On Believing Israel Was Behind 9/11

It’s been seven years since that horrific day in the US, which eventually paved the way for a great deal of horrific days outside the US. So I thought this recent poll by World Public Opinion to be quite telling of public perceptions on 9/11…

Publics in the Middle East are especially likely to name a perpetrator other than al Qaeda. In Egypt 43 percent say that Israel was behind the attacks, as do 31 percent in Jordan and 19 percent in the Palestinian Territories. The US government is named by 36 percent of Turks and 27 percent of Palestinians. The numbers who say al Qaeda was behind the attacks range from 11 percent in Jordan to 42 percent in the Palestinian Territories.

Jordan and the Occupied Territories represent the lowest to the highest. Anyone care to venture a guess as to why there’s such a big difference between the twin brothers?

via: worldpublicopinion


  • I got the feeling from your post that you do not agree with the Israel conspiracy theory. Just wanted to let you know that this post was just my feelings and thoughts and not an angry response to your post or anything like that. Just my thoughts…

    I remember hearing the whole Israel theory on a trip to Egypt back in 2004 before I lived there. As an American I was really disturbed and hurt by that idea.
    I don’t really care either way about Israel. I don’t love them and I don’t hate them. Purely apathetic about the state of Israel in general, except for the fact that I believe that the Palestinians need some land.
    I only say that because I wasn’t offended so much by the fact that Israel was named in the conspiracy theory but rather I find it terribly disrespectful and distasteful to put the death of 3,000 innocent people on somebody other than the blatantly obvious… and who took credit for it. Hello?

    As for why more Palestinains believe that Al Qaeda did it instead of Israel. Here is my theory: You can’t take pride in an attack like that when your archenemy supposedly did it. There is more pride and motivation to be had if a Palestinian believes that a Muslim offensive caused the well-deserved massacre atrocity. Please don’t take that comment wrong. Most all the Muslims that I have met in my 3 years living in the Middle East are fantastic people with great hearts. Heck… My family and I are going to break fast with the owner of my local spice store tonight. The Palestinians have been so ill-treated for so long that it doesn’t surprise me that they want some reciprocity… but I’ve always said let’s keep war between soldiers and not hurt the innocent… and that goes for Israel as much as it does Palestine… and the US for that matter.

    Thanks for the post… thought provoking.

  • Tim

    How many Jews died in the 911 attacks?

    Also I don’t neccessarily believe that Israel is behind the attacks, however, I do think that there were a lot of insiders at the airports/airlines when this happend, those dumbasses from Al Qaeda could not have done it alone.


  • Tim and Arabi , I really appreciate the thoughts you have posted for without “calling names” do make sense up to this level.
    Actually any great power have the need to find an enemy to survive , these were the words of Colin Powel , so when USSR collapsed , they needed an enemy that does not exist, or “hard to find ” .
    We can not judge the Al- Qaeda People , they were trained by the CIA , Reference ” out of the ashes” yet this does not pollute their goals if they have any. let me please elaborate on that , the 9/11 scheme was a result for spending and using the armory the US government members used to manufacture , there were loads of weapons that came out as a result of the cold war unused and getting expired.
    Then there is this need to spread and collapse ;
    Then there is an Ideological need “neo cons ” that makes the whole of the middle east thing a prophecy that needs to be fulfilled , rise of Israel , arrival of Jesus and all that of fighting the new Fashists (Rising Islamic countries) because God came to Bush in his dreams and told him that he needs to do so. That is a logical reason.sarcastically speaking
    We in the Arab world are in need for a hero , any kind of a hero who will say things and make them happen , this is a normal need that makes people go the wrong way when it is absent . this NEED , have been so unfulfilled to the extent that when Hassan Nasrallah came to the picture he was almost worshiped by the mass , ( which goes along with his beliefs ) .
    Fa don’t blame our brothers in Palestine , they are under the worlds most hated people occupation , and everybody is backing Israel and the sound of silence will kill any manhood in our communities.
    let us hope that schemes of the upper first world countries fire back , they usually do after a hundred years, I have lived thirty of them , how long are we willing to wait.

