Israeli Headbutt Of The Day

Activists video Israeli police headbutting a Palestinian woman. The group, B’Tselem, said the incident was filmed during Israel’s November 5th demolition of homes built by Palestinians without permission from the Jerusalem Municipality. There are at least half a million Israelis living on illegally-built settlements on Palestinian land, which kind of makes Israel’s demolition of homes built without permission an oxymoron.

The Guardian has a better video of this that’s worth checking out.


  • What kind of self respecting People can see this and just stay writing and commenting without doing anything …

    I really need someone to save me from the disrespect I have to my Self and Ummah , being helpless like this will eventually Kill us a million times

  • انا مهتم فعلا بفهم العقليات التي تسب الدين Ùˆ الرب كرد فعل أولي عند العصبيه

    و لا أعرف ان كان فيديو مثل هذا سيشد مشاعري تجاه القضيه اكثير ام لا,فعلمي باحتلال فلسطين يكفيني و علمي باحتلال الاقصى و تدنيسه يكفيني لان اتمنى الشهادة على ارضها

    فلم مثل هذا يجعلني ادعي بالهدايه للشعب الفلسطيني, حتى لا نسمع سبا للدين و الرب عند كل حادثه, و عسى ان يكون الالتزام الديني و الاخلاقي الديني هو المفتاح للتحرير لا العاطفه العمياء

  • أبو ساشا : What’s really interesting that you dodge being sympathetic with the Palestinians by focusing on cursing god or the Islamic religion, let’s imagine this again: A woman getting head butted HARD by an Israeli soldier, so I guess that her natural response is to curse (She’s probably from a low-class family and that doesn’t give her the right to curse god) non the less, any “normal” human being will be sympathetic with the woman, excluding you of course since you ain’t a normal human being. 🙂


  • @ أبو ساشا

    أنا بحكيلك ليش أصلا Ù‹ الواحد بهيك موقف لازم يسب الرب Ùˆ الدين Ùˆ الأنبياء كلهم , ببساطة لأنه الله تبعك “العادل الحكيم الرحيم ال ال ال” راضي Ùˆ هو المسؤول Ùˆ المتحكم Ùˆ يعلم الغيب Ùˆ كل حركة ستحدث Ùˆ هو الذي بحكمته قرر أنه يجب على واحد أخو ****** أن يعتدي على أم Ùˆ أخت Ùˆ ابنة Ùˆ خالة Ùˆ عمة شخص ما Ùˆ لم يزلزل ربك -رغم كل قدرته- الأرض Ùˆ Ùˆ يسخط هذا المحتل Ùˆ المرأة كل ما فعلته أنها قررت أن تكون أشرف من 256 مليون شخص Ùˆ أنها بقيت على أرضها Ùˆ لم تتركها رغم كل الظروف ! ربك يعلم بكل ذلك Ùˆ الأنبياء اللي في السماء قاعدين بتفرجوا فوء Ùˆ سب الدين يأتي بالمعية Ùˆ المفروض إنه ما سب دين اليهودي بل دينه هو لأنه لمّا مليار Ùˆ 600 مليون مسلم كلهم مش عم بعملوا شي للمعاناة اليومية اللي عايشينها من 60 سنة فأتوقع إنه هاد الدين Ùˆ من يتبعه يستحق اللعنة , Ùˆ راح أسألك سؤال سريع , فكرك لو صلّى هاد الرجل كل الصلوات بالمسجد ووووو هل رح ربنا يساعده لمّا يصير معاه موقف زي هاد !

  • Actually many of the Israeli Border Police like in video who patrol Jerusalem are Arabs.(The Head of Israeli Border Police is General Hasien Faras)

    are you now going to blaming the Arabs,Nas?

  • Such a violation of human rights!
    Forget the political context; the occupation; the anger and the misery; and strip it down to a situation where a woman’s dignity is smashed to pieces, by a man! Such a disgrace!
    An act that defies the most basic about our nature as people!

  • Tha2er Ghawi < I really like your name , but
    When you come to understand that Allah the merciful is Just with all man kind , I know it take a believer to understand , but religion is not only praying in mosques as you have claimed , it is fighting for what is right , You need to understand that life comes with butterfly effect on everything, your words here will come after you one day 🙂 I mean this in a nice way.
    You passion is very well understood , and your anger is as well , we are here to be reminded that every one of us has a role to play in this life , whether with a religious background or not , if we stay unproductive and keep our anger directed to each others’ thoughts and beliefs well then everything should be cursed , but Islam taught us to stop the wrong and be pro righteousness , I don’t want to preach here but As Allah mentioned in Quran , change of people comes when they change themselves , this will need people like you with passion to think about these words and find the wisdom in them.
    Again I don’t want to preach but we have a message to fulfill , by sharing (un-aggressively ) we might do something pro-ta7reer .
    My dear friend , it can’t be understood through explanations on a blog or through even through floating thoughts , it really has to take a few minute of your time not to answer me , but to figure it out.
    Let’s choose our fights properly and think how can this be solved and there is nothing impossible …

  • يا جماعه الخير ØŒ لا تلموا هذا العدو العنصري لموا أنفسكم وقيداتكم المتعونه والهامله، تخطئوا من هوا المسؤول عن ما يحصل وحصل في فلسطين، ولللاختصار فقط ،عصابة محمود عباس وزعران محمد دحلان وتعاون وتأيد مصري أردني سعودي مع أمريكا لما وصلت الأمور الى ما عليه…

  • “Actually many of the Israeli Border Police like in video who patrol Jerusalem are Arabs.(The Head of Israeli Border Police is General Hasien Faras)

    are you now going to blaming the Arabs,Nas?”

    To echo Almashkalgy’s comment, the blame lies with the pointless Arab leaders. Those those who allowed Israel to come within spitting distance of Amman, Cairo and Damascus, those who wept as Jerusalem fell and those who everyday, pray that they do not end up sharing Saddam’s fate.

    “da73na fil um wil janeen 3ashan el2ab y3eesh”

  • Naseem,

    The term illegal settlements is terrifying, as if there are any legal of those. (they refer to legal as approved by government, illegal as in court order of removal, or non approved by the government).

    The Palestinian problem is way bigger than arab leaders, it started way before most of the current states had the shapes they have today. And will continue to evolve based on the arab people collectively.

  • This action has no place in the world we live in today, my comment has nothing to do with religion it has even nothing to do with with Palestine or Israel…authority using violence against a woman…even if it was a Palestinian on an Israeli woman it would be wrong…

    be a man, fight a man.

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