Action Committee Goes To Jabal Il-Nathif [And Jordanian Ironies]

Earlier today I made use of the “irismobile” to help out the Action Committee in delivering goods to Ruwwad in Jabal il-Nathif. The committee is trying to branch out beyond the camps while pinpointing organizations that have direct access to impoverished areas; hence Ruwwad, which I’ve written about here before (they’ve expanded to Al-Beida area in Petra). Anyways, this is just a quick post to thank people that donated. It was a bit of an ironic day I suppose, because right after leaving an area like Jabal il-Nathif – where kites are entangled in electric wires and people climb uphill everywhere – I went to pick up milk at Cosmos before heading home; a stones’ throw from the Jabal. Rushing in, I noticed for the first time that the supermarket has valet parking. The supermarket. And, I just don’t know. After living nearly half my life in Canada I had to pause for a moment and think about the ironies of life.


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