  • The poll results are very interesting. 54% of people in the world think that 9/11 was not done by Al Qaeda. Even in the UK, US’s biggest ally, 44% do not believe it was Al Qaeda.

    Living in the states one doesn’t think about this anymore. But apparently people around the world still have very deep doubts. The few skeptic people I know here do not claim it was not Al Qaeda, but they have doubts that the “government” knew about the attacks and purposefully didn’t do all they can to stop them. (this is due to Al Jazeera’s Secret Files documentary, where they interviewed FBI agents who said that they had an informant who was roommates with one of the 19 attackers… really makes one wonder).

    Sadly, for people far away, death can be an abstract notion. But for those involved, or those close to them, or those who could have died, it’s very real. And this is true for those who died on 9/11, and those who die in Palestine every day, or those who are oppressed everywhere in this world.

  • Why should a certain Think tank poll be of so important a nature for us to even give a toss about!
    It is sad what happened in 9/11, but it’s even most appalling what Muslim and Arab people had to put up with as a result – think of the millions of Iraqi diaspora, terror laws, justifying everything and anything in the name of justice in combating terror!

    What Palestinians and Jordanians think?!
    Does it even matter; when the world is bulging with zillion conspiracy theories?!
    Which Jordanians and Palestinians is the poll talking about; they certainly never asked me what my opinion was!

  • Your question assumes that the poll is an actual representation of the two populations. When in fact it isn’t. What samples did they take? What was the sample size? Did they make sure they had a sample from every area in Jordan? What was the age range?
    It just doesn’t seem too official to be trusted.

  • People…obviously every poll has its margin of error and every poll cannot include every single person in the country in order to achieve credibility. It’s called a polling sample. I could be wrong but I think WPO has done enough work in Jordan, especially these past two years, to earn it some credibility.

  • Palestinians are more familiar with Israeli tactics being not just their neighbors but practically flatmates!

    BTW, Haitham posted a link to a really excellent video on the subject (missing links):

    It’s 2 hours, and kinda one sided, but very eye-opening. I downloaded it and put it on DVD myself.

  • I think the reason behind the speculation regarding the validity of the poll is due to the surprising results.
    How can you explain the difference between the opinions of the two groups? They seem a bit odd, don’t you think?

  • I have realy no idea why we Arabs have to blame any failure, disaster on Israel. It seems we can’t comprehend with the idea that such thugs like Taliban, Al Qaeda and Ibn Laden had the capacity to strike America. I tital disagree that Israel was involved in the attacks, though it did benefit alot from 9/11 as it appeared to be a victim just like America was in 9/11.

    Many of my western friends keep asking me, why we Arabs love conspiracy theories and always like to involve israel in every failure we did.

  • O Ali! Instead of agreeing with your Western friends that we are actually terrorists and murderers that lavish the idea of slaughtering children and innocent people, we somehow try to propose some theory that may justify sense against all the fingers pointing accusations towards us. Or are we too pathetic to even be granted that solace!!

    And who said that we’re the ones to come up with the conspiracy theories; they just present themselves to any one with sense, it’s not rocket science, just having a tiny bit of sense. I can’t believe that there are any people out there who share your opinion!

    If this poll is telling one something, it is that even after 7 years of 9/11; the world is still confused thanks to a successful American policy, and a clever foreign policy to be precise. The world is under the influence of one major power, where all else is vague but the righteousness that it offers. We are blindfolded-ly accepting all the realities – were they bitter or sweet – for no apparent reason but to adhere to that absolute power. Some of us are more confused than others, but it’s their mere luck! – Whether they’re under siege, or living in pseudo democracies or in an actual war zone, confused, bewildered and dryly trying to move on!

  • I don’t neccessarily believe that Israel is behind the attacks, however –

    The “however” is a sign that even though you thought you didn’t believe the propaganda, it has affected you anyway.

    As for why Israel or America get blamed anyway, my two pet theories are:

    1) Blaming Israel/America is safe. No one is going to kill you for saying so. Arabs and Muslims, on the other hand, take offense easily, and that could be your next-door neighbor or colleague.

    2) It seems Arabs will do anything to avoid looking at themselves as the source of their problems, so blaming a handy outsider is the acceptable substitute.

