about their own experiences, including media personality and once parliamentary candidate, Aroub Suboh, the Action Committee’s Eyad Ayesh, Fakher Daas of the Thabahtoona campaign and a godfather of the Jordanian blogosphere, Ahmad Humeid, to name but a few.

The idea isn’t to lecture anyone but rather to get people talking and grappling with the questions as they come about, especially given the fact that it is still a relatively new phenomenon in Jordan.

Like our first workshop back in August, this is being done on a shoestring budget and is just as much a learning experience for us as it is for those in attendance. That being said, since seating is so limited and it’s all done on a first-come-first-serve basis, we’ll be live blogging the workshop on 7iber throughout the day for anyone who’s interested and is missing out.

So head on over and check it out. You can even throw your own two piasters in the ring and we’ll voice those thoughts during the workshop.

UPDATE: Due to unstable networks today in al weibdeh where the workshop is being held, I might not be able to live blog or blog at all. If not, I will do a round up later with the works. Apologies.

UPDATE #2: It seems it’s stable enough to get some blogging done so go check it out.


Your Two Piasters: