Internet Connections In Jordan: You Get What You Pay For

internet slow adsl jordan

When it comes to your Internet connection, are you getting what you paid for? Is that 1 or 2mb ADSL connection working out for you?

Most things in Jordan are expensive these days, but it seems the Internet is yet another example of bad quality matching high prices. In other words, even if something of “quality” is around and we’re willing to pay for it, we end up paying a lot for services that are never up to par; that are never what we deserve. And this is all a bit ironic considering that Internet is at the heart of the global economy and runs through the veins of our nation. And when it comes to the Internet, speed is everything.

There needs to be more regulation I believe to ensure that these Internet Service Providers are indeed providing the service they advertise.

I’m not asking for warp speed (although that would be great), I’m just asking to get what I paid for.

internet slow adsl jordan connection


  • so i take it you are ticked because you have a 2 meg connection and you only get half of what you paid for…. well if it was orange that you are connected to you might be more pissed off.
    some background to understand why that is the case, currently companies go through one link in jordan and they buy their bandwidth from that station. So they allocate ports for customers and those ports are shared … companies with a lot of customers (think orange and batelco) heavily share those connections among customers and thats the industry de facto around the world, the difference is the fact that while normally you would like to keep the number at around 50:1 (home user) we in jordan get to around ~100:1 so thats why you get that. plus you have to hate those heavy users (that would be me) for more info … contention speed
    So the best advice if you wanna pay the same amount of money for better speeds is move to a less popular ISP … but the problem is that the customer service is worst that those places (yeah even worse than orange).
    but yeah there are some companies that are great for internet service in jordan …. but this comment is just reserved to highlight the worst.

    On the other hand, by Q1 2009 they should be able to connect to a variety of different sources other than our access station in jordan and they are just finalizing those connections and they should be up and running by then. so if they manage to get it up and running they should be able to allocate a larger bandwidth for the isp for a cheaper price and that will help with the connection speed.

    ps. switch isp

    • Even if you did, it’s all the same to be frank! I switched form 4G to 100Mbps fiber and i actually get worse ping with fiber ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fellow Jordanians, we should stop beating ourselves. we are so much better off than Mozambique and Cameron when it comes to ADSL. Jordanians are just never satisfied. You should count your blessings people. Many folks the jungles of the Amazon only dream of the ADSL speeds that we have.

  • Nas, so true, I have a 2Mbit Zein acocunt as well, and it rarely works as advertised.

    Having said that, I’d gladly pay for a 2Mbit account that runs at 1 Mbit if they’d be willing to waive the draconian 10GB bandwidth cap (once reached they cut the speed which never comes close to the maximum anyway down to 0.5 Mbit).

    Have heart though, Jad predicts 10Mbit reasonably priced unlimited cable internet from JCS by the end of the year. I hope his predictions come true, because we’d finally come out of the stone age internet-wise.

  • Proud and Patriotic: well between the monkey hunting and the building of huts, I’m not sure to what extent an adsl connection is of vital importance in the amazon. that being said, we are Jordan and we are trying to evolve and better ourselves. the goal isn’t to compare ourselves to the lower percentile, but to see how we can strive to become part of the top percentile. otherwise, as hani points out, we’ll get no where.

  • I guess proud and patriotic was just being cynical. No need to make a serious discussion out of it. Otherwise, we have a great cabdidate as government spoksperson!

  • Actually I don’t have a problem with speed limits, I seem to be getting a decent speed when I am not over my download quota, but the problem starts when I *am*!..which is like a few days into the month :-/

    So which ISP truly has no limit on the downloads…even if its just at night?

    I just finished with Cyberia and their “unlimited” downloads during night is in reality limited and that’s when charging you 3 times the normal rate of other ISPs for unlimited downloads!

    I was with TeData before that during their unlimited time and they were great, but that doesn’t seem to last in our country as you know…Is their unlimited downloads during the night true?

  • current offers ….
    during nights and fridays off the quota – BATELCO & ZAIN
    no limitation(for a reasonable price that is) – JSC
    if anyone has any additions to the list just post it as a simple comment

  • I just contacted JSC and they don’t cover my area ๐Ÿ™

    Ok here is my updated list of ISPs free time …
    Zain from 10 pm till 7 am
    TeData Midnight till 8am
    Cyberia from 7 pm till 7 am (but it is NOT completely free, my 1024 is limited to 512)
    Batelco (not sure)

  • Actually, the Internet speeds in Jordan *CAN* be better than UK, given the advertised speed. This is due to the contention of the line. I remember when I had 1MB / 2MB around 6 years ago, the speeds were slower than the 2MB I have now with Orange (except.. for when I exceed the 10 GB Download limit, such limit never existed for my Cable connection there).

