For Jordanian Women Interested In Social Entrepreneurship

I got this in my email today and even though it may be a bit late, I thought it was still worth posting for those interested:

As part of its efforts to promote women and leadership in the Middle East, INSEAD has committed to send two Jordanian women to participate in a 5 day Executive Training Program on Social Entrepreneurship.

The program will be run at the School’s Singapore campus between December 1-5, 2008.

The tuition for this course will be covered by a full scholarship from INSEAD.

The cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses will be covered by the scholarship recipient.

To apply, please send a letter of intent explaining how this Executive Training Program on Social Entrepreneurship will benefit your career path. Please attach your CV as well.

Deadline to apply: November 2, 2008. Selected candidates will be informed November 3, 2008.

Please email

1. CV

2. Letter of Intent

Thank you and good luck!


  • It’s too bad INSEAD will not cover the cost of travel, accommodation, and living expenses. My niece would have been the perfect candidate but she does not have the $$$$ to qualify. Such a shame!

  • the cost of travel could be pretty steep, but i’m sure a lot of qualified women could use their negotiation skills to convince the companies they work for to foot the bill cause it’s an awesome investment!

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