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Without a doubt, The Dark Knight, is definitely an evolution of the Batman series. What Christopher Nolan has done with the franchise is simply superb, and The Dark Knight is a whole other step up from Batman Begins. The word “dark” is actually the only way to describe this film. It’s less focused on Batman beating up bad guys and more focused on the characters, their personalities. The themes are also made apparent: chaos and anarchy as opposed to order, and what heroism is all about.

But at the center of this film is Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker; a performance that is not only worthy of an Oscar nomination, but a win. The clown from Stephan King’s “IT” that gave a whole generation nightmares is not even in the same ballpark of scary; enough to make this an adult film and not another superhero, made-for-kids blockbuster. It is an utter shame that we’ll never get to see another Ledger Joker. He is, without a doubt, the star of this film. That being said, Aaron Eckhart’s portrayal of Harvey Dent – the District Attorney that eventually becomes the villain “Two Face”, is a pretty transformative.

The multi-layered story, that stretches way beyond the 2 hour mark, has plenty of moments that are suspense-worthy, made even more interesting by the dark and haunting score composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard; another Oscar-worthy performance.

I’m not sure to what extent this film can be topped in the years to come, as this may very well be the best of the franchise that we’ll ever see, but I wouldn’t put it past Nolan to produce something even better. In the meantime, if there’s one film you have to see this year, it is definitely The Dark Knight. But again, I would keep the kids at home for this one.


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  • I saw it yesterday, the movie was great, especialy the scenes in Honk Kong. The movie is all about Heath Ledger, he was an amazing actor, too bad he is not alive to receive an award.

  • Just watched it. Heath Ledger was brilliant! Loved it. Loved what Zimmer did with the Joker theme. One creepy sound rather than a melodic line. The mix of the score with sound was perfect. The only thing that didn’t work so well was Batman’s voice. But I don’t know how I would work around that one.

  • Amin: You’re very right, I also thought the voice didn’t work so well and I compared it to Batman Begins just for kicks. I’m assuming somewhere during the filmmaking Bale was told to make it sound “darker”.

  • As the king of an amoral universe, as a purveyor of unrestricted evil for fun, Ledger’s dastardly villain, attired as sort of a rotting Clarabell, has chosen his own damnation. He’s jumped into an abyss he has dug himself, and he wants to pull us along.
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  • I dont understand why in Arab Cinemas parents take little children with them especially if the movies doesnt suit their age, it did not only happen with me in Dark KNight but also in I am Legend, damn children were crying and stuff. What kind of parents are they?? Btw, its usually the mother as I have seen.

  • somalian: you are absolutely right. and i actually hate it when i see kids being brought by their parents to watch a very adult film. even if it is a bit censored it is still way beyond the maturity level of kids. from language to sexual content and excessive violence. it’s gotten to the point that it feels unethical.

    it’s a mixture of bad parenting coupled with no implementation of a ratings system, and no culture of babysitting either!

  • Babysitting what’s that? Teaching babies how to sit? or is it sitting on babies?

    This movie is so good it should have been named the Joker.


  • A little more emotion next time (in ref. to ur review)…creepy and dark, are two REALLY bad adjectives to describe the was way better than that..

  • On Ledger, way to go and leave the Joker behind as the last act! WOW!
    Just got back from watching it second time – certainly a film in a league of it’s own and definitely the absolute best film I’ve seen in the last decade! It’s a whole new benchmark. I think I need to watch it again…..

  • Thx for the review. I don’t do dark films, so it is good to have imput.

    Is anyone else wondering how taking on and living through such dark a role could have contributed to Heath Ledger’s death?

  • I thought of him a lot when I watched it the second time round Kinzi. In my warped perspective, I concluded to myself that it was not about the dark role that tipped him over the edge. He somehow knew that in the world he exists in this is what he had to leave behind. He was just done.

  • This movie belongs to Heath Ledger. His “Joker” was absolute.
    Next, I give kudos to Michael Caine in his role as Batman’s social conscience.
    Sorry to say I did not find this movie as great as the reviews led me to believe. Chaos replaced darkness. Moments of humanity were brief. The comic book energy was gone and replaced by sheer violence and moments that just dragged on. No surprises. And still using Rottweillers as evil vicious dogs. Ugh. So “Damien” and false. Come on.
    The Bat cycle was great. Sorry to see the Lamborghini take it on the chin (rim?).
    Great movie to watch on the tube.

  • This may sound like a silly/strange comment (also because I haven’t slept that much before producing it 🙂 ), but one thing I find fascinating about this blog is how it acts as an antidote to the two broad perceptions we tend to have about the Arab world in much of Europe (and, I suspect, the USA), namely that either the Arab world is this homogeneous blob of cultural/religious/racial Otherness (and, by implication, bad) or that we’re all part of a big global family and there’s no such thing as racial difference and even thinking that there is will lead to nationalism, patriotism, chauvinism, jingoism and a few more evil -isms.

    I love that here you get the excitement and appreciation of The Wire or Wall-E or The Dark Knight right next to incisive comment on regional and national matters from the perspective of someone who lives and breathes the region.

    And now I’ll stop before I make even less sense… 😉

  • Did you know that the Joker in the Dark Night is supposed to symbolise Alcada and their attack against America on 9-11?

  • The bit about Batman’s moral question about using spying technology mirrors the debate going on in America in regards to how we should respond to 9-11.

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