Brass Crescent Award: Thanks To All The Readers!

More universal proof that the readers make up at least half of a blog’s identity. My deepest gratitude to all of you who voted for the Black Iris as the best blog in the Middle East. It is probably not, but it was indeed fortunate enough to be nominated by the readers and voted for by the readers, and so this congratulatory can go to no one else but the readers.

Also, congratulations to the Brass Crescent award winners in other categories, as well as the honorable mentions and all the nominees, especially in my category (Umm Farouq and Haitham Sabbah). Suffice to say, it is nice to see more Jordanian blogs representing. They are all deserving blogs and bloggers, and although that sounds like something nice people say, these are actually some of the blogs that I follow on a daily basis and have, in my personal opinion, continuously provided some of the best content this side of the blogosphere – hence their nomination. Lastly, kudos to the people behind the Brass Crescent who started something fairly unique a few years ago, and whom I’ve been watching evolve since I started blogging. More power to them.

And in the spirit of the Brass Crescent, I’ll end with the words of my favorite Andalusian philosopher and writer:

“All that is left
to us by tradition
is mere words.

It is up to us
to find out what they mean.”

Ibn Al Arabi


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