    Fewer people utilise the net in Amman, than say in a city such as London or Birmingham. With such lower population, we should be offered better services.

    Anyhow, no place is without problems, UK, USA included. In the early days of broadband and even Dial-up, there were many problems of ISPs over subscribing and people ending up with very low speeds.

    I agree there aught to be further regulation, not just of internet, but of most other services and sectors in Jordan.

  • Well let me start by sharing an info about free download quote during night hours, I’ve contacted many ISP about this statement and finally I realized what they are saying :
    after you have finished your quote lets say 10GB for 1 MB despite which hours where u downloading your files (movies !) after that you’ll be downgraded to the lower speed 256 KB, except that each day when it’s 7 PM you’ll enter the sharing mode… which means that you can get a internet speed UP TO 1 MB but it’s not guaranteed and you can download as much as you can at the speed that you can get and thats normal since you have already reached ur limit then they won’t count how much you download.

    Personally I am with orange and I can’t believe that my contract will be over in one month, I’ve tried some test accounts from several ISP, and I guess switching to Cyberia is the best, they have the best connection and believe me when I say, they have one hell of a good customer service :), as for Batelco
    zay ma begool il mathal .. inga3ha w eshrab mayetha !!!

  • @Shaher,
    “I guess switching to Cyberia is the best, they have the best connection and believe me when I say, they have one hell of a good customer service :)”

    Not quite true…they have one or two people there who really are great and know what they are talking about, but the rest of their staff are idiots and when they switched to their new “shared” times their tech support started playing dumb and claim “nothing has changed”!
    Also when there is an outage their tech support falls apart and they no longer accept calls…Once I spent two days trying to get a hold of a customer support officer but no one would pickup!

    BTW their shared times are not shared, they are hard limited…as I said my 1024 is hard limited to 512 during the night and 128 during the day.

  • Ameer, there’s no comparison with the UK:
    See here:

    8Megabit internet, free adsl modem, at 4 levels:
    1. 20 pounds: 25GB limit
    2. 22 pounds: 205GB limit
    3. 25 piounds: 275GB limit
    4. 28 pounds: 360GB limit

    plus all 4 plans offer approximately the same limit in the evenings, so for plan 4 you could download upto
    680GB in 1 month. That’s almost more space than i have on my hard drive ๐Ÿ™‚

    Compare that to a 10GB bandwidth cap for a 20JD plan (14 pounds)

  • i recommend Wi-Tribe, their network is new (read: relatively deserted) and dedicated to the provision of internet (unlike Umniah’s), and if you’re living on 3rd floor plus, you should be getting a fairly decent coverage.

    I ditched ADSL and using their fixed wireless service, i’m getting exactly what i paid for, a clean crisp 512 (499 to be exact) pinging batelco’s servers through site.

    but wait until next month, as ISPs will collectively drop charges by 10~20% give or take! (plus a new wi-max entrant crowding the crowd)

  • I finally decided on an ISP…it’s Sama Telecom.

    They are relatively new with not so many subscribers and their offer seems the best…
    2 meg line, 10 gig download limit, free time from 8 pm till 8 am for 330 JDs plus you get an extra 3 months for free or a wireless router.

    Let’s hope they turn out to be good.

    @Basem actually the new law started on August 1st…the sales tax on internet services has been reduced to 8% instead of 16% and until the 15th of August you get free installation fees and zero sales tax…so if you need an internet connection the time is now.

  • i just want to say something about internet in jordan ,1st of all batleco co. which now become umnia is the biggest lair company in jordan , i pay for 2 mg and what i got !! 128 kb yes or u can say its dial up , i tried many times and they came to my home to fix it and nothing happed they always say : this is not from batelco its from al etesalat ,,… and so the war begin , now iam tring to get my money from them , and its not about my money its about why !! why you give offers and take customers and u dnt have strong bandwidth ??!!! finally my advise to all jordanian people if u want good internet speed , just look for new companies ( like wi tribe ) i try this company at my friend house and its perfect ,i tried te data and its good , but not baatelco stay away from it …
    and thnx , i hope all get my msg
    peace .

  • Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and info.
    After reading this, now I have a pretty good idea about most of Jordan’s ISPs.. I just have one question, and I think Hani Obaid answered it in post #4, but I just want to make sure. For Zain, they’ll cut your connection till the end of the month if you exceeded ypu 16GB monothly limit?

  • You guys mentioned most of ISP’s in Jordan and their disadvantages… I guess Zain got the biggest advantage over all by including Telecommunication bill of ADSL port in their price but the question is do u get the full speed on and off quote.. for example my Orange subscription 1Mbit (which will be over in 2 months thank god) gives me at best conditions 560\200 at … Second thing how is the reliability of service because I’m really interested in Zain offer… finally as Zaid asked am I gonna be offline if i exceed my bandwidth or it will be downgraded… I guess sama offer is pretty good if telecommunication. bill is included like Zain… So if anyone got an idea about the best offer plzz post an thanx in advance

  • Guys, what is the final verdict? Which of the local ISP’s should I subscribe to for speed, reliability and good support?
    My current account is with Wanadoo (Orange). They offer very good speed (I am actually getting an average of 1400b/s on my 2MB account as tested on, reliable connection but not so great support; their attitude is still similar to what they had when they were almost purely-Government-owned!!
    I had a 2MB Batelco account which actually worked at less than 1MBs all the time. There was never any use in calling them and it was always hopeless to get anything from them other than blaming Jordan Telecom! The way they are going about their business and from the complaints one reads about them, it would look certain that they will close their feeble attempts at the internet-providing business soon! ๐Ÿ™
    I also tried Wi-Tribe a while back, great speed, fast service, young company on the rise (inshalla), BUT (the inevitable BUT), connection/disconnection has to be through their website, so if you lose power (an “unheard of” event in Jordan!) you will have to open your browser and login to their web page to get your connection back! A MAJOR inconvenience that makes their service totally unreliable for other-than-browsing internet use. Wi-Tribe’s lack of fixed IP address support is another MAJOR disadvantage which makes connection to your server (at home or at work) from any remote location, an unreliable venture, unless of course your server is manned 24/7!
    I tried to get a TeData account, BUT they do not offer a 2MB connection for homes!!! It was useless to get a decent answer on why is that! It seems they are too small to offer 2MB accounts. I got the feeling that they do not need me as a customer! Maybe they are content with whatever customer base they have so far!! I stayed away, I am not that desperate!
    Cyberia? No comment, I never tried them because I never really remembered they exist! They desperately need some effective MARKETING.
    Zain? if they are anything like their mobile service, then NO THANKS. I am not even willing to try. ๐Ÿ™
    Sama? I checked out their site a few minutes ago, very unimpressive! 10GB download limit! Little information on their services and plans. Their FAQ section has six question on dial-up connections! They seem to be TOO NEW to touch for now.
    Wow, I never intended to write all this. You know what; I seem to have answered my own question!
    For now, I am staying with Orange until someone comes up with a better service. Keep in mind that almost all, if not all, other providers are currently going through Orange lines to provide their services and since all of them tend to blame JTC for their lousy services, disruptions, slow connection speeds …etc, one might as well stick with JTC, at least they have no one to blame. To be fair to others, Orange support always tries to blame your computer, your router or even you personally before they admit that it could be their old wires with a zillion connections, old deteriorating junction boxes, old and obsolete PABXs …etc.
    I hope the above will prove helpful to someone.

  • I have come to the decision that TEData is misleading, disloyal, dishonest and with no credibility towards its customers and assumes that the majority of its customer base is naive or even stupid.

    I subscribed to their 512kb/9GB plan (still on 128kb because orange did not upgrade speed yet), but here is the catch:

    I am a computer engineer myself and know many technical stuff, so after my subscription I installed accurate download monitoring programs which count how many MBs I have downloaded. Here is the trick of TEData, if you download 25 or 30 MB, they subtract 100-130 of your balance, If my connection is idle รขโ‚ฌโ€œ that is I am not using the net รขโ‚ฌโ€œ they subtract 55-80 MB/hour they trick you and eat up your quota very quickly.

    I have contacted customer support and reported the issue, they said their was a small mistake in my account, they restored 1GB to my remaining download and said everything was OK, but it was not, in less than few hours, they subtracted 600+ MB of my balance, How on earth could a 128kb connection consume that much in less than 4 hours

    I filed a complaint to the manager still waiting for a response!