    Also, look at Egypt, the few democracy advocates who essentially said Arabs or Arab culture are the problem are in jail or exile, whereas those who trumpet, “Islam is the solution” or “America/Israel is the problem” are riding high. That’s because the first group are competitors for power and conscience; the second group is either with the regime or can be stroked to come to terms with it.

  • I think that most so-called conspiracy theories were results of documentaries made by Americans, and through interviews with americans. Sadly, our media doesn’t have the power or the will to embark on such an important and life-changing event! They’d rather spend it on Haifa-wehbe-like shows!! Save Al Jazeera!!

    My point is, watching any of these documentaries, and applying just a little bit of logic to the whole issue, one realizes that this could have never been done by a group like Al Qaeda. Or to be more specific, Al Qaeda alone.

    Take the airplane which supposedly hit The Pentagon! Exactly how did this plane skip the highly secure airspace in that area? How did 84 survillance cameras skip it from all angels according to the FBI? Why did the FBI refuse to release but few of these tapes? How did a guy, newly trained according to intelligence resources, manage such a hard maneuver with a huge plane? And, how come there was not any plane debris as a result of the crash?

    These questions need to be answered by the US government!! A country which has the best intelligence system, defence system, and offence system. A superpower!! How can they fail to see an attack by few thugs!!

    And then, the aftermath!! Look at the results:

    1. More troops in new countries (Iraq, Afghanestan)
    2. New reasons for arming, selling arms, imposing new rules and new control over the world. Practically, acting a global policeman, or a global father for a group of misbehaving kids!!
    3. Zillion of dollars of contracts for american companies in Iraq!! To R-E-B-U-I-L-D!
    4. A right to use the argument ” You are not on our side?! then, you are on the terrorists side”

    That’s my opinion!… But there is one thing for sure. Seven years on, we remember two things:

    1. Those who died in that sad incident.
    2. The safe and friendly world that George W. Bush & the American Administration built in the aftermath!!

    Sad how the memory of some is dishonoured by the actions of others!

  • I think that most so-called conspiracy theories were results of documentaries made by Americans

    No, most of the non-al Qaeda conspiracy theories were well-established within ten days of 9-11. The “documentaries” made afterwards were commercial vehicles targeted to feed this eager market of people who wanted to believe in conspiracy.

    how did this plane skip the highly secure airspace

    The short answer is, it wasn’t very secure. Check out back issues of Aviation Week & Space Technology for the whole story of air defense activity on that day.

    How did a guy, newly trained according to intelligence resources, manage such a hard maneuver

    Computerized flight controls helped steady the plane.

    how come there was not any plane debris as a result of the crash?

    There was debris. Some of it burned – even aluminum burns. Again, check out Aviation Week for some of the best details.

    Naturally, these short, simple answers do nothing to alleviate dedicated conspiracy theorists, who demand absolute proof of disproval. [ How do we know Governor Palin didn’t father an illegitimate child? Sure, she’s a woman, but was she always? Prove it, the government has to release the documents…]

  • I think Indonesians are smart. Because the answer is, simply, nobody knows. Allahu-a3lam.

    Speculate all you want, it sure is fun 😉 But I feel with the I-believe-AlQaeda-is-too-inefficient-to-do it sentiment. And those are my worthless 2-cents.

  • Hmmm, well Palestine is quite literally under Israeli occupation, and I get the sense that a lot of people living there just couldn’t see Israel turning on its ally like that, regardless of the supposed reasoning behind it.

    Now, consider the fact that the Black Death was also blamed on Jews. It’s damn convenient.

  • Lass Just because some of those terrorists are Muslims and Arabs doesn’t mean that all Arabs are blood-thirsty terrorists.
    But in fact, all these conspiracy theories make baseless assumptions and make the whole thin way too complicated to try and come up with a different explanation.
    If you put the bits of what the conspiracy theory claims to have happened, you would get a pathetic overall story that contradicts itself in the first place. The theories proposed don’t make sense.

    Even if 9/11 was a conspiracy theory made by the Americans, then how would you explain the terrorist attacks in London, Madrid, Amman, Sharm el Sheikh, Morocco, Riyadh, Istanbul and several other international cities? Were they all conspiracy theories organized by the American government? Give me a break.

