• It was really a great way of interaction and meeting the real people behind their blogs,and knowing more about the blogsphere. I want to salute you for your promptness in covering the event, I was sitting next to you, and I was really impressed with the way of your coordination between writing and taking photos and uploading them to 7iber.com website. Of course, great thanks to Mariam , Ramsey and Lina for all their efforts,Jordan must be proud to have such young people. Hope to see more events in the near future….good luck

  • That sounds very interesting, and I feel sorry I didnt know about it.
    How can someone knows about these workshops? I am very interested in the topic of media, laws, regulations, policy and citizenship as I have a degree in media and communications regulations and policy and would appreciate knowing about such events.
    great work indeed 🙂

  • Nas, very interesting activity. Thanks for letting us know what went on (you know, we sad, unspecial, uninvited, teehee). Seriously, if anyone gets a chance to translate the Word document into English, I’d be fascinated to see it.

  • Nada: Thanks! And it was great to meet you. Hope to see you attending future workshops or even seeing you write for 7iber!

    Dima & MommaBean: I thought I’d answer both inquries at the same time. We didn’t promote it heavily because we were afraid too many people would show up (we were on a budget). To be fair though, we did announce registration on the site and we did advertise a bit on Facebook, which is how many of those that attended found out about it.

    In any case, as we go evolve so will our audience target (inshallah).


  • Hey,

    I just stumbled upon this site and read about the workshop. Sounds really interesting! Will your organization be holding any events in English in the near future?


  • Dan, yeah hopefully in the future we can have one in english as well. our target audience was a bit different here, hence the arabic. i’d be lying if i said we didn’t learn a lot from hosting the first workshop, because we absolutely did and that’s a good thing. that being said, we’re in the process of developing a mechanism where it can be done in both english and arabic at the same time.

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