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Last night I got to see the early screening of Hancock at Grand Cinema and it was worth staying up late to catch it. The reviews have not been great but in a slew of comic book films that see a well-established hero with his own fan base, go up against a predicted antagonist, Hancock may be a refreshing alternative to the stereotypes. He’s an alcoholic, a rage-o-holic, anti-hero that is hated by the residents of Los Angeles, who seem him as more of a menace to society than a super-anything. Unable to fight crime without being drunk, cursing or causing millions of dollars in damages, his life takes a turn for the better early on in the film. Upon saving a down-on-his-luck PR guy, played by Jason Bateman, the favor is returned with a proposed makeover of Hancock’s image. He willingly goes to jail where, after a long stubborn battle, eventually succumbs to treatment and enters the process of rehabilitation. Essentially, the villain or the antagonist Hancock has to fight is actually himself. It’s really about a normal guy with superpowers and how he would survive with these abilities if he wasn’t the sugarcoated image of Superman or Spiderman whose heroics are what well think of when it comes to superheroes.

Peter Berg’s quick-cutting and rotative directing techniques add a pretty unique style to a film of this magnitude, while Will Smith delivers, as can be expected. While the film is pretty funny, it does take a bit of a dark turn towards the end, which I think some people didn’t quite get. There are missing pieces throughout the story as to who Hancock really is, his origin, or various other loose ends, but I think they were meant to be that way in a set up for a sequel. But it was nevertheless one hell of a popcorn-blockbuster flick for the summer.


  • And I was wondering today what this movie is all about. Thanks for the review man. I saw Hulk last night and it’s much nicer than the 1st part. The ending was very surprising ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Marwan, Ali: hope you guys enjoy the movie. be sure to come back and tell me how right/wrong i was afterwards! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • We need an Art House fringe cinema house. I am sick of watching blockbusters! Whether they be of artistic merit or otherwise!

    I want to watch movies that have plot lines like (bring in the deep bass voice of a narrator):
    “The story of a handicapped Latvian man living in a ditch in the backwards suburbs of Moscow who discovers a talent for knitting that gets him closer to a woman 30 years his senior. Eventually falling in love and figuring out how his handicap becomes a fetish for her!”

    Now THAT’s a movie I would stay up late to watch!

    (and for those of you who think that I am completely insane, you should know that I am still waiting to get the chance to watch Kung Fu Panda…..perhaps I should go back on medication…now where are those pills? rummage….rummage….rummage)

  • Salam,

    After reading Qwaider’s review, I knew there was a twist, so I re watched the trailer zillion of times till I figured it out, so going to the movie last night I kinda knew about the twist.

    Possible SPoiler,

    dont read below this line.

    Now here is my question:

    Whatever happened to the saying: if you go black you never go back? and we are talking about 3 thousand yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrs ( Genie from Alaeddin immitation)

  • Spolier:
    This movie sucks. it’s horrible horrible horrible. Yes it;s funny and yes there may be some great sound /visual effects but it’s awful otherwise. I’ve watched at least a 100 Egyptian movies with a better script than this piece of trash.

  • I wouldn’t even bother downloading this cock-movie. Willy Sniff, please stop acting already. You have done enough damage to movie industry already.

  • I think the movie is fine. Its not perfect but all of this harsh criticism seems over the top.

    The same people would love silly very predictable movies like Talladagga nights, or Step brothers; both are movies with no point at all. However, Hancock is unpredictable and certainly takes you off the tipical track super hero movies have been on the last few years and everyone wants to scream bloody murder. Sure there are some parts missing but I dont see that as a reason to say its horrible considering there are plenty of other movies missing sections with great reviews and very unrealistic takes.

    It’s just a little weird how extreme some people “hate” the film. Indiana Jones had several missing pieces and the story wasn’t that great and people love it.. makes me wonder whats really the deal?

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