  • Why don’t the Palestinian Arabs believe America or Israel carried out 9-11? Perhaps because Yasir Arafat, speaking as a fellow terrorist, himself fingered Al-Qaeda and condemned the attacks as competition for leadership of the Arab World by non-Palestinians and Osama Bin Ladin. Blaming Israel or America doesn’t cut it after a denunciation like that.

  • Conspiracy theories are not accusations – they are theories, mere theories, and you know theories can be null and void, until proved; that’s what they’re all about, you can’t base any thing on theories, they’re just the last card that helpless powerless people can play to express their opinion in this single-power-imposed world, do they not have this mere right, tell me? Why are we talking then? Why are we blogging? why do we continue to live, we might as well burry ourselves dead, if we can’t express ourselves!

    I am not justifying anything for extremists – and you know that they’re very few in our part of the world – I am justifying it for million innocent others, who felt that they might have been affected by 9/11, or the consequences that followed it.

    Theories are just thoughts, and if you want to take that from people, then that’s how you see things – at least the Americans have no problem with it – then why should we! Because simply, theories don’t generate actions; but accusations my friend, they do; they justify wars, laws and consequent actions.

    I am confused as most people are; but I am not accepting realities as they are, I can’t do it, and I know there are many people out there who can’t, at least I don’t shut my voice and go with the flow – that’s why I am writing this down right now!

  • Personally, I was more surprised by the 36% under the “DK” … or “don’t know” category.

    That translates to me as “I haven’t given it much thought” and/or “does it really matter” and/or “who cares?”

    Considering the impact this event has not just in the realm of U.S. politic and policy, but also in terms of foreign investment in Jordanian businesses, tourism and in some part the current Iraqi refugee issue, I would think more individuals would hold an opinion – even if some are more conspiratorial than others.

  • >>Arabi: How many Jews died in the 911 attacks? <<

    Approximately 10% of the victims were Jewish, according to the U.S. department of state. It’s hard to track because, unlike many countries, the US does not require — or encourage, or even *permit* — employers to track the religion of their employees.


    I say this as someone who was living in Jordan on 9/11, and was *extraordinarily* hurt by those rumors. Even if you do believe that Israel was behind 9/11 (which I definitely don’t, as it has been claimed by another organization that makes more sense), to assume that all Jews are in league with the state of Israel is silly. Also, Mossad is not stupid. How would they have notified all the Jews to mysteriously not go to work that day? Secret Jew Radio? Seriously?

    And as for Al Qaeda not being sophisticated enough… unfortunately, I think this speaks much more to the disorganization of U.S. air security. It wasn’t a particularly sophisticated attack, all things considered. It was a combination of luck, knowledge of the holes in our security system (which were huge and obvious to those who looked), and timing. It was brilliant because it was simple, not sophisticated.

  • i think alqaeda was behind it .. they said so themselves .. but i also think some people knew about it beforehand and instead of stopping it decided to exploit it and make a grand production out of it ..

  • A guess would be that palestinian public is more informed when it comes to Israel than the jordanian public.

    They know that Israel get people to work for it, be it the american military or their security and intelligence bodies.. Al-Qaeda might be only a tool formed on right wing tendancy, they have many believers or faith hearted individuals but are easily manipulated. A CIA formation that still functions, even if they did the attacks by themselves, some had many ways to capitalize on that… Its all about the oil, each with a style.. Bully American, Silly Russian, Stupid European, or Smart Chinesse 🙂

    Solmon, nothing is wrong with us arabs more than what you have caused us! Stealing a country do make lots of problems to a wide nation as you can see, all of us are trying to figure out how to get it back each in his school of thought.

