Queen Rania Drops In Forbes Ranking

HM Queen Rania dropped from 82 to 96 in the latest Forbes ranking of the 100 most powerful women in the world. It’s still interesting to see a Jordanian woman on the list, especially with the occupation titled: “Queen”.

Merkel, naturally, remains number one.


  • It’s always funny to see “Angie” on the top. As a German I must say I don’t remember her doing anything impressive. And I would always exchange Merkel with all her importance (and the cabinet, of course) for Rania (without the monarchy, of course).

  • possibly her “perceived” impact is less, but I think her influence has increased. For example, it’s widely believed that her presentation at Google’s Zeitgeist Conference Europe 2008 was one of the main reasons to persuade Google to open their Middle East Development Center in Amman vs. Cairo.

    Furthermore, her Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship is also playing a major role in producing successful starts in Jordan (even though the Center’s achievements are not those of Queen Rania alone).

    presentation text:

    thanks for sharing.

  • well, after being informed that i was from Jordan, my Russian Lit. professor today was like, “you’ve got a hot queen over there!”… blink blink.. LOL
    for some –not really– odd reason, i felt a bit offended afterward!

  • I agree with Muhammed Arabi. In the US recently, when talking with Joan-at-Wal*Mart kindof of Americans, Queen Rania was their association to Jordan. It used to be Queen Noor because she was American, but now it is Queen Rania. But women call her ‘beautiful’, where men call her ‘hot’, as Sec’s prof did. Ya haram :).

    I wonder if this study was before her YouTube presentations, and if Forbes deciders are too old to be YouTube aware. She may not be making governmental decisions that have international impact, but as far as infusing a better and more positive understanding of Arabs and Muslims, she is #1. Influence=power, too.

  • Out of the 100, most are corporate so they’re not exactly household names. I took the time to list the women I’ve actually heard of, and only found 14. What is Livni doing here ?

    1 Angela Merkel
    7 Condy Rice
    28 Hillary clinton
    35 Nancy Pelosi
    36 Oprah Winfrey
    38 Aung San Suu Kyi
    44 Laura Bush
    52 Tzipora Livni
    58 Queen Elizabeth II
    62 Katie Couric
    63 Barbara Walters
    65 Diane Sawyer
    91 Christiane Amanpour
    96 Queen Rania

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