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Here’s what I don’t understand. Cinemas in Jordan are absolutely convinced that any movie that does not contain real people is automatically a children film and thus they show them only during the day and early afternoon. You will never see a film like Kung Fu Panda or Wall-E, both, which, with all due respect to the kids, I feel are designed for adult audiences and not their young versions. Yet, the latest you can watch it is at 7pm. Who the heck goes to the cinema at 7pm?!

Anyways. Now that that rant is over. Wall-E is probably one of the best animated features I have ever seen in my life. For once you don’t have to be taken aback by your favorite on-screen persona doing a voice in 3D; it’s just robots, so the dialog is pretty slimmed down to beeps and electronica. What you get instead is an enjoyable story about a lonely garbage-smashing robot named Wall-E who is all alone on the planet Earth, and then one day, gets a chance to leave and even fall in love. A strange concept to explain in words, but a wonderful thing to see unfold on the silver screen. The film is about many things. It is about how dependent we are on electronics and robotics, and how that future may not be so bright. It’s about how distracted we can be by these same conveniences that we forget about fundamental human interaction. And yeah, to an extent, it’s also about the environment and will want to make you plant a tree when you leave the theater.

The animation is absolutely breathtaking, or in other words, as we have grown to expect from the creative geniuses at Pixar. The story was actually conceived even before Toy Story was ever made, yet, I think it has arrived at the best possible time. We’re probably even more dependent on electronics than we were a decade ago. The movie features some stellar directing from Andrew Stanton, who is responsible for Pixar’s greatest works over the past decade, including Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. The audience is really taken for a ride through outer-space and the realism of a garbage-ridden planet Earth is just incredible.

With little dialog all throughout, what fills its place and really stands out is the soundtrack. Thomas Newman pulls off some amazing orchestra-driven music that I’ve never heard the likes of in an animated feature, and it’s enough to really get you listening and inspired.

Wall-E is easily one of my favorite animated characters of all time. He is original and unique, and probably defines my generation more than anything else I’ve seen on the big screen. It’s a family film, but I think it has too much heart to be missed by adults.


  • this looks amazing! you are totally right when it comes to such movies and the presence of kids, both my sister & I were talking about this at the movie theater yesterday and it seems because these folks don’t have any place to go they send their kids off to any movie!! We went to see The Stranger and half the place was full of youngsters! which is a horror – thriller!

  • Whilst on the subject of cinemas…. I find the level of sound is excrutiatingly loud as to be offensive. Watching the Bucket List the other evening which is a lovely film we were assaulted by the noise of the trailers and annoyed by a load of teen age girls and boys giggling and talking over the most sensitive of scenes! They obviously did not come for the film!!!

  • I saw it three times already. I am in love with this movie. But I have to say….WHATS WRONG WITH GOING TO THE MOVIES AT 7?!?!?!!? I go to early shows all the time – I prefer them to late ones 😀

  • I took my 8 year old nephew to the movies to watch Kung Fu Panda and we both loved. Actualy I was surprised to see that amoung ot grown ups in the movie.
    I’ll be looking forward to see wall-e

  • You know, Pixar should start paying you for these reviews… I now have an itch to see this movie and see for myself the source of all that fascination…

  • I haven’t had the chance to see it but I’ve heard wonderful things about it, although, my sister said it was, “shockingly depressing?” Anyone else feel the same way?


    A truly amazing film in all respects.

    I loved Eve! Especially when she starts popping the bubble wrap maniacly! I think I soiled myself laughing!

    I totally recommend it.

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