  • I just don’t see any motivation for the US gov’t to have done this. And if they did it certainly didn’t work. In 2001, Republicans controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress. Since then, they’ve lost Congress and may lose the presidency soon. The economy was strong. The biggest debate in the 2000 election was “what should we do with our budget surplus?” Now our economy is in shambles. The reason? Losing 3000 of the best and brightest minds in business and countless amounts of data could have something to do with it?
    Some of you are proposing America needed to manufacture an enemy to feed the economic-military machine. Well, if that’s what they did, they failed miserably. They took out some of the best economic minds and some of the military leadership. So how does that make sense? Besides, earlier in that year Bush had a stand-off with China over downed pilots, and won.
    Let’s get real. I know a lot of you don’t like Bush and things he’s done, but he’s not so evil as to do this.
    As for Israel, my guess is closer to 20-25% of people working in the WTC were at least part Jewish. If none of them showed up, business operations of several major companies would have ground to a halt immediately. Since they were killed, how does that benefit Israel? Surely some of them were pretty important supporters of politically pro-Israel causes.
    So, the means was present for all three: US gov., Israel, Al Qaeda. Only one had a motive.

  • Yazan,
    Who said that I agree that we are murderes but the people behind 9/11 and the contious attacks on innocent Iraqi civilians are! When you meet with Amnericans and Europeans you will find out that they are very thirsty to understand the region, the culture, the relgion but what are we doing about it, almost nothing! We dont even have 1 decent media (except for Al Jazeera english) that reaches to Americans to show them the true face of Islam and Arabs, while we Arabs are wasting our time on Ramadan soap operas, spending oil money on new cars and expensive car plates, others are doing a great job giving arabs a made image.

    I only see individual efforts in the US and Europe to improve the image of Arabs and Muslims in the west world. I am part of this effort and it needs alot of work.

    So lets drop out the crap of conspracy theories and start reaching to more americans and europeans who are so eager to know about us

  • Ali:
    It is good that you have a positive energy, and you suggest reaching out to the larger western audience (who let’s face it) is not particularly fond of our culture. Meaning that we drop our – you call them” conspiracy theories”, but I call them opinions – but that doesn’t matter. Let’s cut the crap as you suggest, and move on. If we agree on dropping our part of the story, and moving on, suggesting that actually our lovely part of the world is allegedly home to the most evil religious extremists in the world, who – if we agree to the given evidences- and if I were president of the United States at that moment – I would have not hesitated a single bit in opening hell doors under their feet, not sure about the Iraq bit, but somehow I’d have done the same, okay maybe while applying a little more sense. Will that solve the problem; i.e. reaching out to the western audience?

    I am sorry to disappoint by saying that it won’t; simply because we have already done the above, we have cut the crap from the start, my friend, in a lame attempt at “enhancing our image”, but it didn’t work.

    On another note, the war on Iraq was based on alleged accusations of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, which was negated later by the allegers themselves. So, they actually cut the crap for you – but the war continued, and still our “image” couldn’t provide.

    Even if our image (Arabic and Muslim Brand) becomes irresistibly agreeable to the masses in the west, I can assure you, it will have nothing to do with wars, money, oil, power, it might help you feel better if you’re in the west, that is. But, when it comes to wars, foreign policies, power, strategic and economical matters; your beautiful talk about crossing cultures and understanding each other, will sound like selling perfumes in the hungry lions den!

    Unless, the power of the people is so strong, in the East and the West that is, to alter wars, and spread peace. Unless!

  • One of the main cornerstones of logic of just about every 9-11 conspiracy theory proponent that I have had displeasure to talk to is that Arabs are too ignorant to pull off something like 9-11. It is like only strong countries like America or Israel could pull off something as massive thing like 9-11. I find this thinking very insulting to the Arab people and stupid in the extreme.

    Between 270 to 400 Jews died on 9-11.

    According to one internet source 28 Muslims died.

  • Austin,

    thanks for flattering our intelligence as arab people 🙂

    any dialoge of 9/11 discusses how cavemen like al-qaeda could operate such a high skil plan and not because they are arabs who are incapable. Arab potential is beyond questioning, proven in history to say the least. our failure as we see it is because of complex of reasons that don’t vary much in my opinion from the general theory of a civilization or a nation life cycle.

    majority of arabs dislike alqaeda, people are joining their lines out of dispair from the formal system, continued and increased poverty.. with a strong motive of international injustice towards arabs and their root cause: Palestine.

  • Tim said: (who took credit for it. Hello?)
    An unknown bearded person in an undisclosed location in a poor quality video from an unknown source.