    People, BE CAUTIOUS and monitor your downloads, use tbbmeter program to monitor how much you REALLY download

  • I have been using Cyberia ADSL and they suck big time (worse than Orange ADSL).

    ******** People don’t subscribe to Cyberia ***********

    I have switched from Orange to Cyberia so I can get better download limit (Cyberia (512 ADSL) users used to have 10 MB download limit).(Now less than 3 GB I actually monitored the download limit)

    I subscribed to Cyberia (512 ADSL),the surprise was after using the internet for I couple of hours my speed became 128 , so I called support.

    My coversation with support
    Why is my speed is 128?

    Cyberia Support:
    Let me check, you have exceeded your download limit, you have a 3 GB download limit !!(even the support was surprised)

    Why I have 3GB limit? All Cyberia users I know have 10 GB limit for the same speed , also I have your advertisment that my download limit is 10 GB.

    Cyberia Support:
    Please check with sales ,so they can upgrade your download limit like other users.

    My conversation with sales:
    Hi , I want to switch my ADSL account to another company.

    Cyberia sales :
    Can I ask you why?

    Your 512 ADSL is actually a 128 ADSL , My download limit is 3 GB , All Cyberia users I know have 10 GB.

    Cyberia sales:
    Impossible , Can you please give us names of users.
    (They wanted to know if I was bluffing about knowing other cyberia users , so i gave her a couple of names.
    suprisingly,next week my friends were contacted and told that their download limit will become 3 Gb ,due to their new policy (My friends switched instantly from Cyberia))

    You have signed us with a plan called (Shamel), you can’t switch to other ISP because your contract says you will stay with us for a year.If you want we can upgrade your connection speed and download limit.
    (The great thing I sent someone else to sign the contract ๐Ÿ™‚ and only paid for 3 months)

    Please send me the offers.

    *After a couple of days cyberia contacted me and gave me an offer of 1 MBps that is more expensive than any 2Mbps offered by any ADSL company.

    I am going to switch to SAMA , hoping they will be better.

  • ####### New Jordan ISPs scam called “IP Stream” ##############

    As I was informed by an Orange employee: All ISPs in Jordan are performing a new scam called (IP stream) (Shamel @ Cyberia)
    (Orange made agreements with each ISP to make sure clients cannot change their ISP for a whole year)

    “IP stream” is when the ISP company pays the 10 JD (Telecom fees) in exchange the user will have to stay 1 year with the ISP.

    You CAN NOT switch from Internet Service Provider to another for a whole year. in other words:
    “You have to tolerate your ISP bad service, bad policy and bad support for a whole year”

    “I prefer to pay the 10 JD and switch between Jordan bad ISPs available, until I find a less shitty one.”

    When you try to switch your ADSL “IP stream” account to another ISP, the rude and unprofessional ISP will tell you:
    รขโ‚ฌล“You have to pay the rest of the year fees in order to switch ISPs. รขโ‚ฌล“
    In other words :”Pay us 200 JD for service you will never get.”

    I just have to say:”Welcome to the latest corporate rip-offs and scams.”


  • If anyone wants to try cyberia, they are a shit shit shit isp. I have a 512 account with them with a 3GB limitation. Can u believe that, 3GB only, that shouldnt even be offered by those shitwads. I surpassed the limit, but I thought that the speed wud go back to normal on the day that we renewed our account. I was very much counting on this to happen because i desperately wanted to watch the champions league matches. I called up the shit isp asking them why the speed didnt go back, they told me that it goes back at the first of each month. I then told him that that isnt what your sales associate told me when i renewed my account. He of course didnt do anything about this because they have crap sevice. I then asked if i could pay a fee to increase the limit. He swithed me to a renewal person. I asked if i could go and pay in the same day and have the speed back but she said that this wasnt possible becuz the procedure for finding the price and processing it would take a whole day.
    Thats the end of that story. Sadly, i have 4 months to go with those bitches. The thing i dont get is that they don’t even have a service where you could just recharge you limit for an extra GB. They wanted me to pay like 35 JD to change the limait permantently from 3 GB to 8 GB. I myself calculated the cost to upgrade the limit for the remaining months, and it didnt turn out to be more than 20 JD. Those fuckin stealers

  • lol
    Bader same thing happened to me.
    Except the Cyberia support guy told me to unplug the modem and plug it again to get proper speed !!!!

