Bloggers Of The Arab World Unite? Really?

By sheer coincidence, I bumped into an article about the “first” Arab bloggers conference in Beirut where 30 of the “crème de la crème of Arab bloggers” from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq and Syria were in attendance.

I’m disappointed that only these countries were included, representing less than half of the Arab world. I hope the rest of us were not snubbed as I would’ve loved to get to meet all these (specific) bloggers and engage in what appeared to be a very lively discussion and I’m sure other Jordanian bloggers I know would’ve loved that as well. Alas, I didn’t even hear about it.

Maybe some day we can have an open invitation for everyone to journey to Amman.

We have electricity!


  • Lol, electricity? What electricity?
    As far as I remember, we live in tents and use camels for long journeys. (except to places where its hard to find a parking space).

    On a more serious note, I think your idea of bringing people to Jordan is excellent! You have the power to a host such an event. DO IT! 🙂

  • Yazan: hmm…well, let’s let iman bring everyone to ramallah first…and when they all get turned away the border, we’ll host them in amman 😀

  • Actually, I have to wonder… if the Black Iris is not one of the creme de la creme of bloggers in the Arab World (shoot, I’d even go with world period, but maybe I’m biased), who in the world IS? And, they’d better have at least one head of state reading their blog regularly to make the claim, right? But maybe that’s the problem. Maybe to be creme de la creme you have to be persecuted (is there persecution in Bahrain), an underdog, or something? Maybe the Black Iris too acceptable to the mainstream (uncomfortable invitations to have coffee notwithstanding)? At any rate, I agree, let’s host them all in Jordan, remind them that we are, in fact, part of the Arab World, and show them what an awesome blogosphere we have!

  • If I knew about this taking place I would’ve passed by to investigate why Jordanians weren’t there! I was there anyway….I wonder how did that roundtable go! i’m sure would’ve been much more interesting than the one I was attending! :S!!
    on electricity! we also have air to breathe! their humidity is a killer! unbearable!

  • Well, I heard bout it ..

    and it was like unpublished event , even the bloggers who attend not well known , and none of them post invitation or talk about it well

    I can arrange one tomorrow 😛 and called it the Original Bloggers conference…

    who care about the name!!!

    the SUMMERY and ACTION is the important thing

  • Hahaha admit youre just pissed because they completely ignored your highness and didnt invite you!!!!

    oh and the electricity bit, not so funny. seriously, get a life!

  • Tanious: calm down. there’s no need to twist this into some patronizing “they didn’t invite me and i’m pissed” perspective. you’re comment is really uncalled for and unproductive.

    i made it clear that my interest is based on the fact that i would’ve loved to meet some of the names mentioned in that article, especially wael from egypt and ahmed of saudi jeans (to be a bit specific). no more no less.

    as for electricity. no, it’s not a joke. i was being serious. as was mentioned in the article, there is a serious electricity issue in lebanon. jordan has even agreed to provide it with some.

  • seriously, how did this full-of-creme event happen, and we never even heard of it? 😀 was it a secret conference for the totally dipped in creme bloggers only? 😀

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