Technorati’s State Of The Blogosphere 2008

Technorati, the Internet’s blogging search engine and most accurate ranker of blogs, has published its “State of the Blogosphere” for 2008. Some of the findings are pretty interesting when it comes to global blogging:

The majority of global bloggers are male…

Around half of the world’s bloggers are from the US but I’m not sure how accurate that is as they only surveyed bloggers in English…

“Both personal and professional topics are equally popular. Forty percent of bloggers consider their blogging topics outside of these categories. “Other” blog topics include: 2008 election, alternative energy, art, beauty, blogging, comics, communication, cooking/food, crafts, design, environment, internet/Web 2.0, Jamaica, and media/journalism.

Three-quarters of bloggers cover three or more topics. The average number of topics blogged about is five.

There were some global differences. Music is more popular and politics is less popular in Asia, while personal, lifestyle, and religious topics are less popular in Europe.

How do you measure the success of a blog?

82% look to more than one means to measure the success of their blog, with the average blogger looking at four distinct metrics. Personal satisfaction is by far the most popular measure of success, However, bloggers also track a variety of quantitative metrics ranging from revenue to number of subscribers or comments.”

Blogging takes up a lot of time: “One in four bloggers spends ten hours or more blogging each week, and about half spend more than five hours weekly on their blog. Only 15% of active bloggers spend less than one hour per week on their blog.”

The report is pretty interesting and includes various other details such as blogging-for-profit, corporate blogs, and the impact of stats. One interesting point: one third of bloggers receive free products (except in Jordan where “free products” is an oxymoron).


  • Hmm would you determine/measure personal satisfaction? I think we’re all personally satisfied with our blogs or else we’d stop blogging. It’s interesting that blogging for revenue is lower than the other factors for success, that seems to be the new thing. With that, I wonder what type of blogs generate the most revenue.

  • asoom: I think that personal satisfaction is derived a lot from the kind of content being produced and how a blogger feels about it. A blog becomes a personal home for thoughts and expression, and how comfortable a person is with that home is probably a good measurement for personal satisfaction. as for revenue-generating blogs, it’s mostly related to advertising as well as corporate-driven blogs.

  • So it is all about narcissism, vanity parades and shameless self-promotion (not that I have a problem with the last bit!). But really, I think the number of hours spent is quite disturbing..

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