    The biggest inconsistency in 9-11 is that it was used to justify the Iraq war when most of the hijackers were Saudis, al-qaida presence in Iraq began after the US invasion. Incidentally the US invasion was a much bigger atrocity and crime against humanity than 9-11 with civilian casualties int he 10s of thousands.

    Natalia said:(I get the sense that a lot of people living there just couldn’t see Israel turning on its ally like that)

    There are documented incidents where Israel has behaved nothing like an ally towards the US. Kindly lookup (Jonathan Pollard) American Jew, and Israeli Spy who stole more classified information than any other spy caught in us history. Every Israeli administration since begs the US to free him to this day. Hundreds of Israeli intelligence officers were arrested after 9-11 including many close to WTC. Some were even arrested by the NYPD after witnesses saw them celebrating. The historical evidence shows the same where Israel bombed American targets in Egypt in attempt to blame Egyptian radicals, and also attacked the largest US intelligence NSA ship of its kind at the time also in an attempt to blame Egypt. Accounts by Ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book (By way of Deception) confirm this type of frame the opposition tactic and that Israel spies on the US heavily as well as some of Israels own atrocities in regards to conducting atomic bacteriological and chemical weapons manufacturing experiments occasionally using Palestinian convicts (guess that trick was learned from the Nazis). A tiger doesn’t change its spots.

  • israeli foreknowledge- 11 months before 911
    In addition to overhearing in Hebrew, the statements, “The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September”, and “Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything”, the source also reports that he overheard one of the three men in the Gomel Chesed Cemetery say, “The Arabs are so stupid. They don’t even imagine that we are using them.” This comment should not be overlooked.


    and the odigo warning.(israeli company)

    Odigo claims that, two hours before the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, two Odigo employees received messages of a possible terrorist attack. Odigo informed Israeli and American authorities, and assisted their investigations during the aftermath of the suicide attacks.

  • It is almost going to be 9 years after 9/11. Right from day one in my mind I am convinced that 9/11 was inside job. I am a US citizen but must be the most pathetic of all the world citizenary to be dumb downed in such a criminal way- Lets re visit the time line a bit – When the Bushies came to power (By stealng – I am no fan of Al gore either – Did not he fought against NAFTA in 1993 debate against Ross Parot). He was having hard time surving first 6 moths (with an approval of 42%) before he headed back to Texas for vaccation (To implement 911). His cronies Fox Network was busy (to take the limelight away from their President) by engaging public in WRONG defaming of Dem’s Senator from Modesto, CA in Chandra Levi Scandal and ultimately finishing him off and hence reducing 1 more opposition senator. And now it gets serious…
    a. 9/10 – Coup is arranged in Afganistan – kill opposition leader (blame Al Quida) to divert attention (from what to come next day).
    9/11 story line –
    a. Watch the planes hitting the WTC – Frame by Fame – See if you notice war head in the Belly of the plane and the Fire ball before the plane hits the building???
    b. How come Fighters were scrambled when a golfer Stewart Payne’s plane in 1999 went missing some where in Midwest in just 15 minutes and with all the Military bases near and around DC, none was intercepted on 9/11 – What a planning that must have been.
    c. Is a there a Bushies or Cheney SOB prodigy out there to justify 757 skid marks on Penatagon – More to me of a Missile.
    d. Does any body remebers – How Gulf war was fabricated – Senate Hearing by a 15 year old Qwaiti weeping girl about Saddam killing incubator babies – That 15 year Bitch actor was the daughter of Kuwati’s Ambassdor. Should I pity on those dumb asses in the senate or call them accessories to the crime. I think latter the better.
    e. Has anybody heard about another scheme of Jr Bushy for 2003 Iraq Invasion- Plan was to send a US plane (disguise in UN color) and have it shot down over Iraq – Pretect to go after Saddam. It is a similar schme – CIA use to hatch against CUba in 60’s

    I am not been able to get over 9/11 but these Foxies,, Bushies and their cronies – It was just a pretext to reign in their criminal empire for next 8 years. In short my outrage is – If I were to be the President (King) of US for one day – I will have these Foxies (TV Network retards) , Bushies and their cronies hang by neck in the middle of the intersection – I bet theu wouldn’t die as brave as Saddam did. – Crust of the matter – Wake up Americans and smell the roses and hit the streets.

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