• Nas,
    You might want to change the title. According to Mirriam-Webster English dictionary, bittersweet means “something that is bittersweet ; especially : pleasure alloyed with pain”. I do not see the pleasure component in this.

  • these honer crimes leave a stark bitterness in my mouth; disgust that makes me wanna spew blood; blood of all the girls who have been murdered in the name of “honor” in my beloved country; JORDAN.

  • Luna: the word in this context is really a play on “sweet sixteen”…which in this case…is obviously not so sweet at all. thanks

  • Where is queen Rania when we need her most,I guess she is busy answering question on Youtube about the Jordanian reckless drivers and the image of Arabs in the west..

  • “Where is queen Rania when we need her most,”

    isn’t that the tagline for superman?

    anyways, that’s kind of a strange statement coming from you. i thought socialism was about relying less on leaders to do the job of a collective society?


    ah well.

    let’s just wait for our leaders to fix all our problems

  • I realy have a question about honor crimes. When are we going to put an end to this shame act of crime, can’t someone like Her Majesty the Queen who is influential enought to sponsor a law against such crimes. Should we put a law in the Parlaiment to end such injustice that fall on women in Jordan. I think its about time

  • Well Ali, as far as I know, in 1999 there was a country-wide campaign, and volunteers from all walks of life signed petitions to our our parliament members. If I remember correctly, the signatures were in tens of thousands, followed by a peaceful march to the parliament with many highly reputable individuals taking part in it (including if I’m not mistaken some members of the Royal Family)…

    Well, what did our “highly intelligent” MPs say? ah… that the campaign was blowing the issue out of proportion, that the campaign was funded by “foreign” agencies that seek to ruin Jordanian “moral standards”…. bla bla bla… and they voted against the change of law…. very civilized indeed!

  • “i thought socialism was about relying less on leaders to do the job of a collective society? ”
    Nas ,,Please don’t mix apple with oranges,my beliefs and your beliefs are irrelevance ESPECIALLY with your post on honor crimes.
    We all know why the Family that rules Jordan does not want to change the laws fearing that it will lose it’s “tribal” legitimacy and support,and we all know that the king will be able to change these backward laws with a strike of his pen,i guarantee you that,but he does not want to because it’s a matter of cynical calculation..

  • urduni: lol that’s a bit hypocritical don’t you think? when it comes to a law that governs people’s actions on the deepest cultural and societal level, aren’t we supposed to be against the more authoritarian laws, and stick with the more democratic ones where the issue is put to a vote in parliament and passed by the people? the reason there isn’t a law is because the people’s representatives don’t want to pass that law, and like it or not, when it comes to such issues, they are a pretty representative sample of what their constituencies believe.

  • What’s hypocritical is that it’s 2008, we aspire towards progressive, and we’re having a polite conversation about honor crimes! Really?! We’re still in ‘talking’ mode?! Crazy, don’t you think?

    Putting in place serious legislation that is seriously enforced is a decision and action by the many which must deafen and bury the ignorance of the few.

    It’s really simple. What are we afraid of? That a handful of people are going to get bruised over this? Too bad, the war stories will be blogged and we’ll get over it. A few bruises and discomfort resulting from real commitment and practice that ends honor crimes in Jordan is a small price to pay compared to the blood of the slaughtered women on our hands.

  • i cant wait till they pass a law against these honor killings, such a disgusting part of tradition, and it gives our Arabic culture and identity…but what i want more is for your blog to be shut down.seriously. if i read another post on american politics, american silly hollywood films, american pathetic musicians, a celebration of the “glories” you have achieved, an article on how awesome and great you are. an article on the wonders of blogging,a cartoon from mahjoob, or yet anoter typical article from a typical 20 year old, i will jump off the burj of dubai\1

  • Dear Libnane: thank you for the comment. i think when it comes to blogging, bloggers, and the opinions that people hold of one another, the better solution is to simply not read. calling on the shutting down of a blog, which is literally advocating the stifling of one fellow human being’s right to speak, is never the answer, and it doesn’t help our identity either.

    Thanks 🙂

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