• I boycotted public transportation long time ago (due to the gas crazy rates), and I go to my work daily on foot (best decision in my life), I saved myself more than 150 JD monthly and I lost 15 kilos too 🙂

    If any of you idiots got a half a brain, you should also give our dear gas stations owners and whoever was behind this gas crisis the finger! Get rid of your cars and get on your damn feets!

  • omar qadan: I was “obviously” mean transportation “inside” Amman, brainiac!

    But if you really need to get to Amman from Jerash, You will have to ride on your friendly neighborhood donkey ofcourse! 😀

    On a more serious note, There are million way to save on gas consumption, and there’s another million way to get around this gas crisis, but the people in Jordan are “used” on being lazy and incompetent.

    I’m not here to propose solutions (it’s not my job and I don’t care less), but there’s no doubt that someone at our dear government screw up things, non the less the people here need to find smarter ways to deal with it.

    Stop being part of the herd, damn it!

    Think for yourselves!

  • Hello..

    So I have a question. I never understood from what resources will the government be able to provide subsidies for the owners of the gas stations? . . . I mean, it seems like a closed loop to me, lifting subsidies and the prices go up, not doing so , and more taxes on us?

    Its a bit confusing!

  • Was I saying earlier that I miss my car?!


    Oh and isn’t it November already? Mayor Omar Maani said last January that we will start seeing some of the changes in the public transportation system in the last quarter of the year. So Anon perhaps you want to try that when you’re not in the mood to walk… and tell us how that goes 🙂

  • Lina , yeah, we started seeing some changes, like this morning, I was trying to get to the 8th circle.
    so i took “any bus” to sweileh, and their … holly Falafel.

    I guess there were like 4000 people if not more, waiting for buses that go through the Medical City Street Corridor and the Marj El Hamam – Nour Corridor.

    There was a shortage in buses due to this crisis as well, since some buses didnt find diesel, some of the buses that came had diesel from Baqaa and Jerash road!!!

    of course, after waiting like 20 mins for the CMTC “Urban” bus to come (as i thought my self im smart and want try to croud with the masses), the CMTC bus simple didnt stop!
    el mohem ,.. 5 minutes later i managed to get into a bus between the masses.

    Anyway, I think the only solution is to liberalization of the whole market, the government should control only the refinery price, and each station would have prices as it would like, depending on the supply and demand.

    Maybe then we can see marketing strategies even for some stations, that would keep the prices even lower to sell more!
    and maybe those low prices are the best opportunity to do such a move, as we know how alot of those business owners think when prices go up, especially out of a sudden.

  • Nasimjo,
    The free market principles doesn’t work in jordan. We are the wonder land of paradoxy. You know the outlier that they talk about in statistics? We are that.


  • @nasimjo

    It would not work well since we do not have proper measures to tackle price fixing by the gas stations. We would effectively have a oligopoly (monopoly of many companies).

  • It would not hurt if car owners fill their tanks prior to the decrease instead of being stranded like this. The difference in a full tank is less than the price of a cigarret pack!
    This weekly system of pricing has proved to be a failure due the lack of government control and the behaviour of consumers, in addition to the arrogance of station owners. The biweekly pricing is more convenient for better planning.

  • I support Nasimjo – let station owners compete. It’s really as simple as that. Price fixing prevention is probably easier for the goverment….. All the goverment needs to do is ensure that stations’ profit margins aren’t rediculous. Pretty straight forward if you ask me.

  • @Zait o Za3tar:

    But the gas stations are NOT owned by companies mostly in Jordan, except for Manaseer (10 stations), Gulf (2 stations), al-baddad (2 stations) and soon total (3 stations) … all the stations are owned by individuals.

    It would be better than whats going on at the moment!
    and later if a company decides to open its own refinery, we will have competition in source prices, even better.
    I know we are that outlier, thats why i said its better to do it now while the prices are dropping.

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