    Cyberia charges their current customers more than new customers ๐Ÿ™‚

    I encourage everyone with cyberia ADSL account (in Jordan) to close it and switch to another ISP.

  • There is NO good ISP in jordan.

    That is basicly it.

    ORANGE resently increased the PENTALTY for reaching your limit.

    I GOt 2mb connection so that when i reach the limit [3-4 days at the begining of the month] I go down to 512 which was bearable .

    But now they changed that if you have 1 512 1 2 or even an 8 mb Connection if you reach your limit your screwed .

    Everyone is Downraded to 128 [its actually 50 kb right now 6KB/S]

    Instead of Fixing the network they are penalizing thier customers which sucks for us since there is no alternative =[

    … unless you want to more to another contry

  • You nailed it T.B.

    After complaining to customer care they referred me to an engineer who expressed his deepest indifference to the new “policy” of slamming the rates down to 128 for 2 mbps subscribers. No choice, no compensation, not even a heads-up. Not a smart move to build loyalty.

    It won’t be the first time I switch from the ol’ JTC’s internet provider (then called wanadoo, now re-branded as Orange,) only this time I’m leaving the whole thing. There is practically no need or even use of the fixed line anymore, personally speaking so I figured this would be my two cents to tell the guys up at Orange that their crap stinks.

    What else can we do?


  • i tried alot of ISPs in jordan, and here what i came up with:

    I hate ADSL, because it uses the JTC wires and you are screwed, JTC is very bad, disconnecting all the time, speed is limited,….. However, i tried Umniah Wimax( so called Shitty Umax). well the first month it is was good (100 subscribers they had back then), the next 3 months i ended up having no connection nor any signal. the whole backbone network went down LOL.

    So i switched to ADSL, i wanted the best of the best, which is ZAIN, honestly, its really good, all problems you are getting are from JTC (Orange ) not zain.

    so zain recently launched the Wimax, im subscribed now at 2.4 mbps, the only flaw is the download limit 10GB with no free CAP downloading period, btw, if you dont know this, Zain has its own international cable, it doesnt use the same cable (Link) as all ISPs in jordan do. and recently, they started to have a very high latency through their backbone networks (400 ms is the ping request time). the support claims its normal for Wimax as signals travel through the air, so i contacted the technical team their and they admitted of having a problem and dont know how to fix it.

    So why in the hell we have a CAP limit!?!?!

    i utilize my connection 100%, now adays files are getting larger and larger, simple youtube video can eat up around 10 MB of your quota, so what 10GB are going to do for you?? and the worst thing, the speed is downgraded to 64 kbps which is the same as Dial-up connection, imagine you paid around 400 jds (annual offer) to get dial-up connection at the end.

    Now i’m just waiting for my subscription to end so i can try the cable thing. I used to be on Cable connection in the U.S.

    There is nothing better than the cable connection. but as always i think i might end up with an disappointing result as others as in the end, all ISPs in jordan are shit and they do whatever they want becuase they are not being watched by any government regulations, and even if there are regulations, nothing will change.

  • Salam every one,
    i’m now with zain WiMax 2.4 MB 10 GB limit, it’s really good, but until last month when i trespassed the quota, the speek went down to 30 kb/s.

    The dealer, when i purchased the device, told me that it would go down to 128 kb/s, but when i called CS, they told me it would go down to 64. In the contract it says, according to the Ministry’s regulations, that the minimum speed the provider should provide is no less than 128 kb/s, and there is nothing in there says: 64 kb/s, do you think i would have a winning if i go to court with evidence? because they broke the contract?

    Thank you all ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hi,
    I use Orange ADSL (As it seems), on 1 mbps and 10GB download limit. Here’s what internet means to me:
    – Multiplayer gaming
    – Facebook
    – E-bay
    – DOWNLOADS (I have an average of 200 MB per day).
    So, if you imagine how long I spend shooting up in MP games, which take approx. 30 MB per session, and a huge list of downloads, and heavy facebooking and internet shopping, I am really assured that I hit the limit in less than 10 days.
    And what in the world I get if I pay 30 JD for 10 days of half-real internet? Come on! If you do the math, you aren’t paying 30 JD per month of 1mbps, but 3 JD per day. Then the rest of the month is a (similar demo/gift) from Orange crap. Just to maintain legality of the contract. I tried to play nice and not to download anything, but I know that only browsing the web and uploading stuff on your twitter, FB wall, Photobucket, or just reading Wikipedia will count as download!! So I hit the limit that way in 25 days exactly. So they are expecting you only to sit on your ass and not to use internet like a civilized being. And yeah: (All ISPs in jordan are shit and they do whatever they want becuase they are not being watched by any government regulations) and they can suck your ass off for no reason. You know what’s that called in more advanced countries? F-r-a-u-d … Fraud!

