11:03pm Arriving.


Life can have its incredibly uninspiring moments.

Some times, they last a whole week. A month. A year.

Work drains you.

Education drains you.

The news drains you.

Life drains you.

Thursday night is an attempt of venturing out in to the darkness of Amman…

In search of something…


And it’s so liquid.

It takes on the shape of your container.

There are the dance-to-pop-hit-ters.

The bellowing-smoke-in-to-the-night-ers.

The dinner-savvy, the coffee-drinkers, the long-walkers.

The family-driven, airport-roaders, park-siders.

The get-out-of-the-city goers.

The movie-goers.

The parked-car, edge-of-the-city, star-gazers: city-gazers

The curb-side wanderers.

The ice-cream-indulgers.

The get-together crowd.

The stay-at-home-and-watch TV crowd.

The good-company-of-others crowd.

Whatever your thing is.

Have at it.

Life in Amman is complicated enough.

And we all need a little inspiration.

11:07pm Departing.

(enjoy your weekend and cya later)


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