  • keep on btchn on our isp’s

    no body cares not even the isp

    im with orange since 2 years, talk and surf 128kb, these rip offs upgraded there connections without even informing me for more than a year, i pay 39.9 VAT inc, the 1mb talk and surf is only 42 jd VAT inc, 2 jd’s and 10x the speed, instead of even trying to keep there customers, they decide to rip them off and let them take a bad idea about them…

    when it comes to money, or customer satisfaction (which makes a premanent bond), money is always choosen over the customers, all isp’s operate in the same way but every isp has his own way

    i have checked almost all mainstream isp’s im jordan, my comments

    zain adsl
    perfect services (ping is moderatly acceptable, bandwidth is excellent 1 mb gives 103kb download almost always constant), intelligent support, but veryyyy expensive
    3 months experiencewith them

    zain 4g/wimax (its mada too, you can ask them)
    speed is blazing, when there is no pressure on the
    it keeps bouncing from 180 to 30 kb in peak
    200 – 210 offpeak, very rare to happen
    they will tell you same thing if you call them and ask them, but they will tell you it will range from 230 – 160 kb

    no coverage

    i asked for a test account, they told me to pay upfront FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!!
    but they can give me the cpe to check signal in my area

    umniah adsl
    very good speeds and ping, but i only tried it in the the morning on a 1 mb connection
    download speed matched the connection and was sometimes even higher, ping was acceptable too
    but i have no idea of how im going to be ripped off as i dont know there prices or terms

    inadequate experience with them, as i have a 128 kbit account, but i never had any problems with them, so i cant judge…but they ripped me off with there upgrades as mentioned earlier

    Orange 3G
    i tested it on in there office, not going to say where
    it gave a 5.5 mb connection, but the sales guy tested it on orange servers in amman
    they told me at the office it can go below 2mb connection, when tested on paletel server in ramallah it gave 1.5mb connection…so beware of this trick

    to all the guys and gals, i hate orange so much, but im going to stay with them, i cant describe my hate to them, they are the dirtiest playing isp…should give them a prize for it!!!
    they keep on bugging non-orange isp’s connections so people will be forced to contact them, in a hope of migrating to them, it has been done with 2 of my relatives, as for there support they are disgusting, they have there polished payment centres but when you need support you need to call there dark side, where satan is in charge, SHU BEDAK!!! SHU MALAK!!! KAMAN SHWAY BGOLAK ROO7 ENGALAE3!!! just kidding, they wouldnt talk to you in this way they are polite but too slow, i only had a problem when they hooked me up with the connection, they were late only for (2 days!!!), time is rubbish here

    i have to comment on Proud and Patriotic post, its why i even started posting, dude you are disgusting, people walk and look forward and not backwards, becuase of people like you countries stay the same, so there is nothing Proud and Patriotic about you, you should look forward to see jordan a leader in a worldwide position (like s.korea) and not compare it to the less fortunate and hope we arent at the bottom, thats Proud and Patriotic..i know im only 2 years late in replying you

  • As far as I know there just isn’t much innovation and competence in all Jordanian ISPs, it is just a trademark of our country since only the untouchables are allowed in the fist place to open anything meaningful.

    All of their modems are cheap Chinese products sold to us at Swiss prices. Their services are below sub standard because most of the time they frankly just don’t care as long as you are already stuck with them. Real download speeds are loughable for doing anything more than reading your emails or plain text and wireless signals unbelievably for such a densely populated city remind me of first experiments with radars at WWII.

    Actually the previous commenter (huss) was very helpful in sharing his experience but he intrigued me to read the post of (Proud and Patriotic) and it seems most of our people do not understand sarcasm and irony since P&P used exactly that to describe our dire situation. P&P was only reflecting the stance of our untouchables towards our complaints so unless we learn to read between the lines we will keep trusting that they actually care while all along they look at us in despise with a firm (and maybe proven) belief we are some strange specie of weed rather than real people.

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